Tuesday, June 24

GIRLBOSSING | The Mountain

Darren Hardy (creator of Success Magazine and author of The Compound Effect) told a story at the end of his keynote presentation at Summit a few days ago that stirred inside me like fire, made me teary eyed and has stuck with me and this photo made me want to share it....

He said that our dreams are like a HUGE mountain and when we set out to climb it, people will come to us and say, "That mountain looks big, it looks like a lot of work and it's simpler down here, why don't you come hang out at base camp with us! It'll be more fun."

And we'll reply, "You see that mountain? I'm going to the top."

And then we'll climb up a little ways and people will start to notice our strength and talent and they'll come and say, "Yeah this mountain is cool but THIS mountain over here is better... come over here with us instead!"

And we'll reply, "You see THIS mountain? I'm going to the top!"

And then there will be times when we are in the thick of our journey and the climbing is rough and scary and those that love us will see our struggle and they'll say, "We love you, look what this journey is doing to you! It's too risky, it's too uncertain. It's SAFER down here. No one will judge you if you give up and come down here where you'll be safe and sound.

And we'll look them in the eyes and with a heart full of conviction we'll say...

"You see this mountain? You will either see me STANDING ON THE VERY TOP or DEAD AT THE BOTTOM but I'm climbing this mountain no matter what and I'm never giving up!"

 Whatever your big dream is beloved friends, I hope you never give up! xo.
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