5 Min With: Cyd Converse of The Sweetest Occasion

Today we are spending five minutes with our guest of honor, Cyd Converse. Cyd is the devastatingly charming creator, curator, and editor of the popular blog, The Sweetest Occasion (which is looking extra spiffy since launching its updated website earlier this month!) The Sweetest Occasion is all about entertaining and celebrating and Cyd has some of the best original content available on the internet. (You've probably pinned her stuff on Pinterest without even knowing!) She is a speaker, writer, DIY-maven, and celebrations powerhouse and I'm so very honored to have her spending five minutes with us today. 

Want more of Cyd? Pick a channel: Twitter | Facebook | Pinterest | IG | Babble

PS. The ottoman Cyd is obsessed with? It's this one

1 Said Something:

  1. Thanks, friend! This was so much fun..and yes, I really really need that ottoman! ;-)


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