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me getting piyo certified and getting to work out with piyo creator chalene johnson


WHO: Who is PIYO for? EVERYONE! Piyo is a high intensity, low impact workout that can be modified to meet anyone's needs. It is meant to improve flexibility, torch calories and get you in the best shape of your life! Piyo is a complete body transformation program meaning that you work EVERYTHING but you do it in a way that isn't boring or slow. Piyo is great for runners, cross-fitters, athletes, those who like yoga but want something more high energy or physically challenging.

WHAT: Piyo is the newest at home fitness program from Beachbody and is inspired by Pilates and Yoga and was developed by Chalene Johnson who is also the creator of two Turbofire and Chalean Extreme. There are no weights required for this workout. It is available as just the program alone or in a Challenge Pack. The latter is what you need to join my monthly online Challenge Groups where you get free coaching, support, accountability, and help as you go through the program with a group of us together!

WHEN: NOW! Piyo is now available! You can GET IT HERE.

WHERE: Up until now, you could only do Piyo at a fitness club with a certified trainer. But now you can do it at home saving you time and money and allowing you sooooo much more freedom with your schedule! Home workout programs ftw! ;)

WHY: Because you like a challenge. Because you want to get lean and toned. Because you want to increase flexibility. Because you have some weight to lose. Because you're tired of feeling weak and tight. Because your body needs it. Because we'll do it together so it will be fun! Because you deserve to feel amazing in your skin!


What Workouts Come With the At Home Program?
Align (46 mins): The Fundamentals
Upper Body (35 mins): this focused workout will strengthen and stretch your entire body, while building on the movement patterns you have learned in Align.
Define: Lower Body (25 mins) will shape and tone everything from your glutes, hamstrings, quads and calves gently, yet effectively to help you get sleek and lean legs.
Sweat (35 mins) is a traditional PiYo Workout that is fast paced with body weight strength training and ab work!
Core (30 mins) an ab-centric workout that targets every angle of the abdominals and back. I’ve read this will be a calorie-torcher too!
Drench (45 mins) is a total body workout to get you sweaty, burning calories, and going to have your metabolism on fire!
Strength Intervals (25 mins) designed to tone the whole body and burn tons of calories with no weights required!
Sculpt (30 mins) no weights are required for this intense, full-body workout either! Get the full set when they go on sale by signing up for an email reminder.

How much does it cost?
The best deal on the Piyo experience is called a CHALLENGE PACK and it is normally $160 but right now since Piyo just launched it is $140! You get the full Piyo program + 1 month of Shakeology (normally $130). So basically it's like you are getting the Piyo program for just $10! This is what you need to buy to join my monthly challenge groups (one is starting soon for July!) The challenge group is the key to long term success because it connects you with a community. You get free coaching from me as you go through the program with a group of other people! We talk about nutrition and goals and how to create healthy habits. We encourage each other when we start to stumble and celebrate each other's successes. It's the real deal.

This program BLEW ME AWAY!!!!! I really did not expect to see such a dramatic change in my body composition from these workouts. In fact, I seriously doubted that they'd do anything at all since they are so low impact. But OH MY GOSH! I have never loved my legs as much as when I finished this program! Long, lean muscles... Piyo promised and Piyo delivered!

This program taught me so much that we do not have to run ourselves into the ground for results! If you want results but hate cardio and jumping around or need something lower impact, or if you are a cross fit lover or runner and want to cross train, or if you just want long, lean dancer muscle tone... give this one a try! Here's my real results...

You can also purchase Piyo as just a program alone if you want to go through it on your own and not in a group. You can find it here.


Tuesday, June 10

MAKE | Paleo Cookie Dough Bites

paleocookiedoughballs-2 When I started eating paleo I was pretty snooty in my own mind about not being one of those people who paleo "cheats". You know, you see the receipes all over Pinterest... paleo cupcakes, paleo muffins, paleo donuts... whatever. It's still junk food even though it's paleo. But then... hormones hit me and I wanted junk food BAD. So I gave in, swallowed my pride, and started fiddling in my paleo kitchen to come up with some no-bake paleo cookie dough balls to snack on and hopefully satisfy my junk food cravings.
  paleocookiedoughballs-1 They're pretty simple. Not horribly unhealthy (I used coconut sugar to sweeten which has a rich almost caramel-like flavor as well as some coconut flour to hold it all together) for you. And the perfect bit size to grab in a sweet tooth induced panic. Or... if you're way less dramatic, when you want something sweet. I free-handed this recipe so here's my best guess at quantities. Feel free to take liberties with this recipe... PALEO COOKIE DOUGH BITES ➳ 1/2 c. coconut butter ➳ 1 tbs. almond butter ➳ 1 tbs coconut sugar ➳ 1/8 c. coconut flour ➳ sprinkling of coconut flakes ➳ carob chips (or drizzle with coconut butter mixed with cocoa powder like I did) Combine all the ingredients in a bowl and mash with a fork (or your hands!) until combined. Roll the dough into balls Drizzle with toppings Put the finished cookie dough balls in the freezer for about 2 hours Enjoy!

(For those of you sticking with the 21 Day Fix... 1 cookie dough ball = 1 orange serving)
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