Monday, February 20

Accelerated Coach Training Opportunity!

beachbody coach

As I was getting myself organized for March and getting excited about taking on a few new coaches for my March New Coach Training group I starting to think about this business. This morning I got to spend my morning sitting across from one of the top coaches on my team as we sipped coffee and talked about the ways our lives are so different now than before we started coaching. And I can't help but smile to think of all the things we've been able to do because of that one seemingly tiny decision!

Yes, I'm excited to train a new group of coaches. But I wanted to take it a step farther. I'll still be doing my regular March new coach training but... for a select few of your I wanted to offer you something special. This is only for serious women who want to commit and learn exactly the tools and techniques to be successful and that are willing to put in the time and effort required to get to their goals!

- Are currently reading this from a job they hate or dreading waking up tomorrow to go to work
- Are home with kids feeling like they are drowning and need something to call their own
- Women who want to be healthier but need an easy-to-follow plan that fits into a hectic life

- Women who want to be part of a sisterhood and tight nit community of boss babes
- Women who have the drive and heart to succeed and are willing to learn and do the work

If that sounds like you, fill out this application and RSVP to come today to a little event me and a few of my coaches are putting on that will let you get a better idea of who we are, what we do, and how you can get started! If you are SERIOUS about success from home, I want to work with you, to teach you everything I know, and to help you find your own success story as a coach!

Beachbody does not guarantee any level of success or income from the Team Beachbody Coach Opportunity. Each Coach’s income depends on his or her own efforts, diligence, and skill. For more information see the Beachbody Statement of Independent Coach Earnings

Sunday, February 19

Last Week At The Lakehouse

prenumbral lunar eclipse
florida red bellied woodpecker home
florida female cardinal
florida male cardinal
florida red winged blackbird
florida blue gray gnatcatcher
florida osprey bird of prey

1. Prenumbral lunar eclipse // 2. Found the woodpecker's hideout // 3. Lady Cardinal out of the bushes for a rare trip to the tree // 4. Mr. Cardinal standing guard nearby // 5. Red Wing Blackbird singing me songs // 6. First signs of spring // 7. Fluffy little Blue-Gray Gnatcatcher sitting still for a rare second. These tiny guys are quick like hummingbirds (and only slightly larger) and so hard to get a photo of! // 8. The osprey are beautiful hunters. Yellow eyes gleaming and all focus as they dive feet first into the water to snag a fish. She knew I was next to her but didn't break eye contact with the water for a second. Teaching me lessons I didn't know I needed. 


Saturday, February 18

Decadent Chia Pudding, Three Ways

Since I'm going Paleo again I was looking for some treats I could have on hand and I stumbled upon Chia Pudding and I was intrigued. I'll be honest, I've been skeptical of chia seed puddings. Honestly, they seemed a little weird to me. And how yummy could they be, right? Well, I picked up a big bag of chia seeds at the store on sale and decided that now was as good a time as ever to figure it out for myself! It took me a few tries to get my ratios right and then another try to two to find a recipe I like that was still "clean" but I think I've got three options for you that you are going to lose your mind over! I have been making and eating these every day and the cool thing is that chia seeds are actually incredible for you so this is totally a guilt-free dessert!

First though let me tell you a little bit about Chia. Chia seeds are actually a member of the mint family and they were a staple in the diets of the ancient Aztec and Mayan civilizations! The word "chia" even translates to "strength" in ancient Mayan. Chia seeds are packed with omega 3 fatty acids, fiber, antioxidants, minerals, they can be digested whole, they help you feel fuller longer, and they can even help regulate blood sugar and help you stay hydrated!  When they get wet, they form a gel which is why they can make such awesome "pudding"!
The hardest part about chia pudding (which is being overdramatic because there's honestly nothing difficult about making chia pudding, haha!) is getting your ratio right! Well, lucky you, becauase I did the hard work for you and discovered that the magic chia pudding ratio is 1 cup of liquid to 3 tablespoons of chia seeds! Armed with this knowledge you are now basically limitless! There are a million options for you! But if that overwhelms you, and you like to be told exactly what to do, here's my favorite three pudding recipes for your sweet tooth! All inspired by some of my favorite goodies...

I know right? And the crazy thing? This really tastes like brownie batter! I like to mix up my liquid in the blender first to combine all the flavors in a perfectly mixed way before adding my seeds so toss all the ingredients except seeds into the blender first then pour it into our jar, then add your seeds. Easy peasy! We're also gonna whip this one up at the end to make it more like mousse than pudding, just trust me, you'll love it! I like to use mason jars to store my pudding till it sets but you can use anything that seals well.

1 cup vanilla almond milk
1 heaping tsp pure cocoa powder
1 tbs vegan chocolate shakeology
1 tbs almond butter
1/8 tsp Himalayan sea salt
3 tbs chia seeds

Put everything except the chia seeds in your blender and blend till combined.
Pour into empty mason jar
Add chia seeds
(extra option: add some diced up dairy-free dark chocolate)Shake, shake, shake and put in the fridge
Shake the jar again 10 minutes later
Shake it again a half hour later
And in a few hours your pudding should look pudding-y and the seeds should be all plumped up
To make this less like pudding and more like mousse toss it back in the blender or use an immersion blender to whip it up! Enjoy cold!

Luckily maple syrup is paleo, so we get to keep that! And I don't know about you but I LOVE the flavor of maple and cinnamon and creamy vanilla all mixed together. Reminds me of pancakes and french toast! Don't skip the sea salt in this one! You want that tiny bit of bite to really make this flavor pop!

1 cup vanilla almond milk
1 tbs pure maple syrup
1 tsp cinnamon
1 tsp nutmeg
1/8 tsp Himalayan sea salt
3 tbs chia seeds

Put everything except the chia seeds in your blender and blend till combined.
Pour into empty mason jar
Add chia seeds
(extra option: drizzle a bit more maple syrup in, shhhh, I won't tell!)Shake, shake, shake and put in the fridge
Shake the jar again 10 minutes later
Shake it again a half hour later
And in a few hours your chia pudding will be ready to enjoy! You can also make this the night before and let it set overnight! Easy peasy!

I saved my favorite for last. I know, I know, most of you are like "Becka how is brownie batter NOT your favorite?!" But honestly, I'm all about creamy caramel. And this was the first chia pudding recipe that I loved and it's my standard go to when I want something sweet. It's so yummy. And while the caramel extract and diced up chocolate is not exactly paleo, it's worth the indulgence if you're on the fence. What can I say, I like to live dangerously. ;)

1 cup vanilla almond milk + full fat coconut milk
1 tbs pure honey
a few drops caramel extract
1 tsp nutmeg
1/8 tsp Himalayan sea salt
1 tbs diced up dairy free dark chocolate chips
3 tbs chia seeds

Fill your cup measure almost to the top with vanilla almond milk
Then open a jar of coconut milk and finish filling the cup.
Put everything except the chia seeds in your blender and blend till combined.
Pour into empty mason jar
Add chia seeds
(extra option: drizzle a bit of goats milk caramel on top, totally not paleo, totally still worth it)
Shake, shake, shake and put in the fridge
Shake the jar again 10 minutes later
Shake it again a half hour later
And in a few hours your chia pudding will be ready to enjoy! You can also make this the night before and let it set overnight! Easy peasy!

Let me know how you like it when you try it! And head to my Facebook page to share your favorite variations too!


Friday, February 17

How To Go Paleo With the 21 Day Fix or All Access Pass!

A little over a year ago, after a fair bit of research, I decided to give "Going Paleo" a try. If you follow me on instagram you may have seen me post my meals and feelings about it each day. For me, it was a fairly simple transition in my daily mealplan (since I was already gluten free) and after the first week I fell into a pretty good rhythm with it. Recently, after feeling some of the symptoms of my auto-immune coming back due to inflamation I decdied to go for another round of paleo living! Since then I've had a lot of people ask me for tips on "going paleo" so I thought I'd put together a big blog post for you in case you are one of those people! Let's dig right in! Starting with "What is Paleo?" Paleo is taken from the word "Paleolithic" referring to the period of time before the development of agriculture. This was a time when ancient humans were believed to live on what they could hunt or gather. So it is believed that these ancient humans lived on fruits, vegetables, seeds, nuts, and the meat and fish they hunted. From this, we get the modern "Paleolithic Diet" or "Paleo Diet". 

But I don't like to call it a diet. Because that implies that we are doing it for a limited time with the sole purpose of losing weight. While that might be some people's motivation, mine was more of a lifestyle shift with the purpose of feeling better and being healthier overall. So for the purpose of explaining what I do, I'm going to call it the "Paleo Template" ;)


A common misconception about eating Paleo is that all you eat is meat all day every day. It's easy to be confused. You see lots of meat-heavy dishes if you search for Paleo on Pinterest or google and this nutritional template is very popular among men who like the idea of a "meat and potatoes" type of mealplan. (Except white potatoes, aren't paleo... sorry dudes.) But the key to the success (and nutritional benefits) of eating Paleo is like anything else: balance and moderation. Hunter/Gatherers didn't live on bacon and french fries, and neither should you.


To make sure that I ate in a balanced way when I went Paleo, and how I suggest others begin their Paleo journey, I decided to enlist the help of the 21 Day Fix Mealplan that I've always loved so much!  (It's also available from Beachbody under the name The Portion Fix now and comes with most Challenge Packs!) This plan gives you colored containers for each food group. You are allotted a certain number of servings of each container a day (based on your height/weight/activity/goals) and you just fill up the container and eat what fits. It's so easy that I think every single person needs to abide by it! I digress...

I followed the color coded mealplan guidelines and TWEAKED them to work with Paleo guidelines! This helps me to step down into the paleo mealplan in a way that is super balanced making sure I still get enough veggies, fruits, carbs, and not too much protein or fats! What are those guidelines? Put very simply, you eat what you could hunt or gather back in the Paleolithic day. So... lean meats, fish, nuts, seeds, vegetables, and fruits. What is not accepted as Paleo?

Refined Sugars & Artificial Sweeteners
Artificial Ingredients
White Potatoes
Processed Foods (including Junk Food)
Hydrogenated Oils/Vegetable Oils

White Potatoes
Pseudograins (like buckwheat or quinoa)

Okay, let's talk about these for a minute. Obviously, paleolithic man didn't have sugar or sugar substitutes so those are easy to understand. Grains came with agriculture so those are out too. Legumes came with agriculture too so you'll have to pass on the beans and peanuts. Processed foods weren't around so count them out, same with vegetable and hydrogenated oils (if it says anything like "buttery spread" just don't even touch it) and alcohol came later too. Now there are a few foods I like to call "fringe foods" which means that they are debated among Paleo participants. These are dairy, cashews, white potatoes, and pseudograins.

Why did I include Shakeology in the fringe foods? Well it's because regular Shakeology contains whey protein. Which is technically a dairy derivative. Vegan Shakeology contains oat protein which is technically a grain derivative. In my opinion, either one is still waaaaaayyyyyy better for you than anything else you could do so the positives outweigh the fringe technicalities. I have stayed on it and still seen INCREDIBLE results since going paleo.

You will have to make your own decision regarding these items. People who subscribe to a paleo diet but eat dairy are called "Primal" if you want to do some research. The reason dairy is left out is because while animals were around, Paleolithic humans did not have the tools or capacity to be making anything like butter or cheeses or creams. White potatoes are a plant so why can't you eat them? You can, obviously, no one is forcing you to do anything. But the reason they aren't considered paleo is because of the labor involved in harvesting them. They are more likely a crop then something that Paleolithic humans stumbled upon. Also, if nothing else, they don't have a lot of nutritional benefits so it's worth it to avoid them. Cashews are a nut right? So why are they a problem? Technically, cashews are a legume (like peanuts) so to a strict Paleo person they'd be out. Make your own decision on this one. And lastly, pseudograins like quinoa and buckwheat. These are technically not grains, but they behave like them inside your body. So the choice is yours.

"What's left?!" You might be thinking. What can I eat? A LOT actually! Here's some of my meals...


Okay, so maybe you're thinking about giving this whole Paleo thing a try. But you're so confused. Where do you start? How do you figure out what to eat? And how do stay balanced and avoid living on bacon, avocado, and steak alone? Don't worry friends, I've got you covered! Here is a sample week's mealplan using the Portion Fix plan as a guide. These are all meals I have eaten since going Paleo so you know they are actually good! This is based on my serving allowances in the Portion Fix. If you're in a higher bracket and have more servings you would just either eat bigger meals or add in more food in your day. I wrote out each meal's ingredients in the color container they would correspond to so you can easily see VISUALLY how to combine your containers into a day's worth of amazing meals!

It is super simple to tweak the containers to work with a Paleo mealplan. All you have to do is replace your YELLOW container with something Paleo-friendly. The containers' colors each correspond to a food group, yellow is your carbs/grains. So to make an easy swap what I did is to replace 1 serving of yellow a day with sweet potatoes or other starchy vegetable (yams or yuca fries are fun too!). And my 2nd serving of yellow with the almond milk in my shakeology. See how delicious and amazing your week can be? And you can see here that a day in the Paleo life is not all meat all the time. In fact, it's actually a LOT of vegetables! I even included a few Chipotle runs to show you that you can make this work and not be chained to your kitchen! Here are the recipes needed for the mealplan above:

PALEO PANCAKES (just substitute almond meal/flour for cashew meal if you like)
DRESSING 1: combine 3 parts olive oil to 1 part balsamic vinegar
DRESSING 2: combine 3 parts olive oil to 1 part champagne vinegar, add in diced shallots, and pepper
DRESSING 3: combine 3 parts olive oil to 1 part champagne vinegar, add in some dill if you like

Now to make things even EASIER for you, I put together a grocery shopping list for you based off this mealplan (who loves ya?!) Just print it out and take it with you to the store. Now here's the secret. Don't feel chained to this. If you don't like something I listed (like spinach) swap it out for something you do like (like spring mix). Make it work for YOU and your tastes.

I know, this still might seem overwhelming. And maybe you have questions? Have no fear! I'll be hosting a live, free webinar digging more into my personal story with going paleo. I'll be sharing my struggles with auto-immune, how paleo helped, and how EXACTLY I use this mealplan to do it in a balanced way. I'll also be sharing how I fit physical activity into this and keep my energy levels up! I'll even give you my TOP THREE TIPS for success in this process! I'd love to have you join me! The webinar is scheduled for Sunday, February 26th at 7:30PM EST. But if you can't make it, it will be recorded and left up for a few days so you can watch after. If you do hop on live though, you'll have the chance to ask me questions as I go! Click the banner below to head to the event and RSVP so you get a reminder on the day of!


Want to do this with my help, with the full color coded mealplan, my super weapon: shakeology, and a year's access to EVERY workout program Beachbody has ever made? Let me hook you up with an All Access Pack in my March Challenge Group which will have a paleo focus! We'll all be going through it together, sharing mealplans, recipes, etc to make it so much easier to make this transition and make it stick!  Choose from workouts like the 21 Day Fix, Piyo, Core De Force, or even yoga if you wanna keep it light! Daily motivation and accountability, and the opportunity to ask me questions as you go? You're in luck! Click here to email me and let me know you want your name on the list! I'll send you all the details! 

If you already have a Beachbody coach that you are currently working with, or if you are already a coach outside of our team, The Arrow Tribe, you are unfortunately not eligible to join my March challenge group. But please feel free to connect with me here, on Instagram, and on FB for more paleo fix inspiration! 

Thursday, February 9

How To Charge Your Crystals (and Yourself) in the Full Snow Moon!

crystal energy full moon

Happy Snow Moon friends! Time to break out your crystals! I really believe that there are no coincidences. So when I asked what people might want me to write about as I get my blog back up and running, it made me chuckle to hear that ya'll wanted me to talk about crystals more! And what day does this happen to fall on? The full moon. PERFECT TIMING UNIVERSE, THANKS!

Okay so tonight is the Snow Moon. It's called that because February is supposed to be our snowiest month. I'm in Florida and it was like 85 degrees today but whatever, let's just roll with it. Not only is tonight a full moon but there's also a lunar eclipse AND a comet doing a fly by. So... if you've been wanting to dip your toes into using the moon energy in your life, tonight is a great night to start!

full moon

First though, since this is the first time I've talked about this stuff here, let's all get on the same page. Why the full moon? Well we all know that the moon pulls on us here on Earth, and each phase has it's own special vibes....

New Moon/Dark Moon: A new cycle. A time to go within. An energy of new possibilities. Time to set your intentions for what you want to bring into your life.
Waxing Moon: New growth, continued action, results will come about
Full Moon: High tide of power, amplifying and creative. It is a time to release that which no longer serves you, what you no longer need in your life or an aspect of yourself that you have outgrown.
Waning Moon: Withdrawing, a sucking and pulling impact

So as you can see, full moon's are the pinnacle of energy. Which is why people like to use them to "charge" their crystals. Or even just to reset your mindset. You don't even need crystals to capitalize on tonight's moon. It's a great time to do a simple sage ritual if you'd like. To clear out the stale energy (and thoughts) that no longer serve you. You could also write down your limiting beliefs on a piece of paper and burn them in the moonlight releasing that which no longer serves you. Maybe try just standing outside in the moonlight and soaking it in, just see how it feels. You might feel the urge to dance, spin, or laugh. Just roll with it. You're learning how to connect with your own power and intuition. It's a cool thing! Full moon energy is powerful and intense. Now is when you release those things that hold you back and take action, especially when it comes to those intentions you might have set during the New Moon. Here's a little mantra you can try: "I release that which no longer serves me and move courageously into

Okay, back to crystals. So if you want to use crystals in your life you need to charge and cleanse them periodically because crystals absorb energy, just like you do. Your crystals will absorb the energy of their immediate environment, and if they are frequently handled or used for your meditating practice, they will need to be cleansed of that energy too. Rinsing your crystals, saging your crystals, or placing your crystals on or in the earth will help cleanse your crystals. But the energy of the full moon is a deeper, stronger cleanse and charge!

Wanna give it a try? Here's some simple steps:

1. Rinse your crystals. Light rain or a natural water source works great. Or just rinse them in your own sink. Then lay them out, preferably on a natural surface. (A wood board would work great!) This is to connect them to earth, it's grounding, just like how amazing you feel with your bare feet in the sand at the beach!

2. Get your crystals into the moonlight. If you can’t get your crystals outdoors, on a windowsill will also work. You want to make sure the moon’s light will actually hit the crystals. The energy of the moon will still come through the clouds so even if it's overcast or rainy you can still make it work.

3. Go get them in the early morning and bring them back inside. You can leave them out in the morning light because sunlight will charge them too but not too long because it can be too harsh for some stones just like it can be too harsh for some people. (Especially if you are in Florida like me!)

4.  Charge your crystals with your intentions and gratitude. You can do this by just cultivating a sense of gratitude as you carry them inside or you can go a step farther and visualize a bright light surrounding them and set an intention for moving forward. Grab one and hold it in your hand, close your eyes and feel the energy!

Have fun! xo, B


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