Sunday, July 29

When We Were Young | The 28th Week

This week is brought to you by my iPhone. I keep slacking off on my photo-a-day project and then I feel really guilty and regret my laziness. This week I decided to just take the pressure off and use my phone instead of the big beast camera. And yes, that new blue shirt is my favorite piece of The Bubs' clothes so I made him wear it two days in a row. (He was wearing it on one of the other days too, he just happens to be a naked baby in the daily photo. What can I say- I'm obsessed.)

This kid you guys. This kid went from barely being able to sit up when we propped him up to sitting up, crawling, and pulling himself to standing all in the last week or two. It's like he didn't care too much about it all until one day he did and then he was all, "You can't hold me down people!"

The Bubs had a big week. He decided that he is now fully committed to mobility so he's been pulling himself up left and right. Although once he gets on his feet he's not quite sure what to do next. He fell over before I could catch him one morning and bonked his head on our wood coffee table. First war wound? Check. 

We visited the butterfly garden and the library this week during our daily adventures. The butterfly garden was amazing, but swelteringly hot. He was a fan of watching but notsomuch a fan of the butterflies landing on him. And at the library he decided that he wants no part of crowds of singing (read: shrieking) children. I concurred. I'm glad we can agree on such matters. 

Saturday he was with a friend of ours all day who has two little ones of her own. This was the first time Bubs had hung out with kids, especially ones so close to his own age. Apparently our son is a pacifier thief. But he had fun. I'm not sure I've ever seen him so worn out. 

I'm a heartbeat away from buying an inflatable above ground pool for our backyard, it's totally redneck but it's so stinking hot all the time that I'm about to just give in and buy the pool (and maybe some camo  pants and bud light). Kidding (about the camo and bud light, not the pool). I've entertained the idea of being stylish and hipster and getting one of those aluminum feed things and making it a pool but the inflatable one comes with a pump and I'm a fan of things that require little to no maintenance. 

Some people on instagram (and in life) have asked me about taking photos of my son crying. No one likes to look at a sad baby, I get it. But the photos are cute and kind of funny. Those eyebrows. Come on. Also, I don't let my son scream for hours. A photo takes two seconds to take then I go on to being awesome and fixing all his problems. Also, if he chooses to scream all day and be a little brat, I'm going to take embarrassing photos to show his girlfriends in high school. I'm hoping that eventually he'll catch on and decide to be handsome and charming all day as to not give me any good material for blackmail. It's all part of my plan people. 

So that's that. We took his 6 month photo (even though he's almost 7 months now. Also... WHAT?) and I'm gonna show you a big recap soon. In the mean time....


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