Monday, November 1

MAKE | Banana Truffles

I’d heard of freezing chocolate covered bananas for years and had never tried it. So when I heard of these little bite size goodies I knew I had to try it. Especially since I really HATE eating breakfast but still need a little something before my morning runs. Also (and let's just be honest here, more importantly) I love ice cream, and anything that resembles ice cream so these are a dream come true.


Melt 1 c. chocolate chips (You can use dairy free ones if you’ve got a milk allergy) over low heat with 1/2 c. cream or coffee creamer. Slice 3 bananas into bite sized pieces and dip each one until coated with the melted chocolate. Place on wax paper. Sprinkle with any toppings you’d like. (Crushed oreos, almonds, coconut flakes, sprinkles, etc.) Allow to freeze until completely solid. (A few hours) When you bite into them the bananas will have the consistency of ice cream bites.

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