Wednesday, March 12

Dig or Ditch? | Coconut Butter

So I know that everyone is all about coconut oil right now because of all the oil pulling posts circulating right now. But I wanted to talk to you a little bit about something new that I discovered and have recently been obsession over... coconut butter.

So we all know that coconut oil is pretty much the shit nutritionally, it's a powerhouse of benefits from skin to hair to immunity to detoxing to whatever... it's like the holy grail of 1-stop-shop ingredients. So what is the difference between coconut oil and coconut butter? Simple... coconut oil is just the oil, extracted from the coconut. Whereas coconut butter is made from pureeing the meat of the coconut (nomnomnom) which is actually about 65% oil anyway.

I didn't even realize that coconut butter was a thing you could eat (anyone else think it was just an ingredient in lotions?) until I found this recipe for vegan truffles and had to find it at the grocery store. And then I got busy and didn't make the truffles and got curious about the coconut butter and decided to take a little taste. And then I was addicted.

Okay so coconut butter is a WHOLE FOOD product (not just an oil like coconut oil) so you are getting more from it including fiber and protein which oil doesn't have. It's soft above 80 degrees and hard below it but you can soften it by setting the jar in a bowl of hot water and then stirring up the contents. Obviously it's not really butter, but they call it that because the texture is so similar. Don't want anyone confused.

How to eat coconut butter: 
➳ I put a little spoonful in my coffee and it tastes AMAZING
➳ Melt it and use it instead of butter on a sweet potato
➳ Use it in creamy dishes like curry
➳ Add it to a smoothie
➳ Spread it on toast just like butter
➳ Sub it for butter in baking recipes

Okay, time to get science-y on you for a hot minute. If how amazing it tastes isn't enough to make you want to put in on everything here's some facts about why it's such a good idea...

Health benefits of coconut butter: 
➳ Coconut butter is made mostly of medium chain fatty acids. Your body metabolizes those more efficiently meaning that you'll get energy from it instead of storing it as fat (obviously, everything in moderation.)
➳ It has been shown to actually boost metabolism
➳ 50% of the fats in it are from lauric acid. Lauric acid kills pathogens and is anti-fungal. Boom.
➳ Studies have shown that people who eat the most medium chain fatty acids actually consume less calories overall, which leads us to believe that eating this type of fat actually makes you fuller
➳ Other studies have shown it to have brain boosting, and cholesterol lowering benefits

So what do you think? Try it and let me know... Dig or Ditch? 

ps... because I know you're going to ask... Coconut Manna, Rings, Coffee Cup (made my me!) 

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