Friday, March 7

MAKE | 21 Day Fix Approved Oatmeal

A strange cold snap has come through our little tropical peninsula and brought gray skies and drizzly rain. Whenever the weather is like this I tend to want comfort foods that are warm and cozy and one of my favorites is homemade oatmeal. I've mixed and matched my make-it-yourself oats in almost every way possible over the years: pumpkin pie oatmeal, mounds bar oatmeal, apple pie oatmeal, peanut butter cup oatmeal, etc. But this time I decided I'd try my hand at an oatmeal recipe that is both delicious and falls within the boundaries of the 21 Day Fix eating plan. 

Most of the people I see who are trying the 21 Day Fix and posting photos of their meals have miserable looking food. I'm not trying to be judge but this foodie was majorly bummed to see things like plain chicken breasts and plain steamed broccoli all over instagram. Where's the flavor? Where's the experience? Just because food is fuel doesn't mean that it can't be delicious fuel. And beautiful fuel. Amen?

So I'm on a mission this month to find menu items that fit in the 21 Day Fix but that also have some flavor and texture and depth to them. Not just plain this with steamed that. Boring. So I present to you my delicious and crunchy and nutty and just barely sweet oatmeal recipe that is completely 21 Day Fix approved! So for you fellow fixers out there, try this out and let me know what you think! 

You need:
➳ 1 yellow 21 Day Fix container old fashioned or steel cut oats
➳ 1/2 blue 21 Day Fix container sliced almonds
➳ 1 orange 21 Day Fix container coconut flakes
➳ a few drops liquid stevia
➳ water
➳ 1 tsp. peanut butter

How to:
Cook the oats to desired consistency with the water
Stir in the peanut butter and liquid stevia
Mix in the nuts and coconut

Interested in learning more about the 21 Day Fix? It's a 21 Day Fitness Program that teaches you how to portion control and balance your nutrition. I'm loving it. I'm also an official 21 Day Fix coach so if you want more info or to order it for yourself and join in a challenge group with other people doing the Fix let me know! Email me here

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