Saturday, January 17

My Year of Self Development...

With 2015 I felt this surge of excitement and momentum and this deep desire to unravel myself in a new way. 2013 that the warm up. 2014 felt like practice. 2015 feels like game time. And while I did read a good amount last year it was out of a sense of duty. To work on growing myself as a businesswoman, which is great! And some of the things I read (like the Slight Edge) changed my perspective and helped me become a much more effective human in all different areas. Books like Tribes helped me discover my passion for uniting people towards a goal. But I felt a bit, well, unenthusiastic about the rest of my reading list. I was learning a lot, but, you know how it goes...

I got bored. Or I got learned-out. Or I got preoccupied with this idea of self discovery. This feeling of emerging. This feeling like I was on the precipice of something big. Changing perspectives, soul coming back to life. For 2014 I set a super reasonable goal of 12 books. 1 book per month. And I built my reading list based on titles that stirred something inside me. Books that dig deeper into the soul. Last year I fed my brain. This year I'm feeding my spirit.

I also resolved to read books I could get from the library. There's a 3 week rental period so it forces me to stay on track with my reading. And so far... I'm ahead because I've been LOVING the books I'e been reading so much that I want to read them instead of doing other things. I've got a notebook full of scribbles and notes and musings that go through my mind as I'm reading.

Here's my current reading list for the year, ever-evolving...

I'm always adding so if you have a favorite title that you think I'd love please let me know!!! I originally told myself 12 books for the year but I have a feeling I'm going to end up finishing a bunch more than that!

Monday, January 12


I am so excited you guys! This week has just been insane. I have so much to share. I personally hit a few huge milestones in my business, my team achieved an incredible goal, I just claimed my spot on what will be my 3rd free vacation with Beachbody, AND... Beachbody just made a crazy big announcement that I've been waiting for since I signed up as a coach!

So up till now if you wanted to do a Beachbody program you had to order it in DVD form. Which is fine, but if you are someone who is used to streaming everything (like me!) it was a bit of change. And for people like me who use Apple computers (that don't have disc drives) it made keeping up with workouts while traveling a challenge. I would bring my DVD's but I wasn't always able to get a DVD player in my hotel rooms. Or... you could buy an external DVD drive for your laptop but that's just one more thing to have to do and remember. So I've been wishing, and hoping, and dreaming that Beachbody would take into consideration the fact that most things now-a-days are streaming (iTunes, Netflix, Hulu, HBO Go) and add that to their offerings.

Well that day has come! This week Beachbody announced that they are going to be adding streaming on demand workouts to the mix! And even more exciting, I'm going to get to be a part of the Beta Testers. This should be rolling out for the public this spring! Just in time to really kick things into high gear and get ready for summertime bikini season!

If you have been waiting for this too and want to know more when it is officially open to the public, make me your coach (it's free) by clicking on the button below and I'll make sure to email you when everything is available for you to stream direct on demand! Woo!

Sunday, December 28

Resolution Rising | A New Years Resolutions Challenge

Introducing the first ever Resolutions Rising! 

I have always LOVED these photo challenges on Facebook and Instagram and I have always wanted to host one but the timing (and subject matter) never felt quite right. That is, until now... 

I had the idea after hearing some strangers talking about how much they disliked where they were at in their life right now and their plans to change that come the new year. Now I'm all for personal growth and healthy change (heck, that's pretty much my job as a coach to help people do both those things) but what I just couldn't let go of was the foundation their change was grounded in - self loathing. 

As much as I think you must hit a breaking point where you know that you just can't go on the same way any longer, and use that as the fire to fuel your motivation for positive changes in your life, I do think that we must LOVE and RESPECT ourselves and our journey. And part of that includes the destination you are currently at. So the idea for Resolutions Rising came to me when I was thinking about how I could encourage my January fitness challengers to document their progress in images. I thought... what if we take it a step farther, beyond weekly progress photos, and have an entire month long project everyone can take part in where they not only document their own physical changes but also go on a journey to be present IN the change. Not just trying to rush to the finish line, but paying attention to how they feel in the midst of the transformation.

On Sunday's you'll post a Sunday Selfie. This is not to be vain, but rather to get you in front of your own camera. If you are in one of my fitness challenge groups, your body will be changing over the upcoming weeks and sometimes scales are not the best indicator of all the changes happening, but photos are! Most of us default to the idea that "we'll take photos after" we get to our "ideal". But I want you taking photos before, during, and at the end. That way you can look back and see how far you've come. Also, I want you to find the beauty in yourself at every stage along the way! 

I think this is super important. Because we can't plant hate within ourselves and expect to see positive change grow from that. We need to take the time to find the good. Even if all you can find that you like one day is the way your fingers wrap around that cup of tea in your lap, or the way the new red lipstick you just bought looks in the light from your car window. Whatever it is, I want you to search for it. I want you to purposefully engage with yourself during this season of change. Yes, make your resolutions. Yes, be motivated to change for the better. Yes, say goodbye to the things that hold you back. But love yourself through the process, not just at the end.

The idea is to simply take a photo every day in January WHILE you are going through the changes that your resolutions have brought into your life. That's all. Nothing fancy. No professional photography skills required. You can even do the entire thing from your phone if you want! Be inspired by YOU and the world you live in currently. Pause and enjoy the process. You can shoot every day, or just when you feel inspired. You could share every day, just on the weekends, on instagram, on facebook, on your blog... whatever you feel inclined to do! 

This is not meant to be yet another obligation, but rather to be something free flowing, to bring a breath of fresh air into your life and inspire you to love yourself more WHILE you are in the midst of transformation. You don't even have to share your photos if you don't want to, this project can be just for you to savor yourself. If you do want to share, I've made you a list of photo prompts above to inspire you and give you a focused intention. 

If you want to publicly take part, share the image above of the photo prompts anytime between now and the 1st of January and hashtag your post with #RESOLUTIONRISING so everyone else who is participating can see you!  I'll be taking part on my instagram @BECKAROBINSON if you want to follow my own entries! If you want to pay it forward after you post, search for the hashtag and look through some other people's photos and send a few likes or thumbs up out into cyberspace in a karmic pay-it-forward affirmation circle. Everyone likes to be seen.

PS. If you want to not only do this photo challenge but also join me in one of my January fitness challenges to help you get healthy, lose weight, and gain confidence, shoot me an email to I'm taking registrations through MONDAY! xo

Sunday, December 14

The Geminids | A Cautionary Tale

Did anyone catch the Geminid meteor shower last night? In the US and UK there were beautiful crystal skies for the peak of the last meteor shower of the year and it was dazzling! We were driving home late across the state so we caught a few beautiful views away from the city lights! Between my husband and me, we saw more than 10 shooting stars! My favorite was a greenish colored fireball that streaked all the way across the sky. It was there for so long that you could actually focus your eyes on it and not wonder if you actually saw it or not. (Anyone else do that every time they see a shooting star?)

The Geminid shower is named because the shooting stars appear as if they are radiating out of the Gemini constellation but really we (the Earth) are passing through the dusty remains of an extinct comet called Phaeton. Phaeton's story is actually pretty insightful, so I thought I'd share it with you (in case anyone out there loves mythology as much as I do, or just likes stories in general).

Phaeton, in Greek mythology, was the son of a mortal woman and the powerful sun god, Helios. (Helios, you may recall, was the god who drove a chariot pulling the sun across the sky every day. (So basically... he was kind of a big deal.) However, growing up, Phaeton didn't know about his father. Since Phaeton was raised by a single mother, he was teased by the other children and that teasing inspired in Phaeton a deep and zealous desire to prove himself, no matter what the consequences.

When he was old enough, his mother told him about his father and let him go on quest to meet him at his palace in the East. Phaeton was thrilled. He was so excited that his father was so powerful and influential. Helios was also so excited that he had a son that he agreed to grant his son any favor he wanted. Phaeton, feeling a deep desire to prove himself to all his bullies, asked his father to drive the chariot and pull the sun across the sky. And even though Helios sensed the misled intentions behind his son's request, he didn't want to take back his first promise to his son and agreed to let him do it.

But as soon as Phaeton jumped into the chariot and grabbed the reins, the horses sensed that he was not a skilled driver and went out of control. They were too powerful for him and pulled the chariot haphazardly across the sky dipping too close to the earth and burning a large section of it (that we now know as the Saharan desert).

Zeus (the all mighty ruler of all the gods) saw what was happening and threw a lightning bolt at the chariot to strike it down and stop the dangerous situation. Phaeton was killed instantly and his body plummeted down to Earth where he was mourned by his sisters. The girls' grief was so intense that Zeus turned them into trees and their tears into amber. (We now know as these trees as Weeping Willows.)

The story (and the Gemenid shower) is a reminder to us to be careful with our wishes. Because our desires affect not only our life, but that of our friends and family (just like Phaeton's sisters who mourned him so strongly after his reckless decision) we must remember to weigh the consequences of our desires and choices before jumping in and grabbing the reins (so to speak).

The Geminids may have peaked last night but you might still be able to catch them through dawn on Wednesday morning!
stars I couldn't track down the original source for this incredible image. If you know it please let me know so I can credit the artist!

Saturday, December 13

GIRLBOSSING | An Introverts Guide To Social Media Marketing and Self Promotion


Hey there introverts! I see you tucked away in your living rooms under piles of blankets browsing Pinterest photos of quiet mountain cabins as your business social media to do list overfloweth! I am hearing from some introverted girlbosses that they are nervous about sharing their stories online for fear of what others would think. I even heard someone recently tell me that they though they just didn't have what it takes to be effective online.

Let me tell you a secret. Introverts are crushing it online and you can too! All you have to do is recognize your special strengths and play on your powers of authenticity!

I, as luck would have it, have been introverted (and marketing businesses online as such) since before it was cool to be, so I've had a lot of first hand experience at navigating the seemingly treacherous waters of introversion and social media. Since self promotion is pivotal for girlbosses and artistpreneurs, even the quieter ones, I want to share with you my top five tips for self promotion and social media that I've learned through trail and error over the years...

Not everyone is going to like you, or the things you have to say. And as a generally sensitive person and an introvert, that fact alone can be enough to stop you before you even get started. But once you realize that you don't need (or even want) everyone to like you and the things you have to say, you are free to really dig in and focus on your niche (aka the smaller group of people who are your ideal customers or clients or peers). Once you do, you'll start to feel a deep connection as the people who "get you" start to respond and in turn you can form real connections that feed your introvert soul and also your bottom line.

I found this term "scheduled bravery" online and loved it because it explains pretty much exactly what I do when I share vulnerable or raw or more transparent parts of my story and journey and process. It can be scary to reach out to people, to ask for feedback, to share something close to your heart... so what I like to do is schedule in my big moments of bravery. That might mean that I work on a post for a week or so but don't actually publish it till a day when I'm feeling especially brave. Or, in a moment of bravery and boldness I may pump out a bunch of great content. So I'll share some and save the rest for a future day when I'm not feeling as inspired. That way I'm not draining myself farther on days when I'm already socially spent.

All of us have incredibly intricate stories of who we are, how we got here, why we do what we do, and our vision for the future. But trying to communicate all of that all at once is overwhelming, emotionally draining, and let's be honest... a bit boring for our audience. No one wants to hop onto a blog to read an entire autobiography all at once, just like no one is on Instagram looking for an hour long discussion on your brand's backstory. So instead, do what I like to call "breadcrumbing". Give little bits at a time that lead your audience along with you.

Transparency does not mean being an open book to total strangers. As introverts, we crave authentic connections, but we also feel wary of strangers who we don't already have a foundation of relationship with. The same is true online. If you feel protective over certain aspects of your life, that's fine, in fact, it's smart. Pick and chose where your boundaries for sharing will be and then stick with them. For example, I'm okay sharing bits and pieces about my son and his life but I'm very private about our families religious and political views as well as the ins and outs of our personal relationships. I think those things are to be protected and held close to our hearts. So I keep them to myself. But I am very open about my own journey and struggles as well as the day-to-day aspects of our family life. See the difference?

Sometimes I don't have the emotional capacity to deal with feedback or negativity. And both those things are par for the course when it comes to putting yourself out there online. So I pick and choose the avenues I allow conversations to happen in online. Messages and comments are turned off on various of my channels. And if someone starts to get overly aggressive or venomous with me I instantly block them. There's no room for unnecessary hatefulness in my world. So while I love conversations on my facebook page and on most posts here on the blog, I turn off the option on my YouTube channel and on some especially sensitive blog posts.

Marketing yourself (cough, self promotion, cough) doesn't have to be icky. Social media is just a form of communication. And we introverts are actually quite good at communication! Introverts are fantastic at connecting on a deeper level. So instead of thinking that you can't be effective sharing about yourself or your business on social media, look for ways to utilize your introverted strengths like authenticity and depth! I can't wait to see what you do! xo.