Tuesday, September 6

19 weeks and counting


19 weeks

Dress by: American Apparel
Scarf: vintage passed down from my grandma
Photo by: Nate Robinson (my man)

This was the first week that I felt really big. This is also the week that clothes I already own no longer fit. So I went to the mall to find some new tops and I figured I could still fit into normal clothes if I just bought the next size up (or two) but no dice. Apparently they don't cut "normal" clothes to be tight on the top and REALLY BAGGY on the bottom. Go figure. 

So I did it. I bought maternity clothes. And then I told Nate he's not allowed to tell people that I bought maternity clothes because hearing him say the words on the phone made my stomach lurch. But the dress I got was all kinds of cute so I guess I can't complain all that much. Except to say that now I only have 1 dress, 1 pair of pants, and 1 shirt that fit me. So pretty much you're going to see me in the same 2 outfits for the next 9 months. ;)

One of the "perks" (HA) of having the shortest torso known to man is that the baby has no where to go but out so this week I think I "popped" as they say. Still though, random strangers don't seem to realize I'm pregnant and I'm left pondering whether they really think I'm that fat just-right-here. Or that I have a strangely baby-shaped tumor in my stomach. I guess everyone has just been so frightened into never assuming a women is pregnant that I physically need to be in labor before someone will help me carry a heavy box. 

Nothing big (ha, oh the puns) to report this week. Except my expanding equator. Oh! Except that the name we're trying to keep secret? Nate totally blurted it out at dinner last night in front of 4 people who were luckily not paying enough attention to him in that moment to notice. Crisis averted. I'm not sure if we're gonna make it without accidentally letting it slip. It's so hard because we've started referring to the baby by name at home (partially to try it on for size, partially to make the whole thing more real) and so it's a bit difficult to remember to revert back to "the baby" in front of friends. Oh, the first world problems we have around here. 

I'm really excited for our next appointment on Monday so I can hear his heartbeat again. Since I can't quite feel him yet it all starts to get a bit surreal and hearing the heartbeat brings it all back around again. (Ah yes, there's a living, beating person in there.) We also have our 2nd trimester sonogram coming up where they take a bunch of measurements to make sure everything is on track and I'm excited to see him again. 

So, that's my check-in, if you were curious. Happy Tuesday friends!


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