This is Not Ice Cream...

this whole bowl of yum = 300 calories, super low sugar, no dairy, 3 servings of fruit

I haven't talked much about it online but I've been put on a strict dietary plan by my doctors while we try to solve some post-baby medical mysteries. After a bunch of blood work I was given a two week detox that was super intense and limiting. Now I'm on a stage 2 detox that lasts three weeks. This 3 week plan incorporates a lot of fancy herbal protein shakes (and a definitive lack of sugar, wheat, meat, eggs, peanuts, caffeine, sugar, alcohol, and dairy). Since I have to have the aforementioned shakes twice a day I decided to switch up my normal strawberries and almond milk to try my hand at the "banana soft serve" recipe that has been floating around the internet for about a year. Frozen bananas are a great stand in for vanilla ice cream. Now I'm an ice cream connoisseur so I'm not going to try to convince you that this is anything like real ice cream. But if you're trying to be healthy, or if you can't have ice cream, it's a strong contender for a replacement. Also, you can totally eat it for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or dessert with no guilt because it's pretty much a bowl of fruit and nuts. No need for sweeteners but if you really must, use stevia and keep this joker healthy. I tried to make this stuff once before but it wasn't nearly as good as this time. I think the secret is the almond milk. You're welcome... 

3 frozen bananas
1 c. vanilla almond milk
cocoa powder to taste

combine in blender or food processor and blend until the consistency of soft serve
enjoy immediately, sharing optional

(You need a super power processor or a fancy blender to get the right consistency without having to add too much liquid. You don't want this to be smoothie consistency, you want soft serve. We have a Ninja blender and it works great but our old Target blender couldn't cut it. PS. This is a BIG serving so feel free to cut it in half for a small treat.)

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  1. I don't make banana ice cream often but I enjoy it with fresh ginger and cinnamon for a little bite. I love how immediate it is to make and how much you can change it up with different "toppings".

  2. I cannot wait to try this! I will freeze some bananas tonight. (o:

  3. @AndKathleen Oooo... that sounds like something fun to try!

  4. whoa...this is going to happen very soon. i may get crazy and add some peanut butter too

  5. Frozen banana soft serve is one of my favorite treats! I like it with peanut butter (cashew and almond butters are also great) and a little cinnamon. Or just like you've listed with cinnamon and a hint of chili powder - like a Mexican hot chocolate. Yum!


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