Sunday, March 11

When We Were Young | The 8th Week

Quite possibly the most adorable photo ever taken of all time, amen.

Up at 3:45am, and wouldn't go to sleep again till about 7. I don't handle this well.

Cadence stares straight up at the sky nonstop whenever we're outside. Also, he scratched his face. And I mourned the loss of his perfect baby skin.

Great Grandpa Bill and Great Grandma Rita came to visit from Arizona. We think Cadence's love of the sky is inherited from this great grandpa who flew Air Force One.

First night completely away from the Bubs. Thank heavens for Apple products.

Of all the adorable, plush, cuddly, sentimental baby blankets we have for him. He likes to snuggle up with the cloth diaper towels that we use as burp rags. Go figure.


Sunday, March 4

When We Were Young | The 7th Week

this hat is still too big but it's also too adorable to leave in the drawer

perfect light on the spare desk in our garage + an outfit too hype to pass up a photo op

spent a few hours in that chair because Cadence very much prefers outdoors to in

I always knew my mom was coming because I could hear her bracelets jingle. She always wears them.

Here to babysit while we shoot our first post-maternity leave wedding. The longest we've left him yet.

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