Tuesday, December 27

35 weeks | The good, the bad, and the baby...

Hello thirty fifth week. I'm thrilled to see you. While my husband is crossing all his fingers and toes that this baby stays in the oven till February (as to not ruin my husband's birthday festivities in January) I'm ready to be done with this whole pregnancy party. I'm tired of feeling like the blueberry girl from Willy Wonka, as I watch myself expand with no control over any of it. I'm so close to being full term I can taste it! January 11th is the date I have to make it to if I want to be able to go through with our home birth. And according to our midwives, Baby C can healthily arrive any time between January 11th and Valentine's Day. That's my window. 

The Good
The little man is turned upside down and has been for a while. At this point the chance of him doing a complete flip is pretty slim so right now we're in good shape for a natural birth. My blood pressure has been continuously on the lower side of the spectrum meaning that I'm not at risk for pre-eclampsia right now which is great because that is a whole world of crazy I want no part of. I finally finished reading our hypnobirthing book and I really loved it. Although I've been a bit of a practice slacker. Whoops. Our next appointment is our last one before we switch to seeing the midwives weekly. CRAZY!

The Bad
I'm a bit over the whole gaining weight thing. And I know it only gets worse in the last month so I'm a bit weary of the whole thing. I can't wear my rings anymore so I bought a fake pair from Claire's that are comically blingy. I think he may be starting to "drop" because my bones ache pretty much all the time. And I'm noticing a distinguished wobble happening in my walk. No more sexy strut happening over here. Unless you think penguins are sexy, that is. Also, my ankles have vanished. I never thought it was possible but they're gone. Also, my weird dreams are back with a  vengeance. 

The Baby
We've done a pretty good job of getting things ready ahead of time. Right now we have pretty much everything we need (except for a few little things) and that is a nice relief. Except that all the things we have are just stacked in piles in the unfinished nursery. There's a lot of washing and folding and organizing that still needs to happen. I'm actually excited about it but I'm trying to not rush into it because I want to have something to occupy my time over the next weeks. We've told our immediate family his name and it's nice to see that everyone likes it (or at least acts like they like it). It's getting really hard not to slip up in front of other people since we refer to him by name all the time around each other. His movements are big and sometimes make me jump with how strong they are. I guess space is getting tight in there. 

I can't believe that my pregnancy is starting it's last month. It really went by quickly! And it's a bit strange to think that soon everything is going to change...


Tuesday, December 20

A Special Shower...

My mom and aunt, along with my friends, threw me the most wonderful baby shower a few weeks ago.  It was a Sunday Brunch shower complete with 100% authentic maple syrup and waffles, quiches, cinnamon buns, a biscuit bar, and my favorite mini desserts from Bees Knees Sweet Treats!

And my mom called in a special order for dozens of southern style buttery biscuits from Cracker Barrel. I'm not sure there's anything better on the planet. We also served up local honeys, specialty jellies and jams, and flavored whipped butters. The biscuit bar was a huge success!

I'm not a huge baby shower game fan so we didn't really play any. But my mom did find this baby shower bingo game which was great because all the guests played it while I opened gifts. They would try to get bingo based on the types of gifts I received and it was nice because it kept everyone occupied instead of staring awkwardly at me while I opened presents. (Always a weird feeling.)

One of my favorite things about the day was that my mom had invited each guest to bring their favorite childhood book and write a note inside for Baby C. We were so overwhelmed by how much everyone got into it and lots of people brought us multiple books. It was so fun to see them and even remember some from my own childhood. I also loved reading through everyone's inscriptions afterward. We've got quite the library now!

That is a photo of my husband when he was a little boy. Could there be anything more adorable?! He was completely blonde. I've always had really dark hair. I'm so curious to see what color hair C is born with (if he's born with any at all!)

The creators of this game were smart enough to not put actual numerical increments on the ruler ;)

Another of my favorite aspects of the day was the blanket that my mom sowed and brought for everyone to help complete. It's the softest fleece in a manly plaid and beige pattern. She sowed beautiful trim to the reverse side and then had all our guests tie off the edges so that the blanket was "woven together with the love of all our friends and family". It's such a beautiful keepsake. I can't wait to use it!

Thank you to all our friends and family who helped to make this such a memorable day. We have been so completely spoiled blessed by everyone and couldn't have gotten ready for C the same way on our own. And to those that couldn't come, thank you for being there in spirit! I have felt so loved and taken care of throughout my whole pregnancy and the shower was just the cherry on top! 

*These photos were edited in part with Photoshop actions from Totally Rad, one of my sponsors. :)


Tuesday, December 13

From the other side of the lens...

Our sweet and crazy talented friends, Matt & Angie Sloan of Sloan Photographers just happened to be visiting family in Phoenix while we were there and were kind enough to take some maternity photos of Nate and I during their vacation. I wasn't planning on getting photos taken (mostly because I've been feeling so gross) but Nate kept talking about it and I realized how important it was to have this monumental time in our life documented well. I'm so glad I did because I love the photos that Matt & Angie gave to us and I'm so happy to have them to look back on and show C one day. And even though he's a boy and he probably won't care all that much about them, I'll know that we're leaving him photo evidence of our love and friendship as an example for his own life one day. 


For serious, how handsome is this guy!

Nate is the funniest person I know. True story. 

... how we got in this predicament. ;)

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Friday, December 2

31 weeks // Cheeky McCheekerson

Yesterday my sweet friend Jamie sent me a text asking if we wanted to come in today for some new photos of little C. It had been about 9 weeks since our last peek and of course I was all, "Hells yes!"

But I wrote back a very respectable, "Yes of course, if it isn't any trouble."

Because I'm a lady. 

Anyways, Jamie happens to be the absolute best sonography technician in the world. FACT. The other sonograms we've had by less impressive other people have been blurry and creepy looking and Jamie's are always super clear and crazy detailed. I'm not kidding you. People marvel at them. A man at the car dealership stopped me in my tracks to look at them and then went in and told the used car manager how amazing they were. A middle aged man gushed to another middle aged man about these bad boys. If that doesn't impress you I don't know what will. She's amazing. And she likes salted caramel lattes. How can you NOT love a girl that likes salted caramel lattes? You can't. Salted caramel is delicious. She's awesome. 

So today she offered to let us come in and peek behind my skin at our little man. But what she didn't tell us was that she was going to do some 3D magic and let us see what he actually looks like. It was incredible, people. His little lips pursing and smirking and his eyebrows (or rather, the place where his eyebrows will grow in when he has hair) furrowing. I felt a bit like I was cheating by getting such a great sneak peek at what he looks like. 

Which, apparently, is nothing like me and a lot like Nate according to our parents. 

He had his hands curled up under his chin. (They only look gnarled because of the 3D... they look normal when you focus that laser gun wand directly on them. I asked.) I'm so curious to see if he snuggles like that out of the womb too. He's upside down curled like a C up and around my belly button so his butt hits me right under my right ribs and his feet can kick my left ribs. 

He's thoughtful like that, not wanting one set of ribs to feel less important or less kickable than the other. Little gentleman!

On that note, can a baby break your ribs by kicking them? Not a vampire baby... a normal baby. Because I've been concerned about that. (The ribs breaking thing, not that he's a vampire. Although, come on, how cool would that be?!)

We've also decided, upon seeing his little face, that he looks very much like his name. (Which we're still not telling you yet.) So we're pretty proud of our baby naming abilities. If anyone needs us to name your baby, just let us know. We're pros now. 

I've gotta run. It's time to do my hair and re-paint my nails for my birthday dinner tonight. Pray that we get a good table. The restaurant is all "We don't take reservations suckas!" so I'm a bit nervous about fitting our whole group in. 

Lastly, a couple people asked me to make a Formspring just for personal and life and just me (outside of photography) questions. Nate and I have one together for our photography business and we've answered a ton of questions there if you're interested but now I have one just for me. If you've got questions, I've got answers. Let's do this thing!

Thanks again to Jamie for these amazing photos, such a sweet early birthday present. And, in early birthday present news, Alexis wrote the sweetest blog post about my man and I if you want to pop on over and see it. It might make you cry. It made me cry. But that might just be the hormones. 

Also, the super sweet Jennifer Abbott included me and some of my photography today in an interview for a series she's doing called "The Creatives Project". It's a really cool project and I'd be honored if you'd hop on over there and check out her blog post! And if you're feeling extra awesome, leave her some comment love!



Tuesday, November 22

A 30 week pity party...

You guys.

I'll be honest with you, I've felt like doing nothing else but holing myself up in our house for the last two months. Can I be honest for a minute? All those cute little women/bloggers/whatever who post tons of photos of themselves all kinds of pregnant and they look adorable with normal sized necks and their thighs still look like normal people thighs... I'm not them.

I don't want anyone to take any photos of me. If I catch you with any sort of electronic that even resembles a camera pointed at me so help me God I will destroy it. And if you do, somehow sneak a photo in you're better off just NEVER letting me know about it or see it. In fact, if you could just cover up every mirror in our house, that would be great, thanksomuch. Without having too much more of an online pity party I will just tell you that I  loathe my pregnant body because I feel trapped in something that is much larger than I find acceptable for day to day use and pretty much CONSTANTLY uncomfortable no matter what.

I'm just not one of those cute pregnant women. Sexy? HA! Me and my numerous chins are sorry to disappoint. And do I feel guilty for not taking weekly photos of my blossoming self? A bit. But I'm having a boy, and boys generally care less about things like that later on in life than girls so I figure I'm off the hook. And looking at recently taken photos of myself makes me instantly want to cry for hours so for the sake of productivity and my mental health those photos have gone out the window.

So there. I said it all. No one (that I can find) ever says it because if and when you are pregnant you are supposed to spew rainbows and baby butterflies from your eyes and ears and just LOVE everything about it and about how your body changes and about how magical the whole thing is. And God forbid you actually want to be thin again you can't say it because there are so many women out there who want to be pregnant who would be so much more thankful than you. GUILT.

Anyways... I am very happy that at 30 weeks I have had a fantastically boring pregnancy. Nothing has gone wrong. I'm right smack in the middle of the healthy ranges for everything (except iron, so I'm sipping on a strange tasting herbal iron medicine every day) and our little boy is already head down hanging out in a great position with a perfectly paced heartbeat. So don't get me wrong, I'm thrilled that I'm doing a kick ass job of growing a human. I'm just not so thrilled with the side affects. Namely how my legs, arms, neck, calves, and cheeks all look pregnant instead of just my belly. Surprise!

So at 30 weeks I'm pretty much ready to be done. I'm over it. Let's get this show on the road, let's get back into normal sized clothes with a normal sized neck and normalized emotions about it all. 

Here's the closest thing to a photo of me at 30 weeks anyone is going to get. 

Ps. Rainbows and baby butterflies. 

Wednesday, October 26

26-ish weeks...




Well here we are. At the end of my second trimester and the beginning of my third. I'd call it the light at the end of the tunnel but I was told that verbiage is too graphic (oh my) so I'll just say that there's three short months left. I feel like such a pregnancy documenting failure. I really have stopped writing things down. And I figured out why the other day. 

I'm still a bit in denial about the whole thing. Partly because I feel like I have no idea how to be a mom outside of the stereotypes of moms and I don't feel like those fit me. I'm having a bit of an identity crisis people. Can I still be me and be a mom? Or will everyone instantly view me differently? These are uncharted waters for me. I'm still me. Promise. 

The second reason is because I realized that I'm terrified that something will go wrong or be wrong so I find myself not attaching to the idea of a son quite yet. I'm afraid if I get excited about some aspect of it that aspect will somehow be broken and I'll end up heartbroken over it. I know that's slightly ridiculous. Welcome to the crazy, my friends.

I'll also go ahead and say it, because no other pregnant women ever seem to... I feel fat and ugly, all the time. Which is precisely why there haven't been weekly photos. Other pregnant women miraculously only gain weight exclusively in their bellies, apparently my body missed that memo. I have no idea what my body thinks it's doing but for some reason it has decided to store all extra baby birthing weight in my neck, cheeks, arms, and thighs. I'm avoiding wearing blue for fear of looking like that girl from Willy Wonka that expanded into a blueberry. Mirrors make me sad. And I've looked around online and it seems like every other woman just marvels at the changes in her body but I'm having a hard time getting there, especially when I know I have three months left for it to get worse. This isn't a call for compliments, I'm just sharing some thoughts from the last few weeks. End scene.

The last couple weeks I just haven't been feeling all that magical I guess. Maybe the magic will come back again as we get closer to the end. I've strangely stopped having baby dreams which is a bit of a tease because I really used to like those dreams and wonder if he would be like or look like my dream version of him. But no dice. My mind, instead, is all "Remember when you used to wear a size 4?" Thanks a lot mind, you're kind of a bitch for bringing that up.

But I don't want to paint pregnancy in a negative light. Because I've had, quite possibly, the easiest and least medically exciting pregnancy ever which is amazing. No morning sickness, no food aversions, no smell aversions, no heartburn, no blood pressure issues... and for all that I'm super thankful. It's going by really quickly and is fairly boring. So boring, in fact, that sometimes it's hard to remember that I'm pregnant.

Nate likes to put his head on the top of my belly because little C doesn't seem to like any weight there and will smack up at him HARD. He does the same thing if I rest my laptop there. Nate is really adorable about  the pregnancy. I think he's better connected to little C than I am. But that's okay, because I love hearing him talk about it or watch him say goodnight to my stomach.

So far we can feel him move, and if you happen to look at my bare belly at exactly the right spot and moment you can see him kick (or punch, we aren't sure) me. But since I have an anterior placenta (don't I sound fancy? It means my placenta is against the front of my belly... basically creating a pillow between baby and us making him harder to feel and see) we have been told we might not ever see him roll. Also, I have not yet felt him have any hiccups. My friend Sonja told me she never felt any hiccups with her son so I don't feel worried. But it would be kind of neat to feel it. Or annoying. I can't decide.

To conclude, I figured I'd leave you with a list of the random cravings I've gone through so far in this pregnancy. (Mostly since that's one of the most popular questions I get asked.) I haven't wanted anything strange, just random mostly and they come in waves where I'll be obsessed with a particular thing for about a week and then not care so much anymore...

Cravings: tomatoes, things made of tomatoes (salsa, soup, marinara), bagels, Wendy's chocolate Frosty, Wendy's spicy chicken sandwich, tuna fish, chocolate ice cream, thick and chewy breads (like bagels), smoothies, chewy granola bars, bagels again, cinnamon, tart frozen yogurt, spinach, tomato things again, banana nut bread. 

Till next time!


Tuesday, October 4

The week that changed it all: 22 or 23 or 24...

This photo was taken in the middle of my 22nd week. (A week or so ago, now.) I've read most first time moms feel their babies starting at around 16-18 weeks but because of a strategically placed placenta I haven't been able to feel him at all. Apparently the placenta is thick like a pillow and if it happens to be on the front of your belly (aka directly behind your belly button) you have to wait till your baby is bigger and strong enough to give you a punch that you can feel through the pillow. 

We've had two sonograms recently and each time our son has been upside down. It's fun knowing which way he is positioned. Now I know that the little bumps I feel are actually punches instead of kicks. In other news, I'm measuring a week and a half ahead which would mean that I'm just now starting my 24th week... 6 months! Doesn't that sound like a lot? 

I've been pretty much symptom-less still which I can't complain about except that I get hot really quickly so I'm over the moon ecstatic that this weekends high temperature is 81. Especially since I'll be shooting all afternoon and evening outside today and all day and night outside tomorrow. I hope that the lower temperature stick around, I'm so ready for fall!

I've only had 1 person acknowledge that I'm pregnant out in public and it's starting to get to me. Does everyone just think I'm this big? I know that I'm short so I pretty much just look like a big sphere now but still, I think that most of my latitude is coming from my belly. How could people wonder if I'm pregnant at this point? In other news, I'm ready to have my body back. I don't feel whatever beautiful glow that they (who are they anyway) talk about. I just feel gross and huge and hot and gross all the time. And the sad part is that I know I'm only going to get huger. Ugh. 

The other night I woke up mid-dream with a charlie horse in my left calf. I'd never felt one before. It was a horrible way to wake up. Did you know that charlie horses in your legs while you sleep is a week 23 symptom? Now you know. 

Trying to drink enough water is becoming the bane of my existence. Last visit, my midwife upped me from the standard 64 oz of water a day to 120. (That's 15.5 cups of water or 5 Camelback bottles full!) So far I haven't gotten past four a day. 

This morning I caught myself almost tell Nate that today was going to be the first wedding I've shot with C and then I realized that I've shot LOTS of weddings pregnant. Being able to feel him move has made the whole thing so much more real. I feel like he's real now. It only took me 6 months. Ha. 

Wish me luck. I'm a bit nervous about how long I'll be on my feet in the next two days. And if you northerners want to send some of your cool weather my way, I'd be your best friend forever. 


Wednesday, September 14

C and Me | 20 week update

We are 20 weeks now. The halfway point. It's all downhill from here. Baby C is about as long as a banana now which is the first fruit that he's been likened to that actually seems big to me. I'm also having a really hard time not sharing his name. Nate has already slipped up twice but no one noticed, thankfully. We'll see how that all goes. We kept him a secret for a long time (like 14 weeks or something crazy) so we may have reached our secret keeping threshold. Especially since we both LOVE his name so much. It's hard not to tell everyone and bask in the "Ohmigosh that name is ahhhhmazing"s. At least that's how I envision the whole scenario going.

This last month my belly has, how you say, popped. And by popped I'd like to say exploded. I'm actually a bit concerned that small objects nearby are going to start orbiting me. Although I will say that I'm happy that I look pregnant now (hopefully?). I also am down to just 3 articles of clothing that fit me. I'm trying to hold off buying anything till the weather cools down and I can buy cute fall-ish pieces. We bought a cinnamon broom at the store the other day so it smells like fall inside, it just doesn't feel like fall outside.

In other news, I've got an idea for C's room that I'm kind of excited about. It's going to require a pretty bold paint commitment but I think it's got promise. I've been waffling back and forth on a few ideas and I can't seem to settle on one but this one really resonates with me. It's going to have to do with the night sky. And I'm hoping I can find a way to pull it all together because it's an idea that is very special to me.

I've also decided I need to kick my fitness into high gear. Or at least, a higher gear than minimal... which is the gear I've been on since it's been as hot as the FACE OF THE SUN outside. But I've been feeling guilty about it so I'm going to have to come up with some sort of program to stick to beyond just doing yoga and crunches on the floor. If only I could find my shoes.

And luckily, I'm in no danger currently and this desire is purely my own. As of my last appointment I've gained 15 pounds in the last 20 weeks which is, quite perfectly, right on track according to my midwives. But I do want to be careful because my mom gained a lot of weight and had a hard time getting it off afterward and I want to avoid that headache as much as possible. I'm supposed to gain a half a pound a week for the rest of my pregnancy which would put me at a total weight gain of just around 25 pounds which is completely manageable in my mind and a good and healthy goal.

This Friday we have our big ultrasound. Keep your fingers crossed for us that everything looks good.



Tuesday, September 6

19 weeks and counting


19 weeks

Dress by: American Apparel
Scarf: vintage passed down from my grandma
Photo by: Nate Robinson (my man)

This was the first week that I felt really big. This is also the week that clothes I already own no longer fit. So I went to the mall to find some new tops and I figured I could still fit into normal clothes if I just bought the next size up (or two) but no dice. Apparently they don't cut "normal" clothes to be tight on the top and REALLY BAGGY on the bottom. Go figure. 

So I did it. I bought maternity clothes. And then I told Nate he's not allowed to tell people that I bought maternity clothes because hearing him say the words on the phone made my stomach lurch. But the dress I got was all kinds of cute so I guess I can't complain all that much. Except to say that now I only have 1 dress, 1 pair of pants, and 1 shirt that fit me. So pretty much you're going to see me in the same 2 outfits for the next 9 months. ;)

One of the "perks" (HA) of having the shortest torso known to man is that the baby has no where to go but out so this week I think I "popped" as they say. Still though, random strangers don't seem to realize I'm pregnant and I'm left pondering whether they really think I'm that fat just-right-here. Or that I have a strangely baby-shaped tumor in my stomach. I guess everyone has just been so frightened into never assuming a women is pregnant that I physically need to be in labor before someone will help me carry a heavy box. 

Nothing big (ha, oh the puns) to report this week. Except my expanding equator. Oh! Except that the name we're trying to keep secret? Nate totally blurted it out at dinner last night in front of 4 people who were luckily not paying enough attention to him in that moment to notice. Crisis averted. I'm not sure if we're gonna make it without accidentally letting it slip. It's so hard because we've started referring to the baby by name at home (partially to try it on for size, partially to make the whole thing more real) and so it's a bit difficult to remember to revert back to "the baby" in front of friends. Oh, the first world problems we have around here. 

I'm really excited for our next appointment on Monday so I can hear his heartbeat again. Since I can't quite feel him yet it all starts to get a bit surreal and hearing the heartbeat brings it all back around again. (Ah yes, there's a living, beating person in there.) We also have our 2nd trimester sonogram coming up where they take a bunch of measurements to make sure everything is on track and I'm excited to see him again. 

So, that's my check-in, if you were curious. Happy Tuesday friends!



Wednesday, August 31

Baby and Me | Weeks 1-17


What a difference 2 months makes in a sonogram right? In case you don't read sound waves (which is crazy that a sonogram is pretty much just seeing sound, isn't it?) the photo at the top was the first sonogram we got at 7 weeks and all we could really see was a tiny, blob with a heartbeat. The photo at the bottom is from the sonogram we got 2 weeks ago when the little man was 16 weeks (and much more human looking, thankfully). The photo is a picture of him from the side and you can see his profile, body, left leg curled up against his belly, and his right hand up by his forehead. This one is my favorite of all the photos we received from our 2nd sonogram. 

I've been journaling through the whole pregnancy but have felt a very strong urge to just keep most things to myself. I'm generally not a super private person when it comes to my online life but for some reason I just haven't felt the urge to share that much. But... because I LOVE reading blogs of women (and men) who openly share some of the ins and outs of the experience I figured I'd post a bit of an update for any curious readers. 

I found out I was pregnant very early... at about 3 1/2 weeks. So my first trimester seemed to last an ETERNITY (most women don't find out till closer to 6 weeks). You don't go in for your first real appointment till you're closer to 10 weeks so we just had to sit around and wait for a month and a half. Luckily, our midwives let us go in for an ultrasound at 7 weeks so we could have a photo for Father's Day. My first trimester went slowly but easily and I was a very lucky girl to not suffer from any morning sickness or nausea. I didn't really have any strong smell or food aversions either. The one symptom I did have in spades was fatigue. I felt like I was coming down with the flu the entire time, my body just felt limp all day no matter how much I slept that night or how many naps I took. It was like I had the flu, had just completed an Iron Man, and hadn't slept in a week. That's what I felt like. I actually remember having to use the restroom and seriously debating it because I was so tired that walking down the hall sounded like too much. I'm amazed I got anything done at all in June. 

Like I said, I didn't really have any nausea or aversions and smells didn't bother me too much. I did lose my appetite for a few months. I just wasn't hungry for anything in particular and nothing sounded good. And even still, although now I'm hungry all the time, I still have a lot of things that just don't sound good at all. I guess it's my own version of cravings?

This week is my 18th week so I'm almost halfway through the second trimester and almost exactly halfway through the entire pregnancy. I like the second trimester a lot better so far even though it seems to come with its own set of quirks. I now regularly wake up at least twice per night to use the bathroom, even if I don't drink any water before bed. And while I seem to have my appetite back, it seems to be only for very specific things which change all the time. So planning meals in advance isn't really an option. Also, I have a constantly stuffy nose (excuse my sniffing please), achy back, and a general feeling of "off"ness which I'm just going to go ahead and file under "hormones".  But seriously, I can't complain because I've had an easy road so far. 

We found out that he was a he about two weeks ago now and I'm so glad we decided to do that. Not only because the curiosity would have absolutely killed us both. (We're both bad at waiting.) But I had been feeling very apathetic about being pregnant and having an extremely hard time connecting with the idea. I was actually worried about it because so many other pregnant women seem to be all rainbows, unicorns, and sunshine the moment they find out and that wasn't my experience at all. I wasn't upset. I just felt... blank. Now, knowing that he is a boy has helped me so much to feel like all of this is real. That there is a real person in there and it's going to be a guy. 

We go in for our next appointment and our next (and biggest) sonogram in the next two weeks. I'm a bit nervous about it as I'm always nervous for our appointments but I am excited to get to see the little man on the big screen again. So far I can't feel him moving so it's a bit surreal to watch him move all around on the TV.  They say I should start feeling him move in the upcoming months. I'm anxious to know what that feels like!

Thanks for all the well wishes! 


Friday, August 19

almost 17 weeks...

photo by my husband, Nate Robinson

One of the perks of having a nonexistent torso is that your stomach "pops" a few weeks earlier than your taller, more torso-inclined, female species mates. 

One of the perks of having a window this big in your living room is... bam! Instant natural light studio in which your husband can take photos of you. 

I'm at the end of my 16th week and this week was the week my stomach went from "hey did you eat too much Mexican food last night?" to "I think that girl is pregnant, or she has a small tumor". Of course I don't generally parade around town in a skin tight American Apparel dress, but you get the idea. 

Apparently, the littlest one is the size of an avocado this week. And I hear rumors that my uterus is bigger than a grapefruit. And that is strange because grapefruits are friggin big. And it's weird to think that something grapefruit sized is now lodged somewhere between my pelvic bone and my belly button. I digress...

I've been extremely lucky so far, kissed by the pregnancy gods with the gift of no nausea or morning sickness, no food aversions, no dry heaving, etc. In my first trimester my biggest woe was fatigue. And while it was pretty intense (walking to the bathroom made me feel like I'd run a mile) I'll take that over puking any day. ANY DAY. Now-a-days the fatigue has worn off and has been replaced with an apparent inability to sleep an entire night without waking up 15 times for no reason. It's super fun. 

So far, all is good on the medical front. I'm right on track for every parameter and so is the littlest so we're all pretty proud of ourselves around these parts. It's just now (4 months in) starting to feel less like a dream and more like life. Even still though I'll find myself forgetting that I'm pregnant until something reminds me and then internally freaking out for a few seconds before I realize that this has been going on for a good 16 weeks now. Other things that freak me out: maternity clothing stores, people that call me "mommy", seeing mom groups full of screaming infants and toddlers, screaming infants and toddlers, all the products marketed to me now (there's actually a pillow called the "breast friend"), the strange muscle pangs I get if I sneeze too hard or stand up too quickly, the thought that by this time next year I'll have a 6 month old baby...

It's a lot to wrap one's hormone flooded head around. Here's to another successful week!

Also, to see our big gender announcement, go here


Thursday, August 18

Tomorrow is the big day friends! Tomorrow at 12:30 we will find out if the little creature inside of me is a boy or a girl. I'm seriously bursting with curiosity and I can't wait to see what the results are. We've got some pretty strong hunches coming in from family members and Nate is CONVINCED he knows which it is so I'm excited to see if everyone is right or if the littlest one will throw everyone for a loop. 

I do have a hunch, but I'm keeping it to myself in case I'm wrong. :)

I've taken a bunch of those silly gender prediction tests and wives tales and so far, girl seems to be the front winner with a 3-2 score. I'm pretty skeptical about all of those tests but it was fun to see what results I got. From the ring test (where you hang a gold ring over your belly and see how it moves) the result was GIRL. From the needle test (where someone holds a suspended needle over your wrist to see if it ticks or circles) the result was GIRL. The old wives tale about the baby's heart rate predicts a GIRL since our littlest one has had a heart rate above 140 so far. The morning sickness wives tale tells me I'm destined to have a BOY since I didn't have any morning sickness. The Chinese Gender Prediction calendar says BOY, and to be honest I have no idea how it's calculated. And the wives tale about cravings is inconclusive because I have wanted both savory and sweet things pretty much evenly. 

I'm planning on procuring an icy, creamy, sugary milkshake right before our appointment so that the littlest one will have lots of energy to move around and give us a glance at the goods. 

What do you think? Boy or Girl?



Tuesday, August 9

you and me together...

Pack your bags -something small
Take what you need and we disappear
Without a trace we'll be gone, gone

The moon and the stars can follow the car
and then when we get to the ocean
We gonna take a boat to the end of the world
All the way to the end of the world

Oh, and when the kids are old enough
We're gonna teach them to fly

You and me together, we could do anything, Baby
You and me together yes, yes.

You and I, we're not tied to the ground
Not falling but rising like rolling around
Eyes closed above the rooftops

Eyes closed, we're gonna spin through the stars
Our arms wide as the sky
We gonna ride the blue all the way to the end of the world
To the end of the world

Oh, and when the kids are old enough
We're gonna teach them to fly.

This is one of my favorite songs and every time I hear it I get a bit choked up. We're so happy to finally be able to go PUBLIC with our big secret.

This is one of my favorite songs by Dave Matthews and now every time I hear it I get a bit choked up. We're so happy to finally be able to go public with our big secret. And by the way, we've been keeping this secret for so long! It was torture I tell you to have to remain mum on the interwebs. I'm 15 weeks along which is just shy of 4 months and according to our midwife I'm in perfect health and so is baby Robinson. I was extremely lucky to have a very easy first trimester with no morning sickness and very mild symptoms. We'll find out if it's a girl or a boy soon although everyone seems to think we'll be seeing pink. I'm so glad to finally share the news!


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