Saturday, January 28

Two Weeks with Cadence

He drinks three ounces at a time and sometimes sleeps for over 3 hours at night. He sleeps outside of our arms now but still prefers to be swaddled in our embrace. He makes a face where he raises his eyebrows and flattens out his lips. It's very pompous looking. And he only does it with his eyes closed. I imagine it will be his "know-it-all" face that will annoy the shit out of me when he's 14 but for now it's pretty much the cutest thing I've ever witnessed in the natural world. 

I'm officially a work at home mom (#wahm) starting this week. On my own with the mini man from 2am till 6pm. Today was my first day and by 3 in the afternoon I was happy that Nate came back early and took the little man out for errands. It took me two hours to get 5 thank you cards written today. I had such grand productivity plans. 

They didn't so much happen. I did get through all of our leads, all pressing emails, one load of laundry, and all the thank you cards for the many lovely baby gifts we've received over the past few months. I guess that's pretty good but I'm feeling like I got virtually nothing accomplished. I'm going to have to learn how to better juggle having a very needy newborn and an inbox full of emails and a hard drive full of images that need to be edited. I'm only slightly terrified. 

In other news, look how cute his grouch face is. What on earth could be making you that upset little one?

Also, is it me or has he changed dramatically in 7 days...
(Sorry that I only wear plaid, apparently.)

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