Thursday, February 23

When We Were Young | Feb 23

We went for a picnic today. It lasted 5 minutes. And if you don't think that this one piece is the most adorable piece of clothing you've ever seen a child wear, well then I just can't help you. 


When We Were Young | Feb 22

The biggest mystery around here currently is whether or not Cadence is going to keep the blue in his gray eyes or if they'll turn brown like mine.


Tuesday, February 21

When We Were Young | Feb 21

Cadence definitely has my ears. Also, check out that cowlick. Full swirlage.


When We Were Young | Feb 20

We drove to St. Augustine to visit family. No one wants to put him down. 


Wednesday, February 15

When We Were Young | Feb 15

Eisley has decided that Cadence is, in fact, her puppy and will go lay with him whenever he cries. Apparently, kisses cure everything in the dog world too. 


When We Were Young | Feb 14

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, right Cadence?


Monday, February 13

When We Were Young | Feb 13

We took our weekly photo today and the whole time Cadence stared up into the sky. I wonder if he has plans to be an astronaut. Or the salvation of the rebel alliance.


Sunday, February 12

When We Were Young | Feb 12

Got this onesie as a belated baby gift from the mom of a childhood friend. It's made of organic cotton locally from North Carolina and it's soft like a cloud. We love it.


Saturday, February 11

When We Were Young | Feb 11

Went to lunch at one of my new favorite local spots, 4R, and ate way too much BBQ and smoked chicken with 3 of my favorite men. The sweet tea is so sweet sometimes you have to mix it with unsweet. But don't tell true southerners that I do that because it's pretty much blasphemy.

The When We Were Young Project


When We Were Young | Feb 10-11

My mom came to town to get her baby fix and also give us a bit of a break. We celebrated by going out on an early Valentine's Day date night to Truffles Grill (holy yum!) and the movies. Thanks mom.


Thursday, February 9

When We Were Young | Feb 9

Broke out the glowing seahorse toy today to see what Cadence thought. It plays lovely, chimey tunes and makes bubbly ocean noises. And it glows. Clearly we're both fans. 


Wednesday, February 8

When We Were Young | Feb 8

A baby struggling with some stomach issues has made our days look like this a lot of the time.  


Thursday, February 2

Cadence's homebirth story (in which I only say "placenta" once, you're welcome)


If you aren't into babies or birth stories no hard feelings for you skipping this blog post. But when I was pregnant I devoured birth stories with all kinds of ferocity so I wanted to give back with my story in hopes that it sheds some light on home births and maybe even inspires someone to think more about their own options for their pregnancy and delivery. xo, B


All my life I have been a person who took longer than everyone else to be affected by things. Big things. When tragedies or huge life events happen I'm rarely affected right away. I don't usually cry right away. (And because of this trait, I generally look like a coldhearted robot when bad things happen. I promise, I'll be sad later.) For some reason, it takes me days and sometimes weeks to process it all before it will hit me. Then randomly weeks later, I'll start crying or something and confuse everyone around me.

I shouldn't have expected having a baby to be any different but for some reason I did. I guess it's because you hear so many stories about women who have this life changing, all encompassing moment the instant their babies are born. You watch movies where women are screaming in delivery, yelling profanity at their spouses, and then are instantly cooing over this new little creature who they are instantly in love with and who can do no wrong. It's like what Disney did to the idea of romance. These stories have done that to birth. You expect that it has to go this one exact way to be perfect. And then it doesn't.

I shouldn't have been surprised at all that it took me three weeks. I'm always late anyway. ;)

To read the whole birth story, click through. 

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