Wednesday, March 4

7 Things Your Beachbody Coach Wants You To Know!

I've been a coach for a little over a year and a half and I've worked with hundreds of challengers in that time helping them find programs and tools that will work for them long term, resetting years of negative self talk and skewed ideas about weight loss, and motivating and encouraging them daily to stick with it till they get the results they want!

In that time I've definitely had a few comical experiences. And I thought it might be fun to put together a list of 7 things your Beachbody coach wants you to know but might not know how to tell you! So in case you are working with one, you can avoid some silly mistakes or common pitfalls in the process of working together! Who loves ya?

1. We WANT to connect with you!
Sometimes people will tell me they are nervous to "bother" me with questions. But here's the thing, I want to help you. The more successful you are, the more successful I feel as a coach! So if you're trying to decide what program to do or if trying a particular product is a good fit for you please don't be afraid to ask us! We might even know of a deal or promotion we can hook you up with!

2. We can get you FREE SWAG
If you just go online and order a program from Beachbody or Amazon of eBay, you're missing out on some of the free perks we can hook you up with. A lot of programs come with a fun bonus workout disc when you order them through a coach. We can also help you find the best deal if you want a combination of things and hook you up with a discount if you want it.

3. We are not annoyed by photos of your food or sweaty selfies!
Your family may look at you like you're crazy and your spouse might get embarrassed when you stop before each meal to compose a shot on your phone, but we LOVE it! I love when my challengers post photos all day long in our online accountability group. It's helps me so much to see exactly how they are doing and it helps them stay accountable! So bring on the food pics and selfies! I want them all!

4. If you really want results, then you do need to try Shakeology
Lot of people ask me if they really need to get it to join my challenges and the answer is YES. Why? Because I know firsthand how much it helps! It was my secret weapon in my own 70lb weight loss journey. It's not just a protein shake and no the one you have at home is not the same. It's packed with all kinds of extras that your body craves and it will make you feel energized and radiant while supporting the healthy habits you're cultivating in the rest of your life.

5. We can tell when you're cheating. And we will always welcome you back you little prodigal, you. 
I can tell now-a-days pretty quickly when one of my challengers is cheating on their plan or has fallen off the wagon. I know that it can feel embarrassing and you might just want to hide and never speak to me again because you think you've failed somehow but listen... this is not a try and fail scenario. The only way you can fail is if you don't pick yourself up and keep moving forward. So... don't be afraid to tell me you slipped. I'm not going to be upset or make you feel bad. But I will help you get back on track!

6. We are human too. 
As much as we live to be sources of inspiration all the time, we are human too. We have families and goals and slip ups along the way just like you. As coaches, we are just normal people constantly working to become the healthiest and best versions of ourselves that we can be. But we're human. So we get it! We may seem like we've got it all together all the time but we sometimes miss things or slip up or have to take a night off. If you've got a coach that has been working with you and helping you make sure to let them know you appreciate them! Hug a coach you love. ;)

7. Yes, the coach life is as incredible as we are always gushing about online! 
If you have seen your coach or other coaches online gushing about how much they love being a coach, how incredible the community of coaches is, how they are getting free gifts, getting paid to help people and get healthy, getting to go on free trips and vacations, etc.... know that YES it is really the most incredible thing! And we're happy to tell you more about it if you ever want to peek inside!

Tuesday, March 3

Many Paths... One Destination


I've had a lot of people ask me about this journey I'm on. The health side of things, that is. They'll reach out to me feeling stuck or frustrated by their current weight loss situation. Maybe they've been busting ass the gym with no results (like I did) or maybe they've been trying every diet known to man but nothing sticks (like I experienced) or maybe they just don't know what to do and feel lost in a sea of options (hello... sometimes it feels like this industry has more options than the sky has stars!).

I get it! It's stressful and frustrating. I was there too! So what I want to talk about today is how it doesn't really matter how you go or what road you take, what matters is that you start going! Because starting is the only thing that is going to get you closer to your goals.

Hear me, my loves. The way that I used, it's just a way. I'm not here to tell you that the only way you can get healthy is by joining my challenge group. Is it ONE WAY that absolutely works? YES. Is it the way that worked for me when nothing else did? YUP. But is it the only way? No.

I would love to have you with me! I know with all my heart and soul and mind and will that this system works. These tools work. They are simple. They are easy to implement in busy lives. They are doable. And the community is the glue that holds it all together. Yes, this is amazing. It is blissful even. Which is why when I started, I couldn't stop and I knew I wanted to become a coach so I could help other people have the same incredible experience that I did!

But the most important thing, is that you just take a step. In some direction. If you can't afford to join our groups or a gym or a yoga studio or whatever then just start walking outside, get moving somehow. So you can't afford all organic, non-GMO foods, start small and start eliminating the overly processed crap. Pick up some produce from your local farmers at your weekend market. Make little changes. When you make little, right, changes consistently over time they add up. Do the best with what you have right now, and then when you have better options, do better. That's all.

So be encouraged. There are lots of paths to the same destination. If you want to join me on mine, I'd love to walk it with you. But the most important factor for your success is not which road you choose, but just that you choose one and start walking. And don't stop till you reach your destination. xo.


Monday, March 2

My Incredible 21 Day Fix Extreme Results!


I just finished my first round of the brand new program, 21 Day Fix Extreme. I was so excited to commit to this program because I definitely had let up on the reins of my nutrition during the holiday season and was suffering from it this new year! I was without a plan because I had finished my previous program and was waiting (with much anticipation) for this one to come out! So I had put on a few pounds but mostly I was eating poorly, feeling bloated, and my energy was dropping. I was feeling less than confident in my skin and just a little blah. Anyone know the feeling?

So I bought my copy of this new program, which is the sequel to the original 21 Day Fix that I have used many times and LOVED, the day it was released! And I jumped right in on the first of February and have committed 100% to it for the last 21 days! I could tell just 1 week in that this program was going to do incredible things for my body but it wasn't until I took my "after" photos and stats that I was really blown away by the progress I was able to get in just 21 days, doing workouts that were only 30 minutes long and eating tons of food.

How is Extreme Different From the Original?
The workouts are ALL NEW! New moves, lots of plyometric movements and an emphasis on strength building with both free weights (you'll want a set of light and heavy) and a resistance band. These workouts are definitely more challenging than the ones in the original program but in a good way!

The nutrition plan is slightly stricter. No cheats are allowed. No alcohol. (In the original there's a bit of wiggle room.) There's also a 2nd meal plan option that is super strict that takes out sugar and carbs to help you lean out really quickly. It's called the "Countdown To Competition" plan and it's inspired by bikini competition prep! It's incredible. You can choose to stick completely to 1 or the other or to do a hybrid which is what I did!

How Does The Meal Plan Work? 
Just like with the original program you get a set of colored plastic containers (like small tupperware). Each color is associated with a food group (red = protein, green = veggies, etc.). There's a little formula in the nutrition guide that will help you figure out how many servings of each container you will eat in a day (based on your height, weight, and goals). Then you use that to put together your meals! It's super easy. No calorie counting. No macros. You just fill up the container till it's full and that's how much you eat. It's built in portion control. It's so brilliant!

Okay, okay. I won't make you wait any longer because I know you are curious to see what kind of results are possible in just 3 weeks with just 30 minutes of working out a day. Here's my real results! 


I am so happy with my results! So much in fact that I'm jumping right back in on Monday with my March ARROW GIRLS in my challenge group! I'm going for round 2! I can't wait to let this program continue to lean me out and define my muscles! 11.25 inches you guys!!! I lost 3 inches in each thigh! And my thighs are a difficult area for me! I'm so ecstatic!

How does a Challenge Group work?
I lead "challenge groups" online each month for women who want to commit and go through a program like this with an accountability group! They are the key to my own personal success. Read all about it here and apply to join my next one!

Should I do the original 21 Day Fix before 21 Day Fix Extreme?
I think that the programs work well in order! Especially if you are new to fitness. Extreme is an extreme program with a strict meal plan and challenging workouts. Don't let the fact that they are 30 minutes fool you, you'll be dripping in sweat! That being said, I don't want you to think they are too hard to try! You can absolutely do it! If you are currently pretty sedentary and not eating well I'd recommend working your way up by starting with the original and then graduating to Extreme! If you are already active and eat pretty clean then you might be a good fit for jumping right into Extreme. Just email me and let's chat about where you're at and your goals and I'll help you figure out the best order for you!

Let me close with a vote of confidence... no matter where you are at, if you have 100 pounds to lose or 5... you can make a choice that will move you closer to your goals and, more importantly, to feeling better in your skin and being healthier over all! I know you can do it! And if you need some help, I'm here to help you! Go get 'em girl! xo.

Wanna Join Us? Beachbody just extended the sale price on 21DF & 21DFX through this week so you can snatch it up for $20 less than normal! Fill out the form below and I'll get you plugged in asap!

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Sunday, March 1

The Weekend Collection | Icy Waves, No Bullshit Advice, and Tattooed Ballet

Happy weekend! What did you do yesterday? We had big plans to go to the springs and visit with friends but it's been cold and rainy all weekend so we're stuck inside with cabin fever. 

In case you're stuck inside too, here's some of the best things I saw around the internet this week to keep you entertained! Make sure to take some time to re-fuel your body and soul today before the new week (and new month) starts! Enjoy. xo.
➳ Alexandra Franzen on Keeping The Channel Open. So much love for this!

➳ March's theme is "power up" and I just adore these words of encouragement from Mystic Mama...

"There is great healing and transformation in taking your power back from old emotional wounds and outdated limiting beliefs. The opportunity for personal growth in this area is phenomenal this month."
➳ The new Wes Anderson luggage collection has got me pinning vacations to Europe like whoa!

➳ No more girly fitness bullshit. Finally! Someone said it out loud.

➳ Un-retouched photos of Bey are leaked. Breaking news: She's human.

➳ You can't outsource hard work. Time to roll up those sleeves, friends.

➳ Did you know there's more Air BnB listings in Paris than anywhere else? Let's go!

➳ Jen Sincero weighs in the 6 habits of confident people. Gonna try to implement a few this week!

➳ Ice waves may be the most beautiful thing I've never seen.

Photo © Jonathan Nimerfroh

➳ Fermented food, local farms, and hand-washing your dishes... could these things curb allergies?

In case you forgot what women look like. Here's a historical crash course in female body image.

➳ Whoa! Look what they found inside this Buddha statue!

➳ Does anyone else thing the last "light tornado" image looks like two people hugging?.

➳  My brilliant blogger friend Kathleen on if you should name your business with your name.

➳ This collaboration between David LaChapelle and Sergi Polunin is the prettiest thing you'll see all week!

➳  No bullshit biz advice from some badass babes (collected by Gala!)

➳  These juices have the most incredible branding. Healthy never looked so good.

➳  I'm digging this FREE blue Hustle wallpaper download.

Top image: Spiritual Gangster

Thursday, February 26

Inspiring Words: Where's Your Fire?

"I used to extinguish under the weight of living. But one day I reached into my chest, dusted off my courage, and asked myself, 'Where's your fire?'"