Tuesday, July 22

5 MINUTES WITH | Brittany Legette


We've all heard it said that you are the combination of the 5 people who you spend most of your time with. If that's true then I want to spend more time with Brittany Legette. She is a fellow Bombshell Dynasty coach and she is a HUGE inspiration to me! She is currently ranked #14 in all of Beachbody and she's only been a coach for about 2 1/2 years! She went Elite her 2nd year as a coach and is currently leading a huge team that is constantly growing. Her stats are mind blowing and I pretty much just want to be Brittany when I grow up. 

Something that I love about coaching is the community of strong and intelligent women we have available to us on our team! There's a reason our team is #1 in the entire company. Because of people like Brittany who are letting nothing stop them! She is climbing the ranks at record speed. She gives me sooooo much inspiration and hope for my own journey as a leader. 

I am super lucky to get to be in a few leadership groups with her, to glean as much wisdom as I can. I asked if she would participate in my little interview series to give everyone a quick peek into her world and she sweetly agreed! 

I especially loved her advice. Those three little nuggets are awesome! They really communitcate her no excuses go-getter style. I'm so excited that she is spending 5 minutes with us today! Thanks Brittany!  

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Monday, July 21

How To | Use the 21 Day Fix Nutrition Plan For Your Whole Family

The struggle is real! All you mom's and wives out there know what I mean. You are on the healthy train but your husband and kid(s) are not interestied in taking a ride. They fight you. They complain. They hide goldfish crackers and cookies in the pantry. I get it. My husband, while not being horribly unhealthy, is not a BALANCED eater. And my son, who started out as such a good eater is now slowly developing bad habits like only wanting to eat yogurt and crackers all day every day.

K.Thanks.Bye Mom!

As a mom and a wife (and a Beachbody coach) I WANT to be the nutrition matriarch in our household. But for so long I struggled and struggled to find a system to keep us all happy but also healthy! Then I met the 21 Day Fix!

The 21 Day Fix is a fitness program from Beachbody. But it's more than just that. It's not only incredibly effective (and SHORT!) workouts but it's also the most ingenious nutrition plan I've ever encountered! The great thing about the 21 Day Fix's nutrition plan is that it TEACHES you how to eat. I no longer need to use the little tubs because I've memorized the portion sizes. And the color coding doesn't sound like another language to me anymore, it's 2nd nature! And the other great thing about is that once YOU learn how to use it, you can implement it in your family without even having to make a big deal about it to your family members! I am a firm believer that any family with any budget can make the decision to eat healthfully and make it happen! Here is how I use the 21 Day Fix to keep my whole household on the healthy train!

The 21 Day Fix comes with these cool colored containers. And each one is assigned a food group. There's no calorie or fat or carb counting. If it fits in the container, you eat it. And you get a certain number of each color each day. This number varies by your size and weight and activity level. For example, the number of containers I get in a day is less than my husband who is much bigger than me. You can also use this system to lose weight by working at a calorie deficit OR you can use it just to stay healthy by not working at a calorie deficit!

The best way I've found to keep everything organized is using white boards on the fridge. (You could easily do this in a note on your phone too if you are away from the house all day!) Here's our white boards...

I have each of our family members listed with the servings of each color they get each day as little check boxes. As each of us eats a serving I mark it off. That way we get a clear picture of what we are consuming each day and how to plan our meals to stay balanced. These photos were taken in the middle of the day. So you can see how we can use the info on them to help us plan for our afternoon snack and dinnertime.

On my board you can see that I have 1 red serving, 1 green serving, 2 yellow servings, 2 purple servings, a blue serving, an orange serving, and an oil serving left (the little spoon at the top). Nate has similar ones left so we can plan to build our remaining meals around what servings we still need to eat.

The beauty of this is that it keeps you eating not only in portion control but also in BALANCE. My husband notoriously would eat only protein and carbs all day if I wasn't paying attention. Having this system in place helps to make sure he also gets enough fruit and veggies in.

In case you are confused... here is a breakdown of the color coded food groups...

The way that I make this work for our family is that I come up with meal ideas that I know my husband and son will like and I make them. I check off the boxes for the food groups used in each meal. (For example, for lunch today my husband had a salad with chicken and italian dressing. That counts as 1 green, 1 red, and 1 oil... I marked those off his chart!) Salad is nothing weird or diet-y. It's just a lunch like we'd have anyways, but by tracking the portion size and the servings I can make sure that he is eating balanced! It's a win/win!

Some tweaks... 
- Our son is 2. So OBVIOUSLY he is not working at a calorie deficit. Also, the 21 Day Fix was not intended for kiddos so there's no guide in it on how to figure out the servings for a toddler. I did this on my own using my best judgement. I don't use the 21 Day Fix containers for him but I use the system to stay balanced in his meals. I give him age appropriate servings for each food group.
- For our son, I count Shakeology as both a green and a red serving (veggies and protein) so when he has a smoothie I mark those both off for him. That is not how I count it for us grown-ups though. Since he's 2 and it's hard to get him to eat 3 servings of fresh veggies I consider this loophole a fair allowance. ;)
- I am paleo so for my yellow containers I count almond milk (in my smoothies) and sweet potatoes/pumpkin/or yuca root. These are starchy and carby so they fit perfectly where grains would have been.

I hope this helps you feel inspired to use the 21 Day Fix not just for yourself but to keep your WHOLE FAMILY healthier! Please feel free to ask me questions on FB or contact me via email! I'd love to connect with you and help you flush out a plan for yourself and your family. And if you want to get the 21 Day Fix for yourself and even join my next online challenge group where I'd walk you through the program for a whole month, just click here and purchase the challenge pack to register! You'll not only get the whole program but you'll also get a whole month supply of Shakeology to try as well as free coaching by yours truly! xo. 

Tuesday, July 15

GIRLBOSSING | For Everyone Not Yet Doing What They Love

For Everyone Not Yet Doing What They Love (Alternative title: A Tough Love Letter)

I have friends, too many friends, who are talented at something they enjoy. So talented that they could make money doing the thing they enjoy. Are they doing it? No. Have they been talking about doing it for months/years/since we've met? Yup. 

You can hide all your life coming up with excuses as to why you aren't ready. Hiding is passive. It's the easy way out. You can play the role of the victim in life and talk about all the circumstances that have gotten in your way of making this thing, this dream, happen. You can lament forever about why this isn't a good time, why you should just wait till after this thing or that thing because then you'll really be ready...

Here's the thing, next spring you are going to wish you had started now. Did you hear me? NEXT SPRING YOU ARE GOING TO WISH YOU HAD STARTED TODAY. (click here to Tweet that!)  And, let's just take a moment to all be really honest here, next spring you're probably going to come up with a reason why you need to push back your big dreams till summer. Tough love, because I love you- promise. See what I'm saying friends?

What is really stopping you from moving forward toward your dream life? 

If you're truly not good enough yet (like you keep saying as an excuse) to be doing this thing that you want to do so badly (cough, COACHING, cough), then stop talking about how you're not good enough (or fit enough, or inspiring enough) and do something about it. Take a class. Find a mentor (hello!) Join a challenge. Apprentice. Practice, every day. How badly do you really want to be doing the thing that you love? Living your life BY DESIGN. Life doesn't just plop down successful stories in the laps of lazy people. LIFE DOESN'T JUST PLOP DOWN SUCCESSFUL STORIES IN THE LAPS OF LAZY PEOPLE! Every big success story came at the high price of late nights, failures, lots of "no's", blood, sweat, a good amount of tears, and then finally a big YES that launched the momentum for more big yesses. 

Are you afraid? Good. It's scary to put yourself out there. Nothing worth doing is ever completely free of fear and of risk. But you know what's even scarier? The thought of waking up 5 years from now, still not doing the thing you love, still coming up with reasons why you aren't ready or why you can't, and wasting you life away in a passive way. Take action. What is the absolute worst thing that could happen? Play it out in your mind. How will you handle it? Is it really that bad? So what if you fail? So what if nothing happens? You will be forced some days to make the decision, "Do I want to continue pushing forward, putting myself out there, growing and becoming better, or do I want to go back to a 9-5 life that is easier but not my dream?" So round up your resolve and do something. 

You are in the driver's seat. Where do you want to go? 
(And if you don't know your destination, forward is always a good direction to start moving in.)


Monday, July 14

QUICK PICKS | SUP Yoga Essentials


If you follow me on Instagram you know that I love some Stand Up Paddleboard (aka "SUP") yoga! I got a killer board for Mother's Day and I've been out on the lakes and ocean at least every week ever since! I get a lot of questions about it so I figured I'd put together a few of my favorite essentials for hitting the water for some SUP yoga (or Piyo! Why not?!)

1. Boga Yoga Paddleboard | This is my board, so I'm incredibly bias but I think it's pretty much the best around. I love the colors. I love the look and feel. I love how long and soft the mat is. I love that it has the little ties to hold down your water bottle or flip flops or phone! It's perfect.

2. Glide Lotus Paddleboard | I looked at getting this board first and loved it but in the end a few of the features and general aesthetics of the Boga board won my heart. Still though, this lotus board is incredible and I know a few yogis that use and love it!

3. Pau Hana Lotus Paddleboard | I had never heard of this board till my yogi friend got one and it looks like a great option for people wanting to get into SUP yoga because it is slightly smaller (and more easily portable) than the other two an has some cool bells and whistles (including LED lights you can put underneath to go out for night rides!)

4. Waterproof Camera Housing | This one is for the iPhone which is awesome. Not sure if you can use the phone with it on though. Still, I've seen the photos taken with this bad boy and they are incredible.

5. Lifeproof iPhone Case | I consider this a 100% MUST. I would never feel comfortable going out on the lake by myself without my phone for just in case emergencies. I also love that I can take photographs of myself or the beautiful scenery and not have to worry at all about ruining my phone.

6. A Sunshine Worthy Sports Bra | This is my absolute favorite yoga sports bra by Onzie. It's great for SUP because you don't get those hideous racerback tanlines. Plus, it's super cute and lightweight.

7. A Great Paddle | I will be honest, I don't know much about paddles. But this is the one I have and it's great! Not only is it super durable and light (carbon fiber!) and pretty (turquoise blue!) but it's adjustable so my husband or friends can still use it if they borrow my board!

8. A Cute Cover Up | I like to have something cute and easy to throw on as I'm packing up and heading home. That way if I want to sit in the park or if I have to run errands I can without feeling gross.

9. The Best Shortie Shorts | These Onzie shorts are the absolute best! They are tight like a bathing suit so they hold on through all your yoga moves but they are short like a bathing suit so you won't get any crazy tan lines. Of course getting them in Bombshell and BTFP blue is a bonus perk! ;)

10. Under Where? | Okay so these are technically underwear but they offer enough thickness and coverage to be worn out in public. Or maybe that's just what I tell myself. But I have about 5 pairs and I wear them on the lake on the regular.

Happy SUP-ing! Follow me on Instagram to see more from my own adventures! 

Tuesday, July 8

5 MINUTES WITH | Top Coach 2014, Lindsay Matway


Today I am starting a brand new column here on that I hope you love. I was brainstorming for a way to interview people that inspire me, I wanted to do something less conventional, quick, entertaining, and always with the same questions to showcase how different they all are and how different their paths to success have been. 

Today my guest of honor is the alarmingly inspiring, Lindsay Matway. She is the founder of the Bombshell Dynasty, a group of exceptional people who are helping to change lives. She is a self made millionaire who's story is so inspiring that it is drawing people from near and far because it shows you that you are not bound by your circumstance or your history! If you can believe it, you can go out there and achieve it. This year, Lindsay won the award of Top Coach 2014, the highest award you can receive from Beachbody. AND... she also took home the title of First Female Top Coach, something that can never be taken away from her! Incredible. 

I am super lucky to get to have her as my coach and mentor. She has been there cheering me on since I started coaching last fall and I feel so blessed to get to tap into her amazing wealth of knowledge and experience on a day to day level! 

She is a crazy passionate whirlwind of visionary firepower with the most perfect eyebrows you'll ever see and I'm so excited that she is spending 5 minutes with us today! Thanks Lindsay!  

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