Thursday, November 26

Black Friday Sale Roundup for the Discerning Dame

Okay okay, I know it's very anti-enlightened-trendy-soul-warrior-vibe to be talking about shopping on Thanksgiving. But I wanted to share with you some of my favorite online shops. I'm talking small business people that are doing some cool sales that I'll be shopping and you might like too. About half of these also have an element of giving back so you're not only supporting a small business but your money is being paid forward to create some good in the world. Not sure if that makes you feel any better about shopping this weekend but I tried. ;) Here's a roundup of my favorite black friday deals I found while browsing Instagram today....

1. The Fifth Element has a "good karma" sale going on through Monday. Take 15% off anything in her shop and she'll donate 15% of your sale to Farm Animal Rescue in Brisbane. Use the code goodkarma at checkout. (I especially love the firess ring!)

2. Pura Vida has a crazy 50% off sitewide sale on Black Friday but the sale is only 4 hours long and start at 9pm EST Thanksgiving night. You know I love their arrow bracelets. Plus when you order from Pura Vida you are helping local Costa Rican artisans.

3. Tribe Alive has 25% all styles through Sunday. Their mission is responsible fashion so they partner with marginalized women artisans. Their weekender bags are really cool.

4. Moorea Seal, one of my all time favorite shops created by an old blogging friend, has markdowns up to 70% in store and online on Black Friday and on Small Biz Saturday they are including a free gift with each purchase. I can't pick just one thing so check out the entire collection of stuff for ladies here.

5. My soulmate programs that helped me balance the way I eat and finally get in control of my nutrition, the 21 Day Fix and 21 Day Fix Extreme are on sale for just a few more days. Get an extra $20 off an already 30% (ish) discount on the program + extras when you use these links: 21 Day Fix, 21 Day Fix Extreme. (If you pick one of these you can join my private and exclusive December accountability group on Facebook!) Plus when you order via a coach like me instead of via amazon or "borrowing" from a friend, you support a small business owner. So thanks in advance!

6. Rifle Paper Co's biggest sale of the year is live. 30% (and sometimes more... booyah!) through Monday. I might go pick up a few very special things because I'm obsessed with everything my friend Anna makes. I love all of these!

7. Spiritual Gangster has everything, even sale stuff at 40% off. The code is GOODKARMA40. I've had my eyes on this tank for a few months now. I might just snatch it up. If I'm gonna spend $40 on a tank top, I want to at least support a small business when I do it.

8. Ashley Brooke Designs, another good friend and crazy talented lady, is giving 25% off all weekend. The code is BLACKFRIDAY. I'm a big fan of her mugs. This one especially.

9. Onzie, makers of my favorite sports bra and booty shorts are giving 30% off till Monday at midnight. Use the code 30GRATITUDE to get it. This new one piece is pretty gorgeous too. It might be perfect for paddleboarding!


Wednesday, November 18

Why The Be Still Message Might Be Killing Your Progress

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I've kept quiet on this for a while but I can't sit by and let one more woman sabotage her own progress because of misunderstanding this mantra. Yes yes yes. I get it. Rest is good. Women, we work ourselves ragged. We put ourselves last. We need a reminder. But I'm sick of the misinterpretations of this "be still" message that is oh so popular across the inspirational channels of the interwebs. I know where it comes from, and I know it's from a place of love and support. But since my job is to work with women to help them become the best versions of themselves that they can be and build businesses that support their dreams, I feel obligated to set the record straight on

Be still...

Be still means do the work, and then trust the process. Trust the Universe. Trust yourself. Trust whatever forces internal or external that you need to trust to believe that the seeds you plant will turn into a harvest. (Note: You still did the planting.) Be still means don't forget about yourself. Don't put everyone's needs first and sacrifice your own well being. Be still means, remember your why. Tune into the life force that gives you inner strength. Be still is active. It's a verb. It's faith, it's trust, it's the deep knowing that you did all that you could for yourself and your situation and now you need to take a breath and know you did your best.

Be still is not...
- Your permission to give up on yourself
- Your "out" of doing the work required to change your situation
- Letting you off the hook for hard, but required, tasks that you don't want to do
- A fairy godmother coming to magically transform your situation
- A command to quit and ruin the momentum you've built in your life

Here's the thing... in anything... whether that is positive changes you are making in your own life and health, or growing a successful business, success requires speed. It's why Dave Ramsey preaches the snowball method of paying off debt. Start small, pay it off, gain momentum, and then tackle something bigger. That momentum is the key. And momentum is the key for any big changes you are trying to make happen in your life. Yes, it's hard. Yes, it takes effort. Yes, it takes re-prioritizing your time. If being successfully self employed were easy, everyone would do it. If being fit and healthy were easy, we wouldn't have an obesity crisis in our country. Starting and stopping and starting and stopping is death to business momentum, healthy lifestyle progress, and gas mileage. ;)

Be still is not your pass to stop trying and let someone else fix everything for you. It's your reminder to trust. It's someone reminding you to take a breath. To enjoy the scenery on the way to your goals. To stop and smell the roses... EN ROUTE... to your destination. Not to park it on the side of the road and live there from now on. Do you see what I'm saying?

Be still, but still, be bold. Breathe, self care, but don't altogether quit or stall out thinking that's what's best. I don't want to see you kill all the progress you've made. Inhale. Remember your why. Know you've given it your best. Trust. You've got this.


Sunday, November 15

Coffee Cup Chats Remix | On Ambition...

ambition and women

Since Reese Witherspoon's incredible Gamour Woman of the Year Speech on Ambition is making the rounds, I thought I'd re-share this article I wrote a few years ago on ambition. A lot of women have trouble owning up to it, even if they feel it in their bones because it seems to carry a negative connotation when combined with twin X chromosomes. Are you an ambitious woman? Are you afraid to say it for fear that people will view you as stuck up or harsh? Ambition in women doesn't look like a bunch of deadpan, cold-hearted ice queens climbing their way to the top. In fact, I've found it looks much different. It looks like your best friend laughing so hard she cries. It looks like sisters hugging. It looks like the women in that photo above. Grab your coffee, read on, and discuss...

The other day I read an absolutely fascinating article in Elle magazine by Leslie Bennet about ambition. The reason the article was so fascinating to me was because ambition was termed "the scarlet A". Bennet goes on to say that in all her years interviewing powerful and successful women from media moguls to princesses only one has ever described herself as "ambitious". That is not to say that the other interviewees were not ambitious, Bennet describes some of them as "barracudas whose appetite for power would make Machiavelli look like a pushover". I'd say that's pretty ambitious wouldn't you? So why wouldn't they describe themselves as such?

I have found myself battling this very same issue. Even writing this blog post was a bit scary. Will they think I'm conceited? Will I sound like a bitch? Who am I to even call myself successful? Call it a woman thing. Call it gender bias (call it that because it is) but for a woman to boldly claim her ambition for success and then take credit for that success is a rare thing. Why? Because research shows that women are condemned for traits that their male counterparts are praised for. Ambition being one of them.

I'm not the only one fumbling and stumbling over the verbiage. Hugely influential and powerful women stumble over this issue, at least in front of the public anyway. Oprah, Condoleeza Rice, and Hillary Clinton have all deflected when asked about their amazingness in interviews. (And I doubt anyone would question their successes.)

glamour magazine ambition quote reese witherspoon
I see this even more among my female coaching peers. Ambition and "helping others" are words that are not allowed to fraternize. And yet, like Romeo and Juliet the two sneak off in the shadows and make all kinds of sweet and romantic plans in our minds. We pine away behind our computers, notepads, challenge groups, trainings, blogs, and you tube channels with big dreams dancing around in our minds. AMBITION. We make vision boards. AMBITION. We make goal lists. AMBITION. We write that shit down people! AMBITION. We spend countless hours trying to make something successful from our budding coaching careers. We pour our souls into it. We cry. We sometimes bleed. And then... glory of glories... we achieve it (whatever it is in your life) and then we so quickly forget our toiling and call it coincidence or worse, "luck". We deflect. We give credit to everyone and everything else except for us. It's tragic. It's unfair. 

Think about it for a minute... when someone asks you how you achieved the success you have what do you say? Luck? God? A random string of ridiculously fortunate events? Why are we so quick to refuse ownership of our achievements? Have we not come far enough yet to admit publicly that YES we set big goals, YES we worked our asses off, and YES we achieved those things. Victory dance! 

Self effacement is not the same thing as humility. You can claim your kick ass-ness with a humble heart. In fact, you should. Because the world needs more confident movers and shakers. The problem is not that the doors are not open, the problem is that we are waiting for something else to push us through them so that we don't have to say we did it ourselves. I will be the first to admit that I am hugely ambitious. I have lofty goals and I plan on achieving all of them. And when I do, I will be the first to tell you that while a bit of luck was surely involved, I worked very hard to get there. (Thank you to my husband, my parents, my dog, my friends, my mentors, my clients, etc...) If you hate me because of that last statement then so be it. You can send hate mail to my future personal assistant. I'll be too busy basking in my dream life to read it. (Told you I had lofty goals!) Be bold my beloved friends. As Goethe says, "Boldness has genius and power and magic in it."


Wednesday, November 11

New Moon Vibes! New Moon in Scorpio on 1111

“And above all, watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places. Those who don't believe in magic will never find it.” ― Roald Dahl

Can you feel it? Tonight is special. New moon in Scorpio on 11.11. So many things aligning that we can tap into and vibe off of tonight! Are you paying attention? Are you breathing it in? Since the new moon vibes officially began where I live I've been feeling so tuned in. Ideas pouring out of me. Full of new life and possibility! (Hey, there's my word for the year again!)

It's like coming out of the depths of the water (which makes sense since Scorpio holds the power of the water element). Like emerging from the fog. Bye bye baggage. Wave goodbye to that stagnant old energy. Pieces falling into place. This healing. Think rising like a Phoenix Bird! It's wild and tingly like static on the hairs of your arm. Do you feel like you're at a precipice? Are you having epiphany after epiphany? All you have to do is jump and leave the rest behind!

Here's some of my favorite astral insights for you to read today if you want to know what's going on above and around you: 

➳ Mystic Medusa for Gala Darling
➳ Aquarius Nation
➳ Mystic Mama 

For those of you that have crystal collections, tonight is a fantastic time to put a little love into your collection! For me? I wanted to do a cleansing ritual before laying them outside to "charge" under the energy of this extra special and magical new moon.

To start, I laid them all out in a spiral by color in a bed of cleansing herbs and autumnal spices. Then I smudged sage over them (as well as through the whole house, might as well once it's already burning right?) Then I laid them outside under the cloudless sky to soak up some new moon vibes.

Can anyone name some of the stones you see in my collection? What are you working with tonight? What are your favorite ways to maximize this time of new beginnings?


My Coaching Income Growth To Inspire You To See What's Possible

becka robinson, top beachbody coach, new coach training

How many stories like mine (or of mine) do you need to see before you finally make the decision to create your own? When I first decided to become a coach, I had no idea what I was doing. But I just knew something in my life had to change.

I started googling everything I could find. And I stumbled upon posts just like the one I'm writing here today for you. I'm writing it to give back. Because posts like this inspired me to be brave and believe in myself and what I could accomplish. And I want the same for you! To pull back the veil and show you what is possible.

Two years ago my family was just okay. We were fine. We were surviving. We were self employed, yes, but the stresses of never knowing when our next paycheck was coming combined with a new child at home and the ups and downs of busy and down season weighed on us. Our credit cards were slowly piling up. Our relationship was strained. We were both unhealthy. I was 70 pounds overweight, riddled with anxiety, depressed, and frustrated that I couldn't seem to lose any weight.

I found out about the Beachbody coaching opportunity when I first found out about Beachbody's workout programs. I knew I wanted to try my own fitness program and Shakeology and when I found out that if I signed up as a coach I could get a 25% discount as well as have the opportunity to earn money back just by sharing my story and helping other people, I figured I'd give it a try. What was the worst that could happen?

Plus, I had found posts like this from other coaches who were successful and brave and willing to share their incomes publicly and I caught the fever. I saw what was possible from people just like me. If they could make it happen, why couldn't I? I was capable, I was smart, I was savvy. I dove right in with a big dream to build a full time income that we could add to our family to help us take the pressure off of our finances.

In two years, as you can see from the graphic above, I've absolutely been able to achieve that and more. We've fully replaced our entire household income and beyond. All from being willing to try, to learn, to be consistent, and to help others. That's what coaching is... it's living by example, working on becoming your own best version of yourself that you can be, and using that journey to inspire others to do the same. Then helping them achieve it. This is the most personally fulfilling work I've ever done in my life! And I'm getting paid the best I've ever gotten paid in my life to do it.

I'm looking for women who want to become the best version of themselves they can be. Women who want to transform from the inside out. Who want to really live a life of intention, and freedom, and to share that with the world to inspire others. Women who want to make a living utilizing social media to help people and building community. Women who are self-motivated, self-starters, and fast learners. Women who are passionate and driven and who don't stop until they see their dreams manifest into reality! If that's you, then you are just like the beautiful souls in the image above. As you can see we come in all shapes and sizes, from all different locations and backstories, but we all share a passion for helping others to find their way and live their best lives! They are the leaders on my team. And you could be one of them next year!

I know it's the beginning of the holiday season, and starting a fitness project or new business is the last thing on your mind, but come new year my team will be in the throes of the busiest time of our year! I want you to be able to take part in that and to do that, I need to be able to help you learn the basics and start training you now! I'm asking you to have some vision, look ahead to what's coming instead of waiting till January 1st to resolve to make changes. If you want to apply to join our team, let me train you BEFORE our busiest season ever so you can BEGIN 2016 already on track to hit your goals, then fill out the application below!

Fill out my online form.
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Beachbody does not guarantee any level of success or income from the Team Beachbody Coach Opportunity. Each Coach’s income depends on his or her own efforts, diligence, and skill. For more information see the Beachbody Statement of Independent Coach Earnings
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