Friday, February 28

MAKE | Homemade "Sprite" Spritzer

Friends don't let friends drink sodas. And why should you guzzle down all those chemicals when you can make your own "sprite" spritzers at home chemical free? This one is perfect when you're dreaming of warm weather breezes and toes in the sand. Or when you need something a little bit crisp, a little bit fruity, and a little bit sweet. This one is also 21 Day Fix approved. So for you fellow fixers out there, try this out when you're jonesing for the bad stuff and stay on track!

You need:
➳ sparkling water
➳ fresh lime juice 
➳ fresh lemon juice
➳ a few drops liquid stevia
➳ some mint sprigs
➳ a fresh berry or two

How to:
Combine sparkling water, stevia, lemon and lime juices and ice in a cup.
Muddle some fresh mint leaves and toss them in
Dice up your berries and toss them in

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