Saturday, April 22

Behind the Scenes VIP Access! Come See What Coaching is All About!

I'm going to be in the Dominican Republic for my 4th free all inclusive vacation that I've been able to go on because of coaching! And because I know that there's a ton of curiosity about what it is that coaches do, what these trips are like, what happens on them, what's it like to be a top coach, and how do you get started as a coach, I've decided to go LIVE from Punta Cana while I'm on this trip to share with you exactly what these free trips are like, the parties, the pool-side hangs, the announcements, and I'll be answering popular questions about coaching as well as taking questions from those of you who jump in to follow along! 

These trips are all about FUN! There's incredible parties, tons of poolside hangs with my coach friends and their spouses and kiddos, exciting announcements from Beachbody, and more! I know I was always SUPER curious what it was like to be on one of these trips when I was first researching coaching so I want to open up the doors and let you see for yourself!

Stop letting fear of the unknown halt you from following your dreams! Let me pull back the curtain and introduce you to my team, my passion, and the incredible potential before you! 

If you've been watching me for a while and wondering about coaching, how it works, if you'd be a good fit for our team, and how to get on one of these trips next year, then join now and make sure to turn on notifications so you don't miss a post! Click the graphic below and join!

If you live in the US, Puerto Rico, Canada, or the UK... I want you to come peek inside!
I'm opening up 10 spots in my May New Coach Mentorship just for people who come take a peek behind the scenes, get inspired, and decide they want to dive in with us and start building their dreams!

*Not open to current Beachbody coaches or customers already working with another Beachbody coach. Thanks for your cooperation

Saturday, April 15

15 Healthy Easter Egg Alternatives for Kids!

Easter is just hours away and I don't know about you but our little man has been counting down the days for a few weeks now because he loves a good egg hunt! We do all the holidays. I love it all. I love the magic of the Easter Bunny and Santa. I love hiding eggs and making treats and celebrating. But I don't love a 5 year old that is grouchy, crazy, and acting out. Which is exactly what happens when we feed him a bunch of refined sugar, food coloring, and processed crap. So.... in an effort to clean up our Easter morning I decided to try to put together a basket with less candy. And to choose better quality candy for what I did include. (Because I'm not a monster- I still got candy!)

And I thought I'd share it with you along with some other great options to fill your kids Easter basket and eggs! Scroll down to the bottom for a list of 15 other great non-candy options!

 Up to now we've been using my childhood Easter basket for Little Man but it's getting delicate and I wanted to get him one of his own. I found this incredible, sturdy, and beautiful hand-woven basket made by an artist in Ghana. The profits of the sale go back to her so it seemed like the perfect choice! 
I found some cleaned up versions of our favorite candies. While they still have sugar they don't have  the other junk like crazy food colors, corn syrup, or fake fruit flavors.
To offset the candy I also got some temporary tattoos, stickers, and wildflower seed bombs (which I am soooo excited about) to hide in the eggs. And before everyone thinks I'm a complete bummer, I did pick up a few Reese's eggs because those are basically a holiday classic! (And they are my husband's all time favorite. I'll be making myself a chocolate peanut butter smoothie instead!) 

In his Easter basket instead of chocolate bunnies and peeps I stuffed it with small toys from the dollar section of the toy store that we will get much more entertainment bang for our buck than candy ever could. A small kite, a DIY glider plane, Pok√©mon cards, and a lego watch! 

And if this has got your wheel spinning on how you can cut some sugar without cutting the fun, here's
15 ideas for Easter goodies that fit in eggs for girls and boys that aren't candy...

1. Nail polish
2. Lego people
3. Clues for a scavenger hunt
4. Puzzle pieces 
5. Money
6. Bouncy balls
7. Stickers
8. Temporary tattoos
9. Bracelets
10. Hair ties/fabric headbands
11. Blind bag figurines 
12. Silly puddy
13. Mini glitter pens
14. Mini play dough
15. Flower seed bombs 

Thursday, April 13

Our Adoption is Paid For Thanks To My Coaching Business!

I have pretty big news. I blogged about this over on our adoption blog as well but it's too big not to share here too because it's a big part of my life (as an artispreneur). 

Most of you know that we are adopting. You can read all about the ins and outs of that journey here if you're interested. If not, just know that we have been excited to grow our family via adoption for almost a year now. We have all our t's crossed and i's dotted and have been homestudy approved (the state basically deciding you are good enough to parent) and have our course picked out. But Nate and I made the decision as a family to not move forward until we knew we had the funds on hand for the entire adoption. Domestic, private adoptions like ours can cost anywhere from $20,000-40,000+ so it's no small feat. And even though we are more than blessed with the income coaching brings into our family, we were hit with an unexpected expense during our home-buying process that depleted our entire adoption savings. It was one of those moments of "if we don't do this, we lose our dream house" and we made the decision to do it and trust that the adoption money would come again.

I had no idea when that would be and to be 100% honest, I was ready to move forward without that savings and just hustle to make it all happen. But Nate didn't feel the same and after a lot of soul-searching and hard conversations about our family and our future we decided to hold off on moving forward in our adoption process until we replenished that savings. We didn't want to fundraise for our adoption (there's nothing wrong with it, we just didn't want to go that route) and we didn't want to have to take out any loans or borrow any money for it. We didn't want to put our family finances in any sort of stress over it either since adoption is not a guarantee and we have another child already to consider through this whole process financially.

As the age gap continued to widen and the pull of adoption was pulling on my soul more strongly than ever, looking at that empty adoption savings was crushing me. And it seemed that every time I was able to make headway something would come up in life that forced us to empty it back out.

In March I saw an opportunity for a huge goal in my coaching business. I knew my team was capable and more than motivated enough to accomplish it. And I knew that I would do whatever it took... late nights, early mornings, overtime... whatever it took to make it happen. I had a motivation like no other. I wanted to be able to bring our daughter home as soon as possible. Talk about WHY power!

In March I decided to go for it. And this week I found out that everything that I needed to happen to hit this giant milestone and qualify for this bonus were there and our family was going to officially qualify as one of 22 who earned it in the company.

What I did not know was that the amount of the bonus would almost exactly pay back our adoption fund (plus a little extra for good measure) in one lump sum. If that isn't the most beautiful non-coincidence then I don't know what is. The Universe had our backs!

I made a video the day I saw the numbers come in and saw that we had officially qualified. It's embarassing because I messy cry during it and I'm all puffy from having been crying before recording it. This is actually the third take because I kept sniffing too much in the first two! But I wanted it recorded so I could share from my heart about how incredibly blessed I am to be a coach, to have this coaching opportunity, for the transformation that it has brough to me as a person, to my health and my life, and now to my family. Thanks for reading along so far! If you want to watch my reactions from the moment I realized that our adoption was paid for, click play on the video below. 

I know people are inherently skeptical about network marketing. I was too! But this business, when done correctly, with passion and heart, with love and with authenticity... it is an incredible thing!
I'd love to chat with you about it if you are curious what I do and if you can do it too. 
I need to make something extremely clear. Beachbody does not guarantee any level of success or income from the Team Beachbody Coach Opportunity. Each Coach’s income depends on his or her own efforts, diligence, and skill. For more information see the Beachbody Statement of Independent Coach Earnings. This amazing achievement came from 3 1/2 years of diligence, consistency, hard work, and community. I feel so very blessed by the incredible things coaching has allowed in our life but it is all because of the hard work, heart, and efforts invested in our business that have made it all possible. 

Saturday, April 8

PERSONAL // Building a Garden

I am the daughter of generations of green thumbs. My grandfather was a master rosarian. My dad grew roses, flowers, tropical fruits, and pretty much anything he wanted to. And my mom is a whiz with orchids. I, however, can't keep succulents alive. I'm talking cacti, people. Dead. Plants that can survive in areas of the world called "death valley" can't survive in my care. So you might be surprised that we decided to design a raised garden bed for our new house where we could grow some fruits, veggies, and herbs. 

My stepfather built the most beautiful raised garden beds at his house and offered to come set us up as well! I couldn't turn down that offer so earlier this past week he and my mom came down and helped us get our garden set up by helping us pick out soil, plants, and actually building the giant raised bed planter box! 

And I'm hoping to flip the script on my brown thumb. I love the challenge of learning something new. I want to learn it! I want to learn how to garden and live by the seasons. To be more connected to the land and to be outside in the sunshine more enjoying nature with my family. I want to feel connected, in tune, and to be able to go tell my son to grab a lemon off the tree for lemonade in the afternoon. 

So here's our garden, and my public accountability that I'm going to give it my best and try to turn this brown thumb green! 

 My preliminary sketches. No measurements, haha, but my step dad made it happen!
 Picking out the perfect plant babies
 We picked out the perfect spot on the side of our backyard that gets dappled light all day long
 Thank heavens for handy people
 We laid all the plants out arranging and re-arranging to figure out the best layout. Then I painted the entire thing with leftover Annie Sloan chalk paint (Paris Grey, if you're curious)

And now, for the official "after" photos! 
 Stepping stones, everything painted, solar lanterns, a privacy screen, and pots... oh my!
 Bell peppers (and reaper/habenero pepper seeds in the soil behind)
 Squash, sage, and blueberries
 Citrus blossoms
 A rain measure for those summer storms that will be coming soon and staghead fern
 something special for the garden faries because I want magic and imagination to be cultivated here as much as produce and herbs are. 
 tucked a few special crystals and gemstones throughout for good vibrational measure
 aloe and marigolds
 a temperature clock and some baby limes
 llittle gems hiding in the leaves
I am obsessed with staghead ferns so when I saw this one I knew I had to give him a special space
These fence grids I made my taking regular wood garden trellis from the hardware store, painting it to match the planter, sawing off the leg spikes, and hanging them on their sides. Easy peasy. The airplant lockets are from my friends at Porch Therapy
And the grand finale, a tiny privacy fence and some night blooming jasmine which I CANNOT wait to have grow and start covering the fence! It smells amazing!

So for right now in the garden we have:
Sweet mint
Bell Peppers
Carolina Reapers
Zucchini Squash

After the summer season is over we'll swap some things out for fall and winter and in the next week or so we should have some busy little bees added to the mix! I cannot wait! I've been researching bees obsessively and loving learning about them! Wish me luck friends! 


Monday, March 20

How To Get The Best Results in Your Fitness Goals

does beachbody work

Yeah, I totally feel it too. It's the first day of spring and I already ordered a new bathing suit and it should be at my door any day now. It's spring break week right now and in just a few months summer vacations are coming! I don't care so much about getting "bikini ready" anymore as I do about just getting to a place where I am not constantly self consious on vacation. Or hiding from the photos. That's no fun. That's no way to live. If you're like me, you might be feeling the pressure starting right about now and you might be looking back at the resolutions you didn't exactly stick to the way you wanted to and you might be thinking about what you should do RIGHT NOW to help you get back on track. I figured I'd share my top five tips on how to get the BEST possible results from working with a coach like me

1. You've Gotta Want To Drink | Not literally. I mean, yeah drinking water is important. But what I really mean is that I can lead you to the water, but you've got to drink it. I can't help anyone who isn't ready to put in the effort themselves. I can't want it for you. I can't come into your home and do your push ups for you either. And the same was true for me! It wasn't until I had a really solid "why" that I saw lasting change. I had to want it more than I wanted an extra half hour of sleep. Or more than I wanted french fries. WHY-power can make incredible things happen but it has to begin inside YOU! Why do you wanna change? Is it self confidence? Is it health? Is it energy? What is driving you?

 2. You've Gotta Have The Tools |Why do new years resolutions fail? Why do most people buy gym memberships and stop using them after the first month? Because we need somthing so simple and easy to follow that we can't come up with excuses as to why we should skip it. It needs to be short but effective because most of us are busy. It needs to work. It needs to be something we can keep up and make into a lifestyle instead of a crash diet that crashes and burns. That's what my program with Beachbody is. It's half hour workouts. It's no-deprivation mealplans. It's so simple that you can't come up with a legitimate reaason why you can't keep it up. Really! I mean look at you right now, you're here reading this? By the time you're done reading this blog post and finish the rest of your social media scrolling you could have finished your workout for the day. Just saying. ;) 

 3. You've Gotta Have Support | This one is so important! A fitness transformation is more than just your body. It's mental and emotional! You've got to work on the inside too. And trying to do all of that on your own can be really difficult. You need a support system who believe in you who tell you to get off the sofa and do your workout for the day. People who encourage you when you're feeling frustrated and who celebrate with you when you have a victory! That's exactly what I've built in my virtual Challenge Groups! That's why I now run 1 each month for people who want to commit to healthy changes and want a community of awesome people doing it alongside them! But even if you aren't in one of my challenges (um... why are you not in one of my challenges?) find a workout buddy that has similar goals and keep each other motivated!

 4. You've Gotta Remember: Progress Over Perfection | If you are ready to have a real, lasting transformation then adopt this mantra: "Progress Over Perfection". This is a journey and journeys have ups and downs. You live in the real world where schedules get packed and healthy snacks run out and you get PMS. ;) So if you do slip up, or allow yourself a cheat or a day off, or if you only lose 3 pounds instead of 5 remember, progress over perfection! Just keep making progress and let go of trying to do everything perfectly. It's better, I promise.

 5. You've Gotta Do The Work | This one might seem silly but I have so many people contact me looking for a magic fix. The truth is, there isn't one. Wraps, pills, supplements, crash diets... they all are only band-aids. To have a real transformation you've gotta fix the problem underneath. That means you have to change your habits and mindset and you've gotta put in the work. Not a ton of work, but consistent work. In my challenges, my challengers commit to half hour workouts each day. It's nothing crazy, but it's consistent. Do the work, and have a long term vision. No crash diets. Healthy lifestyle changes. You got this!

Here's some real before and after photos submitted to me by some of my past challengers who had killer transformations because they utilized the tips above! Shoot me an email if you're curious about what programs each of these beautiful souls used! If you're interested in jumping in and having me coach you through a month long fitness challenge, get all the info here and then reach out to me and I'll get you plugged in with us for April! 

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