Monday, April 9

When We Were Young | Eleventh and Twelfth Weeks

Hello friends. 
For those of you new to the blog, this weekly column is part of an ongoing lifestyle photography project I've been doing since our baby was about a month old. I decided that I wanted to chronicle our daily life when we were all young- him, and me and my husband. So that we can look back and see what it was like. I promised myself that I would photograph real life, even the messy parts so that when this project ends (even though I don't currently have an end date) I will have a collection that is honest about being a new family and about raising a baby. Yes, there are cute times and happy times and times to dress up and smile. But there are also times in the middle of the night, at the end of our rope. And sometimes (most the times) there's just the monotony of day to day life and I wanted to document it all. This installment is the last two weeks worth (since I got behind on blogging them). I post the week's photos on each Sunday. I hope you enjoy, and that you come back and follow along. 

Ps. Apparently this week I had a thing for white onesies because he's in them in just about every photo. And yes he wore the same socks two days in a row. Such is life. 

Without further adieu, the 11th and 12th weeks...

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