Sunday, May 27

When We Were Young | The Nineteenth Week

The Bubs has completely transformed this week. He now likes to sing and talk and is super chatty, especially after a snack. He also has started grasping for things, holding toys himself, and putting everything he can grab into his mouth (or at least trying to aim for his mouth). He's also so close to sitting up on his own. He can balance for a few seconds and then slowly falls over to one side. He's starting to use his hands to prop himself up while "stiitng". The pediatrician calls it "tripoding" which apparently is a developmental milestone, so, you know, yay. We were out of town for half of the week and The Bubs stayed with friends. I totally am using that as my excuse for not having a full week's worth of photos this week. But these ones are pretty cute so hopefully that makes up for it...

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