Monday, June 16

Why You’re Not a Beachbody Coach...

So maybe you’re perfect for it! You’re creative. You are passionate. Self motivated. Driven. Smart. Funny. Genuine. You “get” social media. You know why you shouldn’t use papyrus on anything, ever. You've been talking about green smoothies for years, your friends know you're going to try to get them to eat things with ingredients like "maca root". You think I’m fun and that we would probably be friends in real life if we were around each other in real life. You even know a little bit about Beachbody stuff already. Maybe a friend’s cousin’s ex girlfriend is a coach and you see her talking about it on Facebook. You buy organic when you can. You want to feel good. You value your health. But you're also 100% willing to drop $12 on a pint of Jenni's Ice Cream and eat it all while binge watching Orange Is The New Black. (No judgement here!) You want to be your own boss. You have it all… the perfect combo to be an rockstar coach on our team. But you aren’t one. It’s okay, don’t be alarmed! 

In fact, I think I know why…

1. Some Beachbody coach, somewhere, who was not properly trained (or good at their job) gave you a bad taste towards the whole thing. 
Maybe it’s someone in your Facebook feed. Someone who is obnoxious. Or someone who is constantly trying to sell you something. Or someone who will randomly message you out of nowhere asking you to sign up with them as a coach (awkward!) and you’re like, “I don’t even know you and also, maybe say hello first before you try to recruit me, bozo.” Maybe you’ve seen people talking about nutrition who don’t know anything about it and it made you feel like the whole thing is a sham. I get it. I see those people too. And they annoy me too. Because they make me look bad. But even more than that, because they are turning off people like you, you who might be looking for something just like coaching. You who might be ready to take your future into your own hands, be your own boss, get paid to cultivate positive change in people’s lives who so desperately are looking for it! Just know that there is an easier way, a more genuine way, a way with integrity and passion and a desire to constantly be better than we were yesterday for ourselves and to inspire others. And that way rhymes with "Meme See Hee Heff Free " (wink face!)

2. Someone told you that MLM (multilevel marketing) is a scam. So you think it’s a scam. 
Fair enough. My grandpa once told me that overweight people had watermelons growing in their stomachs from eating watermelon seeds on accident and I was terrified of accidentally swallowing a watermelon seed for like 10 years. But then I learned more about how the stomach works and how watermelon seeds work and I realized that I was not in danger of growing a watermelon farm in my belly. Just like as I learned about multi level marketing (a legit business structure) and Beachbody (a legit company) I realized I wasn’t in danger of being scammed. (Ps. Network marketing is one of the only places where women get paid the same as men for the same work. Unlike... you know... EVERYWHERE ELSE. /end feminist mini rant.)

3. You don’t look like a fitness coach
What does one look like? Do I look like one? I don’t think I do. Maybe I do because I mostly put up photos of myself in yoga pants. But other than that, I’m not sure if I’ve got the look. Coaching isn’t about being a finished project that people can look at and think, “I want to have her abs/arms/whatever.” At least not on my team it isn’t. It’s about being a person that is continually working to become the best possible version of yourself that you can be… nutritionally, physically, mentally, spiritually.  And sharing that journey. And helping others who want to start on that same journey themselves. So what does that kind of coach look like? 

4. You're so busy, and you just don’t have enough time
Yup. That might be true. Why are you so busy? Are you working your arse off at a job you hate to make enough money to enjoy the teensy tiny bit of free time you have? Are you wasting your life away on Pinterest and Facebook? Are you juggling kids and a house and running your family? Yeah, we’re all busy. Here’s the thing… coaching creates freedom. Yes, it takes some consistency and time but you’re building the way to freedom. Freedom to quit that job you hate. Freedom to use your internet surfing skills to make you money. Freedom to go from stay at home mom to work from home mom that can retire her husband and enjoy more time as a family because Beachbody is now their household income. Catch the vision for a hot minute. What would your life look like if you were a successful coach? Would you travel? Sleep in? Spend the mornings playing with your kids? Take family vacations? Do yoga at 3pm? I can see it. Can you?

5. You're too broke
Ah the old catch 22. Coaching can earn you money but you don’t have the money to start it. It’s $39 to sign up as a coach. It’s free to sign up as a coach if you buy a challenge pack (so if you have plans of joining one of my challenge groups or you already have, you can sign up as a coach for free!) You don’t have $39 to change your life? Maybe you don’t. And if that’s the case, maybe you do need this more than you think! I’m not promising you the moon and stars, although they are there for the taking. But I will give you the tools and training you need to make any of your wildest dreams come true. Together, we’re better. #TeamBTFP

I have a group I'm hosting on Facebook for anyone who is curious about coaching. It is 100% obligation free. You don't have to have ever ordered anything and you don't even have to have me as your coach yet. If you want to peek behind the curtain of what I do in a week as a coach then come join in the fun! We start next Monday and we'll be talking about the basics of coaching and answering your burning questions! I'd LOVE to have you! CLICK HERE TO JOIN!

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