Tuesday, March 4

GIRLBOSSING | Your Fear is Full of Shit

I am asked frequently on social media where I find the motivation to get things done. I am asked by people who come from all different walks of life, artists, parents, 9 to 5-ers, students. So many different daily lives, so many different dreams, so many people stuck by the same thing... fear.

You may not realize it just yet but FEAR is at the heart of a lot of your procrastination and laziness. Fear that it will hurt. Fear that you won't be good at it. Fear that you won't be able to follow through. Fear that people will judge or laugh or wonder. Fear of what they will think of you. Fear that you're not good enough.

You're fear is full of shit.

Your feelings are valid. Feel them. But don't let them stop you there. Laziness is just an excuse made by people who are afraid of their own potential for greatness. You could be AMAZING. You could have all those things you pin for. You could reach those goals sooner than you think. You have what it takes to get started. It might take some effort. It might take some time. In fact, I'm not going to sugar coat it... it WILL take a LOT of effort and it WILL take time. You'll want to give up most probably. You'll get tired of all the work. You'll want to hit snooze again. I get it. I feel that way too.

The difference this time? You'll do the work anyway. You'll look in the mirror and stare your fear right back in the eyes and say, "I AM going to succeed." "I AM (insert what you want to achieve as if you've already achieved it) ". "I AM not going to let you stop me."

I'm on a journey, we all are. And I'm not there yet, I've got dreams in all areas that are still being built. But I'm closer than I was a year ago, six months ago, yesterday. Because each day I choose to move forward toward them. Feel the fear, bless it, release it, and then get shit done. You can do it. xo

Ps. Feels good to be back. ;)

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