Saturday, January 14

The Day He Became A Father...


Nine months ago he was unsure. Eight months ago he was scared. Seven months ago he saw a heartbeat. Six months ago he saw a bump. Five months ago he learned he'd be raising a man. Four months ago he got nervous. Three months ago he could easily feel him. Two months ago he put together furniture. One month ago he got really excited. And on Tuesday morning, he became a father forever. 

I had no idea what to expect as far as watching my husband go through this process. Watching him has been more beautiful than watching a perfect sunset. It's more magical than the way light dances on the ocean when the wind blows. It's more compelling than the perfect piece of moody music. Watching my best friend and soul mate fall so perfectly into this new role of his life has done things to my heart that I didn't even know were possible. I feel feelings so deeply that they make my soul ache. There is nothing on earth more beautiful than my drummer love Nathan and his perfect little Cadence. 

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