Sunday, May 13

When We Were Young | The Seventeenth Week

For anyone who may be new here, When We Were Young is a photo project I've taken on documenting our life as a young family with a young baby as honestly as I can. A photo a day (give or take) for a minimum of a year. You can catch up on all the images so far here and read more about the project here

Did you think I'd stopped? April was a bit crazy because I was traveling and obviously couldn't take pictures of The Bubs or my husband and then when I got back we had a bunch of shoots and a wedding in which I dropped and broke my beloved beast of a camera and had to wait for it to be sent away to Canon and then sent back. (Thank heavens for pro memberships!) But it's back now, and this week I got back into the swing of things. The pictures from this week were taken on a variety of cameras: our 5DmkII, our new 5DmkIII, my iPhone, and an old Polaroid Spectra with Impossible Film. Without further adieu...

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