Tuesday, December 27

35 weeks | The good, the bad, and the baby...

Hello thirty fifth week. I'm thrilled to see you. While my husband is crossing all his fingers and toes that this baby stays in the oven till February (as to not ruin my husband's birthday festivities in January) I'm ready to be done with this whole pregnancy party. I'm tired of feeling like the blueberry girl from Willy Wonka, as I watch myself expand with no control over any of it. I'm so close to being full term I can taste it! January 11th is the date I have to make it to if I want to be able to go through with our home birth. And according to our midwives, Baby C can healthily arrive any time between January 11th and Valentine's Day. That's my window. 

The Good
The little man is turned upside down and has been for a while. At this point the chance of him doing a complete flip is pretty slim so right now we're in good shape for a natural birth. My blood pressure has been continuously on the lower side of the spectrum meaning that I'm not at risk for pre-eclampsia right now which is great because that is a whole world of crazy I want no part of. I finally finished reading our hypnobirthing book and I really loved it. Although I've been a bit of a practice slacker. Whoops. Our next appointment is our last one before we switch to seeing the midwives weekly. CRAZY!

The Bad
I'm a bit over the whole gaining weight thing. And I know it only gets worse in the last month so I'm a bit weary of the whole thing. I can't wear my rings anymore so I bought a fake pair from Claire's that are comically blingy. I think he may be starting to "drop" because my bones ache pretty much all the time. And I'm noticing a distinguished wobble happening in my walk. No more sexy strut happening over here. Unless you think penguins are sexy, that is. Also, my ankles have vanished. I never thought it was possible but they're gone. Also, my weird dreams are back with a  vengeance. 

The Baby
We've done a pretty good job of getting things ready ahead of time. Right now we have pretty much everything we need (except for a few little things) and that is a nice relief. Except that all the things we have are just stacked in piles in the unfinished nursery. There's a lot of washing and folding and organizing that still needs to happen. I'm actually excited about it but I'm trying to not rush into it because I want to have something to occupy my time over the next weeks. We've told our immediate family his name and it's nice to see that everyone likes it (or at least acts like they like it). It's getting really hard not to slip up in front of other people since we refer to him by name all the time around each other. His movements are big and sometimes make me jump with how strong they are. I guess space is getting tight in there. 

I can't believe that my pregnancy is starting it's last month. It really went by quickly! And it's a bit strange to think that soon everything is going to change...

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