Monday, June 30

GIRLBOSSING | River vs. Reservoir

No Scarcity Mentality Allowed!
I know it's natural to think, "I need to save some ideas ...(challengers, customers, collaborations... whatever) so that I don't use them all up this month. I need to sock some away for later. Hold on to these. What if they are all I've got?"

Hear me friends, that is DANGEROUS THINKING! 

First of all, if you are living in scarcity mentality you are basically building a world around you where there is never enough. Thoughts become things you know, and if you sit around and worry (aka meditate) on how you don't have enough, you will end up not having enough. If you keep telling yourself that this is your last customer, your last good idea, your last good month, then it will be. 
When you live in scarcity mentality you leave no room for new. When you HOLD ON to what you have out of fear that you will never have more than that, you don't allow the space for new to come in. 

Think of yourself like a body of water. You can be a river or you can be a reservoir. A reservoir holds everything in for itself. A reservoir exists for scarcity mentality! It's not fluid and full of life...  it is basically just an overgrown puddle. It is stagnant and murky. No one is being filled up by a reservoir and in return the reservoir is not being fed into by anything else. 

Now consider a river. LIFE-GIVING. CIVILIZATION FORMING! There's a reason all the great civilizations popped up by the big rivers throughout history. Rivers take in and then they give it right back out in all different directions. They are full of energy and life and a river never worries if that little bit of rainfall was going to be the last rainfall ever, it just carries that new water on downstream.

Be the river. Allow life, and people, and the universe to pour into you. And instead of worrying if you'll ever get anything more, let it go, pay it forward, release it on into someone else's life. Create the space for more to be poured into you!

In your business and in your life, don't be afraid to push hard and use your creative ideas. If anything you'll only create momentum, create more success stories, create more happy people talking about how awesome you are! More referrals. More happy energy. More chatter about you as an amazing coach/business person/artist/whatever. Make space for more water to come your way by taking what you have and pushing it out into the world! Don't hold on to it all and slowly dry up in the sun. 

River VS. Reservoir. Choose wisely. xo
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