Tuesday, October 21

7 Struggles Only #TEAMBTFP Challengers Understand...

7 Struggles Only #TEAMBTFP Challengers Understand: 

1. That moment when... you can't decide between Chocolate or Strawberry for your smoothie this morning #thestruggleisreal

2. That moment when.... your Facebook feed fills up with motivated people posting inspiring things because you started following all your challenge mates on FB and you feel like you have to bring your A game now to keep up.

3. That moment when... your DVD starts to skip with only 2 minutes left in your workout and you feel a sense of rage that you made it this far and by golly you are going to FINISH!

4. That moment when... none of your pants fit anymore because this stuff is actually working!

5. That moment when... you have a funny thought at work and you want to log into your challenge
group to share it with your friends but your boss is standing nearby so you have to wait. womp womp

6. That moment when... you start to feel like your challenge group friends have been your friends in real life for years. (A month of workouts feels like years, doesn't it?)

7. That moment when... you finish your first challenge, have an incredible time, and decide to keep going into the next month but can't decide which program to try next! T25? Piyo? 21 Day Fix? How will you choose?! ;)

Sunday, October 19

What Is Coaching? The Road Less Traveled...

I have been asked a lot lately how people actually earn an income with this coaching thing. Is it only the lucky few? Do I have some sort of secret sauce that helps me do it? Is network marketing a joke?

The answer is a big fat NO! It's not for a lucky few, it's for anyone willing to give it their all. I don't have a secret sauce. But what I do have is an incredible support system with world class trainings and an amazing community. Is network marketing a joke? Maybe the way some people do it. But not for me. I'm incredibly proud to be part of an industry (one of the only) where women earn dollar for dollar what their male peers do!

So I said YES! And if I hadn't – I would STILL be living with credit card debt looming over me, struggling to feel connected, struggling with my body image and weight, constantly worried about the stability of our finances (being an artist can be financially stressful sometimes!) and waiting around year after year for a way to create forward motion in our life as a family, never knowing exactly how to make it happen.

 In a little over a year, I have grown a business (that contributes an additional full time income for our family!) from my living room sofa, paid off all our credit card debt, paid for 4 trips, earned 2 free vacations, and have been able to get myself in the best shape of my life! My job is not only to help other people get healthier but also to help other people flourish and know that they matter in this world and that they can create change in their own lives as well!

My income and success as a coach is a DIRECT reflection of the lives I can impact for the better. It is by no means a traditional career. It is NOT for everyone. But it IS an opportunity that most people never get and shame on me if I did not extend it to you!

 Please join me for our week long Sneak Peek into coaching! It will be starting TOMORROW and will take place in the private FB group linked below. Each day our team will be sharing insight into how coaching works and what it looks like in the day-to-day. You can check in whenever you have time each day. At then end of the 7 days, you can decide if this opportunity is right for your or not.

All you have to do to join, is simply click this link and “request to join” simple as that! This is a zero obligation group, you can come be a fly on the wall or be super involved and ask us every question under the sun! The purpose is for you to be able to see more about what coaching really is to see if it's a good fit for you!

 REQUEST TO JOIN HERE!:https://www.facebook.com/groups/1482859235325380/

 If you have any questions though, feel free to message me! And if you know anyone that may be interested, feel free to share this information, the more the merrier!

*non coaches only please, thanks!

Friday, October 10

Arrows Up!

This year I set a really scary big goal. I set a goal to help at least 5 other women to build successful Beachbody businesses. I've always been extremely passionate about helping women to become empowered, successful, and confident creative entrepreneurs so when I was given the opportunity with Beachbody to really partner with other women in this area it was not something I took lightly. Right now I have the honor of working with so many on my team in various stages of their own journey to financial independence and with various goals. And there are a handful on the verge of hitting that big mark, the mark I had in my head for them to hit. It's both equally thrilling and nerve wracking as I cheer them on and wish and pray and hope beyond hope that they take what I can give them and run with it! Watching them blossom has become one of my favorite things in life!
Today I got an update on the status of our team. Our little fledgling team that came from obscurity this spring, not even ranked out of over 200,000+ teams. And this month we jumped to the #269 spot! This number has practically nothing to do with me, it has everything to do with the incredible people on‪#‎TEAMBTFP‬ who are doing extraordinary things, living their lives with intention, pouring out into others, and building their dreams by helping other people to reach theirs. It's so incredible!
As a team, we are also on the verge of a HUGE qualification this year. And it is all because of the heart and drive of the amazing people I get to call my coach family. That I get to dream with and push and cheer on and celebrate! That I get to watch pay off their consumer debt, get their confidence and joy back in their own skin, win free vacations, be able to stay home with their kids, and find purpose by helping others! Watch out for this crew, you guys! We're poised for a pretty incredible takeover! ‪#‎teambtfptakeover‬ ‪#‎arrowsup‬‪#‎followyourheart‬ ‪#‎joinus‬
If you were waiting for a sign, here it is! This is the most perfect time to jump in with one of the rising star teams in Beachbody! apply here (non coaches only):http://tinyurl.com/teambtfpme

Wednesday, October 1

Easy Homemade Marinara Sauce For I Quit Sugar October


For the month of October I decided to take on an extra challenge, to quit sugar. I know, I know. You're thinking, "But Becka what about halloween? And pumpkin spice lattes? Do you hate all things happy and joyful?!"

I get it. Fall is all about sweet treats. But for me, those sweet treats end up becoming more of a daily indulgence and before I know it I'm in full-fledged sugar addict mode! Has that ever happened to you to? One piece of candy turns into 3 and pumpkin spice lattes go from a treat to a daily routine. And when that happens I notice my weight loss plateau (and sometimes I even GAIN weight!) and my energy levels nosedive and my moods become unpredictable. If you actually look into sugar, you'll learn how bad it truly is for us and all the negative affects it has on our bodies!

(If you're really curious, go rent the documentary Fed Up on iTunes. It is informative and really eye-opening!)

I recently learned some sneaky places that sugar can hide, even in a Paleo diet like mine! And marinara sauce is a HUGE culprit! My husband and I were shocked to learn that some of our favorite brands (even organic ones) have about as much sugar as a pop tart! WHAT?! I know, right? But rather than throw a pity party about how we'd never be able to have pasta sauce again in our lives we decided to give making it ourselves from scratch a try. And we were blown away by how easy and delicious it was! Bonus... it makes your house small like garlic and herbs for hours! Mmmmmm.


I encourage you to make as much of your own food as you can. Even when you are eating healthy things, buying pre-cooked and packaged foods increases your chances of adding sugar, chemicals, preservatives and other not-so-great additives to your body without really meaning to. If you can cook it yourself, you'll already be ahead of the curve!

This is so stupid easy you guys! You'll never need to buy jar sauce again. And it tastes amazing. And the best part is, you can doctor it up as much or as little as you like, play with the spices and veggies, maybe add some meat. The options are completely limitless! Have some fun with it!

➳ 1 28oz can organic crushed tomatoes (I like this brand and we got the fire roasted ones! Yum! Ps. Just 2 grams of sugar in these bad boys and all of it is just natural in the tomatoes. Booyah.)
➳ 1 cup organic chicken broth
➳ 1 medium yellow onion, diced
➳ 2 stalks celery, diced
➳ 3 large cloves of garlic, minced
➳ 1/4 c. mushrooms, diced
➳ 1 tbs. cumin
➳ 3 bay leaves
➳ red pepper flakes
➳ salt and pepper
➳ your favorite italian spices

1. Saute the onions, celery, mushrooms, and garlic in olive oil over medium heat until soft (about 5-10 minutes)
2. Add the crushed tomatoes and chicken broth
3. Heat to a low boil while stirring in the spices
4. Once you get the flavor where you like it, turn it down to a low simmer and let it go for 1 hour.
5. Remove from heat and serve!
6. Store the extras in an air tight container in your fridge for up to a week or freeze!

Want to try quitting sugar in October too? I'm running a FREE support group on FB! Come join us (it's totes free!) by clicking the banner below and requesting an invite! Then grab the badge to share on your own blog, FB, and IG and be make it known to the world that you're going to crush this challenge! Remember to hashtag #iquitsugaroctober if you post stuff outside of our group so we can all stay connected when we share!



Tuesday, September 23

On The Right To Choose...

I need to talk to you about something today. Because it's important. I love all the articles and videos and blogs that advocate loving yourself the way you are. I do! I think it's a super important thing.

But ladies...

As much as you should believe that you don't have to be constantly dieting to be valuable or attractive, trying to force your body into some sort of stereotype of beauty, you should also know that you have EVERY RIGHT to pursue a strong and healthy body without feeling shame that your pursuit is shallow or vain.

Let me say that again...

Pursuing health and fitness goals and wanting to improve yourself is not something to feel shameful or embarrassed about.  You are not less of a woman for wanting to feel good about yourself. You are not less of a woman for enjoying the way your body looks and feels in your favorite clothes and working towards goals having to do with that.

Listen to me my loves, it's your body. YOU get to make the decisions about it. As much as you have every right to decide to break free from the media's stereotype of "beauty" and decide to accept your body as it is, you also have every right to decide to improve upon yourself to heal your body through nutrition and movement, to work towards a sense of strength and confidence and to change it.

Neither woman is less enlightened than the other. 

Support each other. Love yourself now and during, and at your goal. Go do your thing and feel proud either way! xo.