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How To Get The Best Results in Your Fitness Goals

does beachbody work

Yeah, I totally feel it too. It's the first day of spring and I already ordered a new bathing suit and it should be at my door any day now. It's spring break week right now and in just a few months summer vacations are coming! I don't care so much about getting "bikini ready" anymore as I do about just getting to a place where I am not constantly self consious on vacation. Or hiding from the photos. That's no fun. That's no way to live. If you're like me, you might be feeling the pressure starting right about now and you might be looking back at the resolutions you didn't exactly stick to the way you wanted to and you might be thinking about what you should do RIGHT NOW to help you get back on track. I figured I'd share my top five tips on how to get the BEST possible results from working with a coach like me

1. You've Gotta Want To Drink | Not literally. I mean, yeah drinking water is important. But what I really mean is that I can lead you to the water, but you've got to drink it. I can't help anyone who isn't ready to put in the effort themselves. I can't want it for you. I can't come into your home and do your push ups for you either. And the same was true for me! It wasn't until I had a really solid "why" that I saw lasting change. I had to want it more than I wanted an extra half hour of sleep. Or more than I wanted french fries. WHY-power can make incredible things happen but it has to begin inside YOU! Why do you wanna change? Is it self confidence? Is it health? Is it energy? What is driving you?

 2. You've Gotta Have The Tools |Why do new years resolutions fail? Why do most people buy gym memberships and stop using them after the first month? Because we need somthing so simple and easy to follow that we can't come up with excuses as to why we should skip it. It needs to be short but effective because most of us are busy. It needs to work. It needs to be something we can keep up and make into a lifestyle instead of a crash diet that crashes and burns. That's what my program with Beachbody is. It's half hour workouts. It's no-deprivation mealplans. It's so simple that you can't come up with a legitimate reaason why you can't keep it up. Really! I mean look at you right now, you're here reading this? By the time you're done reading this blog post and finish the rest of your social media scrolling you could have finished your workout for the day. Just saying. ;) 

 3. You've Gotta Have Support | This one is so important! A fitness transformation is more than just your body. It's mental and emotional! You've got to work on the inside too. And trying to do all of that on your own can be really difficult. You need a support system who believe in you who tell you to get off the sofa and do your workout for the day. People who encourage you when you're feeling frustrated and who celebrate with you when you have a victory! That's exactly what I've built in my virtual Challenge Groups! That's why I now run 1 each month for people who want to commit to healthy changes and want a community of awesome people doing it alongside them! But even if you aren't in one of my challenges (um... why are you not in one of my challenges?) find a workout buddy that has similar goals and keep each other motivated!

 4. You've Gotta Remember: Progress Over Perfection | If you are ready to have a real, lasting transformation then adopt this mantra: "Progress Over Perfection". This is a journey and journeys have ups and downs. You live in the real world where schedules get packed and healthy snacks run out and you get PMS. ;) So if you do slip up, or allow yourself a cheat or a day off, or if you only lose 3 pounds instead of 5 remember, progress over perfection! Just keep making progress and let go of trying to do everything perfectly. It's better, I promise.

 5. You've Gotta Do The Work | This one might seem silly but I have so many people contact me looking for a magic fix. The truth is, there isn't one. Wraps, pills, supplements, crash diets... they all are only band-aids. To have a real transformation you've gotta fix the problem underneath. That means you have to change your habits and mindset and you've gotta put in the work. Not a ton of work, but consistent work. In my challenges, my challengers commit to half hour workouts each day. It's nothing crazy, but it's consistent. Do the work, and have a long term vision. No crash diets. Healthy lifestyle changes. You got this!

Here's some real before and after photos submitted to me by some of my past challengers who had killer transformations because they utilized the tips above! Shoot me an email if you're curious about what programs each of these beautiful souls used! If you're interested in jumping in and having me coach you through a month long fitness challenge, get all the info here and then reach out to me and I'll get you plugged in with us for April! 


Wednesday, March 15

MAKE // St. Patty's Sham-mock Shake!

In honor of St. Patrick's Day, I present to you something so creamy and delicious you're never going to want to go back to the bad stuff again. McDonalds puts something called the "Shamrock Shake" out each year. And I beg of you not to drink it. Why? Well... a large Shamrock Shake has 820 calories and a list of 54 ingredients. (54 McDonalds? Isn't a milkshake just ice cream and milk?) So... do this instead, it's much better for you! This version has protein, probiotics, super foods like maca root, and the vitamin equivalent of 5 bowls of salads. Much better! Plus, it isn't full of sugar and artificial ingredients. Also, I'll be honest. I didn't think I'd like a smoothie made with avocado and mint but oh my gosh you guys it tastes like mint chip ice cream. Try it and let me know what you think!

For the smoothie:
➳ 1 c. vanilla almond milk
➳ 1/2 ripe Haas avacado
➳ 1 scoop vanilla Shakeology
➳ 1/4 scoop Power Greens
➳ 8 ice cubes
➳ 2 drops of peppermint extract

For the chocolate syrup garnish
➳ 1 tsp coconut oil, melted
➳ 1 tsp coconut butter, melted
➳ 1 tsp organic cocoa powder

How to:
Combine all the smoothie ingredients in a high powered blender until completely combined
In a small bowl, mix the melted coconut oil, coconut butter, and cocoa powder until syrupy in consistency
Drizzle the chocolate syrup into a glass and then place in the freezer for a few minutes
Garnish with fresh mint leaves and maybe a piece of dark chocolate ;)

Sunday, March 12

RECAP // 2016 Arrow Tribe Leadership Retreat!

I don't know HOW I haven't share this recap yet! I am so excited to give you a peek inside my team's 2016 Leadership Retreat that I hosted alongside another coach friend. We decided to rent out the most incredible house we could find and plan a long weekend of learning, community, and pampering for the women on our team who had earned their ticket to the retreat!

I love getting to host events. I love being a hostess and coming up with theme ideas and gifts and decorating and all that jazz. So our team's annual leadership retreat is actually a lot of fun for me! Last year my team was smaller and I wanted to do something very bohemian and low key so I rented a beauitful beach cottage and we burned our limiting beliefs and had group training sessions and did yoga by the ocean. This year, I wanted to up the ante and take it to another level. Since this retreat was tougher to qualify for than the previous one, I wanted it to really spoil them and make them feel special! So "RITZ" was the theme!

I found the most amazing mega mansion that slept over 30 people and decked it out! Everyone got to come and see photos of themselves (that looked a lot like the ones Beachbody corporate had made for last year's Elite coaches) decking the halls, we had a tropical pool party bash to kick things off, we had a pizza and pajamas night, and fancy photoshoots so the girls could get new headshots. We had a few training sessions but our time was much more about vision and sisterhood. We shared stories, we made vision boards, we ate donuts. It was an amazing weekend!

Right not I'm beginning to plan for our team's 2017 retreat so I'm feeling a little nostalgic. Not sure how I'll top this one but I've got a few ideas in mind! If you've been on the fence about coaching, you should jump in with us now so you have time to earn your way onto the next retreat. Learn more about what coaching on our top-ranked team looks like here then contact me and we'll chat about getting you plugged in!

 we literally "rolled out the red carpet" for our team!

 this gift setup was my favorite! in each bag were personalized presents for each coach

 pool party fun!

 this was my favorite surprise! personalized blankets with their "why" printed on them!

 we spent some time learning, playing games, and hearing from leaders about the business
 then we played some team building games that were hilarious...

 and had a yoga teacher drop by to lead us in a morning flow

 these are my people... obviously
 if you're not having this much fun at your job, then you need to come talk about joining ours!
arrow girls forever! love this beautiful tribe of badass women building their dreams

all photos by: Nate Robinson

Monday, March 6

MAKE // Paleo Friendly Acai Bowls


If you've known me for more than a minute you know that I am a true blue ice cream addict. It is my weakness. It is my Achilles heel. It doesn't matter how full I am, if you ask me if I want some ice cream the answer is always going to be, "YES!" Naturally, this gets me into trouble because most the time in my life, I'd rather be eating ice cream than whatever it is I'm doing. And eating ice cream all the time is not helpful for my wellness goals.

It wasn't until I was introduced to Acai Bowls that I found a solution! You guys, these are so good that I'm not sure I'll even be able to fully put it into words. Just promise you'll try one, k? You've probably seen these on my instagram and every time I post a photo I get a ton of people asking for a recipe. Truth is, there really is not recipe, you just mix a bunch of yummy frozen fruit together with a little bit of liquid in the blender. You can throw whatever you like in there really. But, in case you are more of a rule-follower and you need a recipe, here's one to start with!

The cool thing about this is that if you have a really good blender, you can get them to the consistency of soft serve so it feels like you are eating a giant bowl of ice cream. But really you're eating a giant bowl of fruits and veggies. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is what I call a WIN.

Here's how I make mine. You can, of course, vary these however you like but this is my go to recipe that I make almost every time! And as long as you keep out any dairy, peanut butter, and grains you've got a great paleo treat!

1 cup almond milk
2 green containers (aka 2 handfuls) of fresh baby spinach leaves
1 purple container (aka a handful) of frozen strawberries
1 purple container (aka a handful) of frozen mixed berries (blueberries, backberries, raspberries)
a few cherries for fun
1 packet vegan chocolate shakeology (optional but will make it taste chocolatey!)
1 packet of unsweetened frozen acai (I like Sambazon brand!) or 1 tsp acai powder

I have a Vitamix that I use and I have to use the tamper to push all the frozen berries down. You might have to stop blending and use a spoon to do the same to make sure yours gets fully blended. You want it to be the consistency of soft ice cream to really get the full effect of feeling like you're eating ice cream.

The amazing thing about this is that the frozen fruit makes it creamy. The berries, acai, and chocolate shakeology make it rich and decadent. You can top yours with whatever you like, or nothing at all! I have some freeze dried blueberries I love and some coconut flakes and chia seeds. I make mine into my lunch and goodness it is filling and delicious! If you try it, come tell me how you like it!


Saturday, March 4

Big News! Beachbody is Going International!

You guys! Big news! Did you hear? Beachbody is expanding internationally! I know there are so many of you who have been patiently waiting for this announcement! Well... in January, Beachbody gave us a little teaser letting us know that they WILL be expanding into other countries THIS YEAR! As of right now, we are in North America (the United States and Canada) but soon we'll be adding new places to the family! I'm so excited!

Beachbody has not yet released any details about exactly when or where this expansion will begin. But we know it's coming! So make sure you scroll down to the bottom of this post and fill out the form to be on my mailing list where I'll be sending out info as soon as it is made available!

So what does this mean? Well, it means that we will be able to bring so many more of you into our community and team and I'm so pumped for that because I know there are so many of you out there who have been following along with all things Beachbody just waiting for the chance to jump in with us and get working on your fitness and have the potential to build an incredible coaching business right where you are!

Okay so let me break it down for ya! In case you didn't know how this stuff works since it has not yet been available to you. There are two main ways to get involved! The first is as a customer/challenger which means that you'll get to finally get your hands on these amazing programs that you always see us posting about and showing our transformations from like Core De Force, 21 Day Fix, Piyo, and tons more! You'll also finally be able to get plugged in with our nutrition tools which are a game changer! As a customer/challenger you'll get to join into my monthly accountability challenges and where I provide you with extra tools, tips, resources, and support and keep you accountable each day to your goals!

The second way to get plugged in with Beachbody is as a coach! Coaches are independent distributors and as a coach you'll have the opportunity to snag a giant discount as well as earn an income from home by inspiring others and sharing your own journey. A coaches job is to help other people achieve their health and fitness goals using Beachbody's amazing resources. Helping them pick which workouts will be the best for their goals, getting them set up with a simple mealplan and nutrition support via Shakeology, and then helping them stay accountable in Challenge Groups using an exclusive app where you can track their workouts and nutrition each day! As a coach, you'll earn commissions off anything people purchase directly from your site (which is provided to you free from Beachbody!) You'll also be able to move into leadership building a team of coaches and a community where you can help even more people! It's the coolest thing!

As a 2x Elite coach leading a 2X Top 50 ranked team (The Arrow Tribe!!!) I have the leadership experience, know-how, tools, resources, and easy to duplicate systems to help you get started strong with your own coaching business! Everything is done virtually so you don't have to live nearby and even in another country we'll be able to work together to help you build a successful business as a coach! Our team has an incredible community, a sisterhood, and tons of resources that will be made available to you to help you succeed right from the start!

I CANNOT WAIT to be able to share this incredible experience and opportunity with you! It is going to be so much fun and totally change your life just like it did for me! If you want to stay in the know on all things international, make sure you are on my email list by filling out the form below! That will be the #1 I can get the info to you FIRST!

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