Monday, June 9

What is Piyo? A Sneak Peek...

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Piyo this and Piyo that. What does this word even mean? 

Piyo is the newest home workout program from Beachbody that is being released at the end of this month! So what? Why all the fuss? Because it's pretty much going to be an amazing answer for people who want an intense but low impact workout. If you love yoga but want a bit more umph. If you love pilates but wish there was a bit more flow. If you like body weight resistance. If you want something that elongates and stretches your muscles while still working up a sweat.... then you'll love Piyo! It gives you results like defined muscles and a strong core without having to use weights. And it's put together in a way that gives you a cardio workout at the same time.

If you have followed me on social media, or if you know me in real life (what? crazy!) then you know that I ADORE yoga. I love it! But I need to get my heart going a little faster sometimes and that's where PiYo is going to come in! It's the perfect mix of elements for us yoga lovers that need a bit more sometimes!

I wanted to show you a little sneak peek of what Piyo looks like. Here is a strength sequence that I particularly love because it warms your body, gets you sweaty, but also feels amazing and relaxing and challenging all at the same time! I'll be getting certified so that I can instruct for PiYo and I can't wait to host some fun local classes and also help those of you out with form in my online challenge group in July! Ready for a sneak peek? Here you go... 
WARNING: the music is loud, turn down your computer volume

If you want to find out FIRST about Piyo when it releases and have the change to get it right away and be in my first ever Piyo Challenge Group so you can go through the program with me and a bunch of other people, then shoot an email to me at and also take a second to make me your FREE COACH so you'll be ready to go when the program is available!

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