5 Minutes With: Kathleen Shannon of Braid Creative

Today I am starting a brand new column here on Life as an Artistpreneur that I hope you love.  I was brainstorming for a way to interview people that inspire me, I wanted to do something less conventional, quick, entertaining, and always with the same questions to showcase the diversity of each guest. So I came up with the idea of questions that could be answered in a quick 5 minutes. I hope you love it!

Today my guest of honor is the alarmingly talented Kathleen Shannon of Braid Creative and the blog Jeremy & Kathleen. She is a crazy passionate whirlwind of branding firepower with an envious head of hair and I'm so excited that she is spending 5 minutes with us today. 

Want more of Kathleen? Pick a channel: Twitter | Facebook | Pinterest | Vimeo

4 Said Something:

  1. Awesome, love getting a peek into Kathleen's brain :) Surfing always sounds fun in theory to me but I'm too afraid of sharks to ever try it.

  2. Great new column, Becka! And I love the redesign!

  3. I have the biggest girl crush on Kathleen, she's so baddass and clever. I love that she's an adventurer. (You're good too!)


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