Tuesday, July 29

The Smart Girl's Guide To Vitamins

Vitamins, Probiotics, and Omegas... oh my! It's overwhelming standing in the supplements aisle of the health food store, isn't it? But let's not make excuses. As a GIRLBOSS you need to be informed. A smart girl doesn't wait for someone to hand her a fistful of vitamins and tell her, "take these". A smart girl does her own research and then finds a better way. One that works for her schedule, her tastes, and her life!

Today I'm breaking it down for you. The vitamins you need to be taking each day, what they do, and why you need them. Then I'm going to tell you about how I get all my vitamins in each day in a simple way! Because I know you're busy like me. And ain't nobody got time for chocking down 15 pills every morning! Let's dive in...


Let's start with the basics. I'm going to call them the LUCKY 13. These are the 13 vitamins considered essential for proper body function. These are nutrients that helps your body carry out the everyday processes necessary for LIFE! They help your cells make energy and support your muscles and bones. Sounds important right? Yeah, it is...

Vitamin A (supports vision, your immune system, and your cells)
Vitamin C (supports your immune system, among other things)
Vitamin D (helps your bones absorb calcium and phosphorus)
Vitamin E (destroys free radicals, helps prevent against heart disease)
Vitamin K (helps keep you from bleeding too much)
Vitamins B1, B2, B3, B6 and B12 (everything from healthy skin to memory, these are powerful!)
Biotin (Biotin works miracles for your hair and nails)
Pantothenic Acid (energy production and fat metabolism)
Folic Acid (helps the body produce new cells like red blood cells, reduces birth defects)

What about minerals? We know those are important too? Here's a few that you should be including in your daily intake...

Calcium (supports your bones and vitamin absorbtion)
Chromium (important for metabolism and synthesis of cholesterol, fats, and proteins)
Copper (supports your connective tissue health, hair and eyes, brain stimulation)
Iodine (supports proper thyroid function)
Iron (carries oxygen to your blood cells)
Magnesium (detoxifies, regulates temperature, increases energy, can soothe nerves)
Manganese (supports healthy bone structure)
Zinc (immune boosting)
Phosphorous (hormone balance, digestion, energy)
Molybdenum (detoxifies)

That all sounds great right? Right! Healthy and happy bodies here we come. But we aren't done yet! Did you know that the state of your "gut" (aka intestines) can affect all kinds of systems in your body? Including your immune system?! Makes sense then that we should be keeping our digestive tract in tip top shape. We can do that by taking Probiotics. I know you've heard about them but what you might not know is that probiotics that are no encapsulated against stomach acid are destroyed when they hit your belly before they can even get into your intestines. We need those little bugs to stay alive and make it through so how do we do that?

There is one type of probiotic that is naturally encapsulated and can withstand the intense acid in our stomachs. It's called Bacillus Coagulans. You don't have to be able to pronounce it. But you do need to get it into your gut! ;)

Don't forget your greens! Phytonutrients like Chlorella, spiraling, spinach, and wheatgrass help keep your body alkaline, support your immune system, and help detoxify your system.

For the busy and frazzled GIRLBOSS, Adaptagens are a must-have! You may not be super familiar with these bad boys but they are a GAME-CHANGER! These little babies support your immune system when it's under stress. They also help your body deal with environmental stress (read: your crabby boss, the fact that you only ate coffee till 3pm, how you never get more than 6 hours of sleep, etc). They increase cognitive function and help promote a sense of calm. Sounds great right? Here's a few good ones...

Maca Root (supports libido, energy, hormone regulation)
Reishi mushrooms (supports the liver, fights aging)
Astralagus (Anti-viral, helps allergies, supports immune system)
Ashwagandha (Super anti-oxidant, fights free radicals)
Gingko leaf (Supports mental health)

This is a great start. But if you're a girl who is ready to take control of her health you're not done. Our bodies need antioxidant rich foods like Acai berry, pomegranate, camu-camu, goji berries and more! You can pick these up at the health food store and add them to your smoothies or oatmeal. Or... you can take them all at once with all your vitamins, minerals, adaptagens, and probiotics like I do!


Still with me GIRLBOSSES? Great! I'm so proud. But I expected no less. You are go-getters. You are  constantly learning and trying to be the best version of yourself that you can be. You want to give your body every advantage you can so that you have the energy and gung-ho to go out there every day and CRUSH IT! I get it, I'm a GIRLBOSS too. And because I don't want to spend hundreds of dollars on dozens of supplements and have to choke them all down every morning, I get everything listed above in this blog post in a once a day supplement called Shakeology. I make a smoothie with some almond milk or fruit juice, a packet of Shakeology and some ice and I'm done! It tastes like a milkshake, it nourishes like a handful of supplement pills. Actually, it nourishes BETTER than the pills because Shakeology's vitamins and minerals and good stuff is all in WHOLE FOOD form. The fruits and veggies and super foods are all carefully dried at temperatures that won't destroy the enzymes and then turned into a powder. They add some protein in it and a little stevia to keep things sweet and in less time than it takes me to reheat my coffee (for the 4th time! Why can I never drink a cup before it goes cold?!) My smoothie is made and my body is rejoicing as I bathe my insides in healthy goodness.

So that's how I make it happen everyday. I'm happy to hook you up with Shakeology if you want to give it a try too! Just visit my shop and take a look. And even if Shakeology isn't something you want to try, I hope this helps you get a better idea of what your body needs each day to run at optimal levels! Stay healthy babes! xo. 

Saturday, July 26

How To Go Paleo With the 21 Day Fix (Mealplan and Shopping List!)

A few months ago, after a fair bit of research, I decided to give "Paleo" a try. If you follow me on instagram you may have seen me post my meals and feelings about it each day. For me, it was a simple transition in my daily mealplan (since I was already gluten free) and after the first week I fell into a pretty good rhythm with it. Since then I've had a lot of people ask me for tips on "going paleo" so I thought I'd put together a big blog post for you in case you are one of those people! Let's dig right in. Starting with "What is Paleo?" Paleo is taken from the word "Paleolithic" referring to the period of time before the development of agriculture. This was a time when ancient humans were believed to live on what they could hunt or gather. So it is believed that these ancient humans lived on fruits, vegetables, seeds, nuts, and the meat and fish they hunted. From this, we get the modern "Paleolithic Diet" or "Paleo Diet". 

But I don't like to call it a diet. Because that implies that we are doing it for a limited time with the sole purpose of losing weight. While that might be some people's motivation, mine was more of a lifestyle shift with the purpose of feeling better and being healthier overall. So for the purpose of explaining what I do, I'm going to call it the "Paleo Template" ;)


A common misconception about eating Paleo is that all you eat is meat all day every day. It's easy to be confused. You see lots of meat-heavy dishes if you search for Paleo on Pinterest or google and this nutritional template is very popular among men who like the idea of a "meat and potatoes" type of mealplan. (Except white potatoes, aren't paleo... sorry dudes.) But the key to the success (and nutritional benefits) of eating Paleo is like anything else: balance and moderation. Hunter/Gatherers didn't live on bacon and french fries, and neither should you.

To make sure that I ate in a balanced way when I went Paleo, and how I suggest others begin their Paleo journey, I decided to enlist the help of the 21 Day Fix Mealplan that I love so much! This plan gives you colored containers for each food group. You are allotted a certain number of servings of each container a day (based on your height/weight/activity/goals) and you just fill up the container and eat what fits. It's so easy that I think every single person needs to abide by it! I digress...

I followed the 21 Day Fix mealplan guidelines and TWEAKED them to work with Paleo guidelines. What are those guidelines? Put very simply, you eat what you could hunt or gather back in the Paleolithic day. So... lean meats, fish, nuts, seeds, vegetables, and fruits. What is not accepted as Paleo?

Refined Sugars & Artificial Sweeteners
Artificial Ingredients
White Potatoes
Processed Foods (including Junk Food)
Hydrogenated Oils/Vegetable Oils

White Potatoes
Pseudograins (like buckwheat or quinoa)

Okay let's talk about these for a minute. Obviously paleolithic man didn't have sugar or sugar substitutes so those are easy to understand. Grains came with agriculture so those are out too. Legumes came with agriculture too so you'll have to pass on the beans and peanuts. Processed foods weren't around so count them out, same with vegetable and hydrogenated oils (if it says anything like "buttery spread" just don't even touch it) and alcohol came later too. Now there are a few foods I like to call "fringe foods" which means that they are debated among Paleo participants. These are dairy, cashews, white potatoes, and pseudograins.

Why did I include Shakeology in the fringe foods? Well it's because regular Shakeology contains whey protein. Which is technically a dairy derivative. Vegan Shakeology contains oat protein which is technically a grain derivative. In my opinion, either one is still waaaaaayyyyyy better for you than anything else you could do so the positives outweigh the fringe technicalities. I have stayed on it and still seen INCREDIBLE results since going paleo.

You will have to make your own decision reguarding these items. People who subscribe to a paleo diet but eat dairy are called "Primal" if you want to do some research. The reason dairy is left out is because while animals were around, Paleolithic humans did not have the tools or capacity to be making anything like butter or cheeses or creams. White potatoes are a plant so why can't you eat them? Well you can, obviously, no one is forcing you to do anything. But the reason they aren't considered paleo is because of the labor involved in harvesting them. They are more likely a crop then something that Paleolithic humans stumbled upon. Also, if nothing else, they don't have a lot of nutritional benefits so it's worth it to avoid them. Cashews are a nut right? So why are they a problem? Technically, cashews are a legume (like peanuts) so to a strict Paleo person they'd be out. Make your own decision on this one. And lastly, pseudograins like quinoa and buckwheat. These are technically not grains, but they behave like them inside your body. So the choice is yours.

"What's left?!" You might be thinking. What can I eat? A LOT actually! Here's some of my meals...


Okay, so maybe you're thinking about giving this whole Paleo thing a try. But you're so confused. Where do you start? How do you figure out what to eat? And how do stay balanced and avoid living on bacon and steak alone? Don't worry friends, I've got you covered! Here is a sample week's mealplan using the 21 Day Fix as a guide. These are all meals I have eaten since going Paleo so you know they are actually good! This is based on my serving allowances in 21 Day Fix. If you're in a higher bracket and have more servings you would just either eat bigger meals or add in more food in your day. I wrote out each meal's ingredients in the color container they would correspond to so you can easily see VISUALLY how to combine your containers into a day's worth of amazing meals!
It is super simple to tweak the 21 Day Fix to work with a Paleo mealplan. All you have to do is replace your YELLOW container with something Paleo-friendly. On the 21 Day Fix, yellow is your carbs/grains. So to make an easy swap what I did is to replace 1 serving of yellow a day with sweet potatoes. And my 2nd serving of yellow with almond milk in my smoothie. See how delicious and amazing your week can be? And you can see here that a day in the Paleo life is not all meat all the time. In fact, it's actually a LOT of vegetables! I even included a few Chipotle runs to show you that you can make this work and not be chained to your kitchen! Here are the recipes needed for the mealplan above:

PALEO PANCAKES (just substitute almond meal/flour for cashew meal if you like)
DRESSING 1: combine 3 parts olive oil to 1 part balsamic vinegar
DRESSING 2: combine 3 parts olive oil to 1 part champagne vinegar, add in diced shallots, and pepper
DRESSING 3: combine 3 parts olive oil to 1 part champagne vinegar, add in some dill if you like

Now to make things even EASIER for you, I put together a grocery shopping list for you based off this mealplan (who loves ya?!) Just print it out and take it with you to the store. Now here's the secret. Don't feel chained to this. If you don't like something I listed (like spinach) swap it out for something you do like (like spring mix). Make it work for YOU and your tastes.

Want to do this with my help, with the full 21 Day Fix program (daily workouts and Shakeology) and with the support of my online fitness challenge group where you'll have daily coaching from me, daily motivation and accountability, and the opportunity to ask me questions as you go? You're in luck! My August challenge group starts workouts on August 4th! Click the banner below to register.*


If you already have a Beachbody coach that you are currently working with, or if you are already a coach outside of TeamBTFP, you are unfortunately not eligible to join my August challenge group. But please feel free to connect with me here, on Instagram, and on FB for more paleo fix inspiration! 

Friday, July 25

I Can't Afford To Be Healthy | Shakeology is Too Expensive


I get countless messages from people each month asking about joining one of my challenge groups and even about joining my team as a coach! They are exciting messages for me to get because I feel like they are an open door for me to help spark some positive change in someone's life who might really need it. I see so much potential for happiness and confidence and freedom in these people who I speak to. And every now and then someone drops the bomb, the sentence that I hate to see because I know it's going to be their roadblock, the stop sign on the road to their success...

"I can't afford all that. I'm just going to keep doing what I'm doing."

Well, there's a reason you reached out. And I'm going to guess that what you've been doing hasn't been getting you the results you want. As Einstein would say, "Problems cannot be solved by the same level of thinking that created them." (click to tweet that!) So going back to what you've been trying is probably not the solution for you. Do some research. Trust your gut. Ask me how I make it work in our family budget!

"If you think wellness is expensive, try illness."

It's not just about looking good in a bikini on a paddleboard. It's about improving your quality of life. It's about caring about yourself and those you love enough to invest in your own body and it's continued maintenance. Did you know that 1/3 of premature deaths in the United States are attributed to poor nutrition and physical inactivity?* In the last 20 years, obesity rates have doubled in adults and TRIPLED in kids. IN KIDS.** We can't afford to not be investing in our health. For ourselves, and for our children! We are their examples. It's shameful that we aren't prioritizing our and their health more. And for what? So we can afford that latte every morning? So we can buy more clothes we don't even like because we don't like how our body looks under it? So we can eat ourselves into an early grave due to all kinds of diseases and illnesses related to bad nutrition and not working out?


If You Really Want It, You'll Make It Work...

I'm a coach. I'm not a cheerleader. And as such, it is my job to tell you when you are full of crap. And sometimes you are (looovveeee you!). There have been times in my life when I wanted something I couldn't afford. And I found a way to make it work. We humans are fantastically gifted at rationalizing things and figuring out how to get what we want. Sell something, skip the lattes for a month, pass on the pedicure, make it work. I've been there.

Sometimes it's not worth it, it's not worth the risk, the reward. The comfort of secure finances is more worth it to you than trying something new. And that's fine too. But you didn't reach out to me for nothing. 

...Except When You Can't

Sometimes it's really just not there. You don't have the funds. You can't spend the money. I 100% understand. Believe me. I was there! Here's some tips for you, if you're serious about making a change, to help you even now start to move closer to your goals!

1. Take an Honest Look at Things: Sit down with your bank statement and find where you can trim. Starbucks every Tuesday? Are you willing to give that up to get closer to your long term goals? Dinners out every weekend? Going overboard at Target on your weekly errand run? If you really need help, visit a financial planner. Tell them your goals and have them help you make it happen!

2. Get Active in a Community: Connect with some health and fitness blogs that inspire you. Follow some of my food boards for healthy recipe ideas. Connect on facebook with me for inspiration in healthy living. There's free info out there for you! There are FREE fit clubs in almost every big city where you can go do free workouts with Beachbody coaches! Get connected!

3. Set Concrete Goals: If you really want to make a change but finances are honestly standing in your way, come up with a game plan! Don't just sit around doing the same things you've always done expecting different results. Make some real steps that you can do to move you closer to your goals like...
1. I will cut back 1 latte a week and put that $5 into a jar to save $20 a month!
2. I will ask for a Challenge Pack for my birthday from my mom/friend/husband
3. I will sell that camping gear we never use on Craigslist
4. I will be open to unexpected blessings
5. I will return those shoes I just bought on impulse that I don't really need.

Look, it's really not as hard as you might think to make it work. I'm happy to help you sort out a plan. I'm happy to share with you how we make it work in our family budget. I'll leave you with one last bit of perspective. Here is a quick graphic showing how the price of Shakeology compares to the price of other frozen treats. Remember, Shakeology has the equivalent of FIVE bowls of fruits, veggies, and superfoods as well as probiotics and adaptagens, the others just have empty calories and chemicals....



Thursday, July 24


Have you seen these pretty little votives and lamps around? You might see one in an interior pinned on Pinterest or even on the shelf at your local health foods store. That's where I had seen them. And they looked so warm and glowy and crystalline that I was intrigued. I bought my first Himalayan Salt Rock at the grocery store. It's small enough to hold a single vote candle. And it looks beautiful when the lights are dim and it's glowing a flickering orange. I was smitten.

So I went online to see if I could find more in other sizes and I was surprised to find a plethora of salt rock pieces from candle holders to huge lamps in all different shapes! Little did I know that Himalayan Salt Rock lamps are totally a thing. Did you know that? You probably did. I'm always the last to know. Apparently they have some supposed health benefits above just being relaxing and pretty to look at...

Salt has long been a mineral recognized for it's various benefits. Salt mines and salt springs are often used for rejuvenation and relaxation. Why? Because it is believed that salt mines and salt springs have a negative ion environment.

Say what?

So have you ever breathed in deep by a waterfall? Or felt like singing in the shower? Or sat and marveled in calm bliss by the seashore? You probably have. But what you might not realize is why these areas have such an effect on you. These forces of nature (and shower) create negative ions in the air. Why does that matter? It's natures way of cleansing! So negative and positive ions exist all in the air around you all the time. Negative ions are generally a molecule of oxygen that has gained an electron (stay with me!) These ions attract particles in the air and give them a negative charge forcing them to seek an electrical "ground" which usually means falling out of the air and to the ground. So, in essence, negative ions clean the air. That is why when you walk outside after a rainstorm the air feels so fresh!

How are negative ions produced? 
➳ Ions cannot be produced without an energy source like...
➳ Heat/flames
➳ Electricity
➳ Evaporation
➳ Friction
➳ Radioactivity

Okay, so how do these salt rocks actually help clean the air in your house?

How do Himilayan salt rock lamps work? 
➳ The salt crystals cannot create negative ions, you need energy for that. BUT....
➳ Salt attracts water molecules in the air...
➳ When the water comes to the salt, the heat of the candle inside or the bulb warms it up...
➳ The water molecules heat up and begin to evaporate
➳ Evaporation produces negative ions in the air! Ba-zing!

So what do you think? Try it and let me know... Dig or Ditch? 


Wednesday, July 23


This is the first summer in... well ever... that I've felt confident enough about my body to enjoy the summertime season. I've lived in Florida my whole life and I've always HATED summer. I hated it because I like to dress in dark skinny jeans and black tops and wear boots and summer in Florida is not conducive to that sort of thing. But, this year I'm realizing that particular style is not just because I dig the chic look, but also because I was trying to hide myself for so long. But not this year! Even though there are still areas I want to improve, I feel so much stronger and leaner and confident enjoying the heat and the sunshine and letting my skin get kissed by the sun!

We have been trying to make the most of this summer season (when it isn't thunder storming, that is). So we took the Boga Yoga up to St. Augustine for a weekend at the beach and we've been filling up the inflatable pool in the shade of the front yard so Bubs can splash around. The kid is OBSESSED with water. And his new favorite phrase? "It's too bright, Mama!" Good thing we just found him the cutest turquoise toddler sunglasses from H&M. Vote for summer!

My Current Obsessions:
Vegan Chocolate Shakeology
Wearing Pink shorties out in public as bathing suit bottoms (see top photo)
Lip Balm Collecting
Answering questions with the phrase, "Because I said so."

Bubs' Current Obsessions:
Ice Cream
Answering questions with the phrase, "Because I said so."


Tuesday, July 22


I will be honest, I've had the same yoga mat for years and I can't remember the last time I gave it a good cleansing. I've been using it even ore since I've started doing Piyo (a workout program that combines moves from yoga and pilates to build strength and flexibility). I've been worried about using regular cleaners on it because I have so much skin contact with it and I didn't want all those chemicals getting into my body from my mat! So when I discovered that you can use essential oils and other simply natural household items to create a yoga mat cleaning spray, I had to try it for myself! And what do you know? It left my yoga mat looking and smelling super clean and fresh! With zero harsh chemicals to get on my skin!

I looked around for good "recipes" and chose one with witch hazel (which is basically vinegar) because I wanted the extra cleansing power over just using water. Witch hazel is super gentle on skin too (you can actually use it like a facial toner!) and it doesn't have a super overwhelming smell.

Essential oils are becoming more and more popular so you have a lot to choose from out there. I chose lemon and melaleuca (which is tea tree oil) because of their anti-microbial and anti-fungal properties. Also, they smell good together. And if I'm going to be doing a bunch of downward dogs with my face close to my mat, I want it to smell good!

➳ You'll need...
➳ Distilled water
➳ Witch Hazel
➳ A spray bottle
➳ A cute label (scroll to the bottom for a free download!)
➳ Essential oils

1. Fill your spray bottle 3/4 full with distilled water
2. Fill the remaining 1/4 with witch hazel
3. Add 5 drops of lemon and 5 drops of tea tree oil (or use whatever oils you choose)
4. Shake it up!
5. Spray it on your mat, wipe off with a clean towel, then let dry for about 10 minutes

Now you can enjoy a cleansed and fresh yoga mat for your daily yoga and/or Piyo practice! Isn't that awesome? And no yucky chemicals will be seeping into your skin like with regular cleaners. But that's not all. I couldn't stop with just a yoga mat cleaner. I wanted to make a face and body spray that I could use before and after working out to feel calm and fresh! I came up with this recipe but feel free to play around with oils and scents that you like better! I left out the witch hazel in this one just to keep things super light and fresh! I chose lavender and peppermint because they smell really great together and have a calming and yet energizing effect. The peppermint perks you up and the lavender helps you feel at ease! Perfect for pre and post workout!

➳ You'll need...
➳ Distilled water
➳ A spray bottle
➳ A cute label (scroll to the bottom for a free download!)
➳ Essential oils

1. Fill your spray bottle 3/4 full with distilled water
2. Fill the remaining 1/4 with witch hazel
3. Add 5 drops of lavender and 5 drops of peppermint (or use whatever oils you choose)
4. Shake it up!
5. Spray it on your mat, wipe off with a clean towel, then let dry for about 10 minutes

I hope this helps you to have some fun, make something that you'll use and love and also get your brain going on other ways to incorporate natural cleansers into your daily life! It's really not that hard. And simple little swaps add up over time to a healthier lifestyle! And if Piyo sounds like something you'd want to try, just click the image above to order a Piyo Challenge Pack and you'll also get a free registration into my August online fitness challenge!

I created these cute little labels for mine and though that you might like them too! So click the image below to download the label and print it for yourself! Enjoy! If you liked this tutorial please share it on Facebook and Pinterest!


Disclaimer: I do not endorse or recommend any specific brand of essential oil. Do you research and choose the one you think is best for you! 


Sunday, July 20

How To | Use the 21 Day Fix Nutrition Plan For Your Whole Family

The struggle is real! All you mom's and wives out there know what I mean. You are on the healthy train but your husband and kid(s) are not interestied in taking a ride. They fight you. They complain. They hide goldfish crackers and cookies in the pantry. I get it. My husband, while not being horribly unhealthy, is not a BALANCED eater. And my son, who started out as such a good eater is now slowly developing bad habits like only wanting to eat yogurt and crackers all day every day.

K.Thanks.Bye Mom!

As a mom and a wife (and a Beachbody coach) I WANT to be the nutrition matriarch in our household. But for so long I struggled and struggled to find a system to keep us all happy but also healthy! Then I met the 21 Day Fix!

The 21 Day Fix is a fitness program from Beachbody. But it's more than just that. It's not only incredibly effective (and SHORT!) workouts but it's also the most ingenious nutrition plan I've ever encountered! The great thing about the 21 Day Fix's nutrition plan is that it TEACHES you how to eat. I no longer need to use the little tubs because I've memorized the portion sizes. And the color coding doesn't sound like another language to me anymore, it's 2nd nature! And the other great thing about is that once YOU learn how to use it, you can implement it in your family without even having to make a big deal about it to your family members! I am a firm believer that any family with any budget can make the decision to eat healthfully and make it happen! Here is how I use the 21 Day Fix to keep my whole household on the healthy train!

The 21 Day Fix comes with these cool colored containers. And each one is assigned a food group. There's no calorie or fat or carb counting. If it fits in the container, you eat it. And you get a certain number of each color each day. This number varies by your size and weight and activity level. For example, the number of containers I get in a day is less than my husband who is much bigger than me. You can also use this system to lose weight by working at a calorie deficit OR you can use it just to stay healthy by not working at a calorie deficit!

The best way I've found to keep everything organized is using white boards on the fridge. (You could easily do this in a note on your phone too if you are away from the house all day!) Here's our white boards...

I have each of our family members listed with the servings of each color they get each day as little check boxes. As each of us eats a serving I mark it off. That way we get a clear picture of what we are consuming each day and how to plan our meals to stay balanced. These photos were taken in the middle of the day. So you can see how we can use the info on them to help us plan for our afternoon snack and dinnertime.

On my board you can see that I have 1 red serving, 1 green serving, 2 yellow servings, 2 purple servings, a blue serving, an orange serving, and an oil serving left (the little spoon at the top). Nate has similar ones left so we can plan to build our remaining meals around what servings we still need to eat.

The beauty of this is that it keeps you eating not only in portion control but also in BALANCE. My husband notoriously would eat only protein and carbs all day if I wasn't paying attention. Having this system in place helps to make sure he also gets enough fruit and veggies in.

In case you are confused... here is a breakdown of the color coded food groups...

The way that I make this work for our family is that I come up with meal ideas that I know my husband and son will like and I make them. I check off the boxes for the food groups used in each meal. (For example, for lunch today my husband had a salad with chicken and italian dressing. That counts as 1 green, 1 red, and 1 oil... I marked those off his chart!) Salad is nothing weird or diet-y. It's just a lunch like we'd have anyways, but by tracking the portion size and the servings I can make sure that he is eating balanced! It's a win/win!

Some tweaks... 
- Our son is 2. So OBVIOUSLY he is not working at a calorie deficit. Also, the 21 Day Fix was not intended for kiddos so there's no guide in it on how to figure out the servings for a toddler. I did this on my own using my best judgement. I don't use the 21 Day Fix containers for him but I use the system to stay balanced in his meals. I give him age appropriate servings for each food group.
- For our son, I count Shakeology as both a green and a red serving (veggies and protein) so when he has a smoothie I mark those both off for him. That is not how I count it for us grown-ups though. Since he's 2 and it's hard to get him to eat 3 servings of fresh veggies I consider this loophole a fair allowance. ;)
- I am paleo so for my yellow containers I count almond milk (in my smoothies) and sweet potatoes/pumpkin/or yuca root. These are starchy and carby so they fit perfectly where grains would have been.

I hope this helps you feel inspired to use the 21 Day Fix not just for yourself but to keep your WHOLE FAMILY healthier! Please feel free to ask me questions on FB or contact me via email! I'd love to connect with you and help you flush out a plan for yourself and your family. And if you want to get the 21 Day Fix for yourself and even join my next online challenge group where I'd walk you through the program for a whole month, just click here and purchase the challenge pack to register! You'll not only get the whole program but you'll also get a whole month supply of Shakeology to try as well as free coaching by yours truly! xo. 


Monday, July 14

QUICK PICKS | SUP Yoga Essentials


If you follow me on Instagram you know that I love some Stand Up Paddleboard (aka "SUP") yoga! I got a killer board for Mother's Day and I've been out on the lakes and ocean at least every week ever since! I get a lot of questions about it so I figured I'd put together a few of my favorite essentials for hitting the water for some SUP yoga (or Piyo! Why not?!)

1. Boga Yoga Paddleboard | This is my board, so I'm incredibly bias but I think it's pretty much the best around. I love the colors. I love the look and feel. I love how long and soft the mat is. I love that it has the little ties to hold down your water bottle or flip flops or phone! It's perfect.

2. Glide Lotus Paddleboard | I looked at getting this board first and loved it but in the end a few of the features and general aesthetics of the Boga board won my heart. Still though, this lotus board is incredible and I know a few yogis that use and love it!

3. Pau Hana Lotus Paddleboard | I had never heard of this board till my yogi friend got one and it looks like a great option for people wanting to get into SUP yoga because it is slightly smaller (and more easily portable) than the other two an has some cool bells and whistles (including LED lights you can put underneath to go out for night rides!)

4. Waterproof Camera Housing | This one is for the iPhone which is awesome. Not sure if you can use the phone with it on though. Still, I've seen the photos taken with this bad boy and they are incredible.

5. Lifeproof iPhone Case | I consider this a 100% MUST. I would never feel comfortable going out on the lake by myself without my phone for just in case emergencies. I also love that I can take photographs of myself or the beautiful scenery and not have to worry at all about ruining my phone.

6. A Sunshine Worthy Sports Bra | This is my absolute favorite yoga sports bra by Onzie. It's great for SUP because you don't get those hideous racerback tanlines. Plus, it's super cute and lightweight.

7. A Great Paddle | I will be honest, I don't know much about paddles. But this is the one I have and it's great! Not only is it super durable and light (carbon fiber!) and pretty (turquoise blue!) but it's adjustable so my husband or friends can still use it if they borrow my board!

8. A Cute Cover Up | I like to have something cute and easy to throw on as I'm packing up and heading home. That way if I want to sit in the park or if I have to run errands I can without feeling gross.

9. The Best Shortie Shorts | These Onzie shorts are the absolute best! They are tight like a bathing suit so they hold on through all your yoga moves but they are short like a bathing suit so you won't get any crazy tan lines. Of course getting them in Bombshell and BTFP blue is a bonus perk! ;)

10. Under Where? | Okay so these are technically underwear but they offer enough thickness and coverage to be worn out in public. Or maybe that's just what I tell myself. But I have about 5 pairs and I wear them on the lake on the regular.

Happy SUP-ing! Follow me on Instagram to see more from my own adventures! 

Monday, July 7

GIRLBOSSING | Lose Your Creative Mojo in 5 Simple Steps

Over the last few years (and 10 months as a coach) I've learned a lot, albeit accidentally, about how to effectively block myself creatively and self sabotage my own success. And, to help all of you out there who may be struggling to keep your earth-shattering, community-elevating, industry-changing successes at bay, I've decided to share a list of the most effective techniques I've found. So fear not, follow these easy steps to live a more mediocre creative life... 

1. Always Over-Extend Yourself. If you want to effectively hinder your success mojo from flowing, you need to book every spare second of your life with your busy work. Do not get this confused with actual work. You shouldn't be effectively getting things done, you should be working working working on things that don't really matter. Think: Pinterest, scrolling your FB feed, doing other people's work for them, being on call for every little thing your team needs at all times, etc. Fun deviations and dedicated REAL work time will only allow your business to flourish and that will likely result in original ideas and creative bar raising. Who wants that? 

2. Compare Yourself to as Many Peers as Possible. In those rare moments when you break from busy work, take a moment to compare your business to that of your more successful contemporaries. Remind yourself of why they are better than you and why you will never be able to accomplish creative success. This practice will knock the foundation and self confidence right out from under you,  sabotaging yourself from the very beginning.

3. Re-Create The Wheel. Whenever possible, take the tools that have been proven to work and instead of simply implementing them, come up with ways to completely re-build them from the ground up. This can also fit under step #1. 

3. Never, Ever Practice. This can be tricky as you may feel as if you are always practicing your craft by overbooking your schedule with work. But do not be deceived, if you are correctly killing your creative fire your constant work schedule should not include practicing new techniques or bettering yourself in any way. Personal development? Ain't nobody got time for that!

4. Avoid Positive Influences. To keep your brain free from inspiration, you must be diligent in avoiding positive influences. That means you must avoid whatever it is that you previously found stirring something inside of you. This can include, but is not limited to: music, art, love, happiness, food, literature, poetry, movies, nature, inspiring friends, magazines, and the work of the masters.

5. Safety in Numbers. Surround yourself with likeminded, and even more mediocre people than yourself. The less driven they are, the better. Look for those who others might describe as "set in their ways", "refusing to grow", "unbending", "average". These people will help you continue to work in circles and avoid growth. They will also cheer you on in your averageness because they do not want you to succeed or be inventive at all. By avoiding those that might push you to be better you can rest peacefully on your laurels.

*Obviously friends, I'm completely kidding. These are all big time mistakes that I have made and have seen others make time and time again. Please do THE OPPOSITE of everything in this list. The world needs you to be inspiring, creative fire-sparking, industry-changing, and mind-blowingly awesome. So be that. xo.


Friday, July 4


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1 c. Trader Joe's cashew meal
1/4 cup almond or hazelnut meal
1 tbs pumpkin pie spice
2 organic, cage free eggs
1/2 c. almond (or coconut) milk
1 tsp. melted coconut oil
1 tsp. pure vanilla extract

Mix it all up in one big bowl and then portion it into 3 smaller bowls. Use food coloring to dye 1 bowl red and 1 bowl blue. In the red and blue bowls add 1 tsp. cocoa powder (for a red velvet style flavor)

Cook like regular pancakes in a pan over medium low heat. Use metal cookie cutters to create the heart shapes. Top with your favorite toppings, and enjoy!

Thursday, July 3

REVIEW | Beachbody's 3 Day Refresh


WHO: The 3 Day Refresh is for anyone who needs to kickstart their routine, break through a weight loss plateau, get ready for a big event, cleanse after a vacation or stressful time, or who needs a little detox and reset!

WHAT: It is a 3 day vegan-friendly program that allows you to detox and cleanse without having to do any drastic fasting. On the 3 Day Refresh you get to drink delicious smoothies and eat real food.

WHEN: I, personally, think this program is IDEAL before a big event when you want to look your best because it helps you get rid of bloat! Think before a cruise or special event like a wedding. Or... when you get back from a vacation or any phase of life where you've been reckless in your nutrition and you just need to reset and start fresh!

WHERE: The 3 Day Refresh is available in my shop and there are also links to it at the bottom of this post! You do it in the comfort of your own home or you could take it on the road with you! It's super simple to follow and you don't need much for it!

WHY: This program is Beachbody's answer to other similar cleanses and crash diets. But unlike juice fasts or liquid cleanses where you shock your system and metabolism, this is a gentle and nutrition-packed system that INCLUDES real food (albeit, just produce cooked with minimal extras) and amazing shakes so you don't feel deprived!

Facts are great, but I know you're curious about my personal experience so here you go! Above is all what I ate and drank (water excluded) during my 3 Day Refresh. As you can see, I was not deprived! Although I will be 100% honest with you and tell you that even with all this food, I was still having a hard time resisting my cravings for sugar or carbs. It took a lot of self control for me not to make myself nachos at midnight! But I did it! And I felt great. I never felt lightheaded or like I wasn't getting enough to eat. In fact, it was quite the opposite, I felt like I was eating or drinking something constantly! On the refresh you drink Shakeology in the morning along with a fruit. Then a little bit later you drink a fiber drink that you mix with water. It tastes slightly sweet and slightly citrusy. It is by far the best fiber drink I've had, although I'm a texture person and it was something I had to power through (I told you I was gonna be honest didn't I?!) A little bit later for lunch you get to have another smoothie called Vanilla Fresh. This is a NEW type of smoothie and is PACKED with protein (20 grams!) and is VEGAN! You also get to eat a veggie serving and a healthy fat! You can have a healthy snack between lunch and dinner from the veggie section and then at dinner you get another Vanilla Fresh shake and you can pick from the vegan veggie-centric dinner options in the booklet. So... what I'm saying is... you eat A LOT of veggies during these three days! HAHA!

My honest thoughts? This is by far the best cleanse I've tried. I only had a light headache the 2nd day and I didn't miss my coffee nearly as much as I expected. (My vegan chocolate shakeology smoothie in the morning really filled the void for me!) Night time was the hardest time for me as I craved comfort foods but I kept telling myself that it was only 3 days and I could do anything for just 3 days.

I also worked out 2 of the 3 days and felt like I had more than enough energy for it! No light-headedness like I've had on juice cleanses in the past. That is a HUGE bonus for me!

So... I know you're all curious... how did it work?

starting weight: 134 | end weight: 130

I lost 4 pounds in 3 days. (Full disclosure... I got my period the last day so my results may have been thrown off a bit my mother nature. I'm thinking I probably would have seen another pound or two come off if I wasn't dealing with the joys of womanhood.) 4 pounds in 3 days is pretty amazing! Especially on a no-starvation cleanse. The biggest change I noticed was the bloat on my midsection decreased DRAMATICALLY! My abs were much more visible at the end and my hips smoothed out a bit! I felt clear-headed and energized. I slept better. I woke up easier in the mornings (even without coffee!) and I didn't have big energy spikes and dips throughout the days.

So would I recommend this cleanse? Absolutely! I think you could very easily add this to your toolkit. Do it before a big event that you want to look your best for. Do it after a vacation or travel or holiday when you may have slacked off in your nutrition. Do it to push through a weight loss plateau and give your body a little break from heavier foods like grains or animal proteins. Do it if you're feeling, um, backed up (there's a TON of fiber in this program! It will help to get things moving again!)

Here's how to get your hands on the 3 Day Refresh for yourself. There's 2 options...

1. The 3 Day Refresh Kit | The option comes with the all that you need for your 3 days + 3 servings of vegan Shakeology (1 for each day)

2. 3 Day Refresh CHALLENGE PACK | This option gives you an entire month of Shakeology so that you can keep up the healthy habits after your refresh is done. And it's priced at a big discount! Booyah! You get the entire 3 Day Refresh Kit plus a month supply of Shakeology so that after you finish your 3 day refresh you can sustain the healthy habits and hopefully continue your amazing results!

Click the buttons below to purchase each for yourself!

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