Thursday, June 26

Shine On You Crazy Diamond

My dad loves Pink Floyd. I'm not a crazy fan but this one song I've always loved. My dad told me it was about a friend of theirs who died. Shine on you crazy diamond. I always liked it.

It wasn't until I started as a Beachbody coach that it took on a new meaning for me. Not only to shine (Who me? I don't feel so shiny. Let me try T25 and Shakeology for a bit. Oh wait... now I kinda do. I feel a little bit shiny. Maybe I'm okay shining a little bit. Let me try P90X3. Hey look! I've got some muscles now. Maybe they can shine. Let's do the 21 Day Fix next. Holy hell! I'm shiny like whoa! I need to let this shiz shine so everyone else can see it too. Why not right? I haven't felt shiny in so long!) but also being a crazy diamond.

You see, diamond is actually a high ranking Beachbody promotion. I strove for it hard core. I got it. Then I lost it. For a long time. I felt like giving up. But I didn't. And then I got my rank back stronger than ever. I'll never lose it again.

At Coach Summit last week my mentor put on a presentation aptly named "Shine". The CEO of the company was there as was Autumn Calabrese (creator and mastermind of my FAVORITE program: the 21 Day Fix) and it was a beautiful time of being poured into by some amazing and inspirational people. At the end, we were asked to make a commitment to SHINE and when we were ready to light up our little votive. One by one, little blue glowing lights lit the dark room. I'm not gonna lie, I got a bit misty eyed. It was beautiful!

I came back from that trip feeling empowered like never before. I'll share more tomorrow about where I'm at personally but just know, this SHINE isn't going anywhere anytime soon. It's here to stay!

And in case you need a bit of a backstory about what I came through to get here, here's my transformation. From 200+ pounds to less than 135. Still a work in progress but baby, this girl kicked anxiety, depression, loneliness, low self esteem, and a feeling of disconnection to the curb when she dove headfirst into making healthy choices and by joining a team of coaches that support my every move. I'm here if you are ready to make that choice too. Even if you don't exactly know how you're going to make it all work, making the decision to get your SHINE back is the first step! I know exactly how scary it is, and how hopeless you might feel. But let me tell you, you can do it! I'll help you! Get in touch with me and we'll chat it all out! xo.

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