Thursday, August 18

Tomorrow is the big day friends! Tomorrow at 12:30 we will find out if the little creature inside of me is a boy or a girl. I'm seriously bursting with curiosity and I can't wait to see what the results are. We've got some pretty strong hunches coming in from family members and Nate is CONVINCED he knows which it is so I'm excited to see if everyone is right or if the littlest one will throw everyone for a loop. 

I do have a hunch, but I'm keeping it to myself in case I'm wrong. :)

I've taken a bunch of those silly gender prediction tests and wives tales and so far, girl seems to be the front winner with a 3-2 score. I'm pretty skeptical about all of those tests but it was fun to see what results I got. From the ring test (where you hang a gold ring over your belly and see how it moves) the result was GIRL. From the needle test (where someone holds a suspended needle over your wrist to see if it ticks or circles) the result was GIRL. The old wives tale about the baby's heart rate predicts a GIRL since our littlest one has had a heart rate above 140 so far. The morning sickness wives tale tells me I'm destined to have a BOY since I didn't have any morning sickness. The Chinese Gender Prediction calendar says BOY, and to be honest I have no idea how it's calculated. And the wives tale about cravings is inconclusive because I have wanted both savory and sweet things pretty much evenly. 

I'm planning on procuring an icy, creamy, sugary milkshake right before our appointment so that the littlest one will have lots of energy to move around and give us a glance at the goods. 

What do you think? Boy or Girl?


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