Monday, March 10

CURRENTLY | Let The Sunshine In

Our lease is up this summer so we're trying to decide if we should stay or go. I love this house but I'm really dying for a place with brighter spaces. I want sunshine inside and lots of green plants and organic colors. Pottery and string and metals and texture. Looking at beautifully styled spaces on the internet is bordering on an addiction of mine. And these are some images of spaces that caught my eye as of late. I'm so inspired by them. I want to live in them. 

Last year we started trying to clear out the clutter in our house and lives. We did a pretty good job. But a busy fall, holiday season, and now new year has allowed clutter to overrun our lives again and I'm feeling the urge to spring clean and start fresh. All these photos of white walls and natural light make me want to just drench our life in white paint and start clean.  Now if only I could figure out a floor plan in our awkwardly shaped living area. Maybe we should just move. ;) 

Anyone else feeling the spring cleaning, fresh start bug?

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