Monday, July 21

5 MINUTES WITH | Brittany Legette


We've all heard it said that you are the combination of the 5 people who you spend most of your time with. If that's true then I want to spend more time with Brittany Legette. She is a fellow Bombshell Dynasty coach and she is a HUGE inspiration to me! She is currently ranked #14 in all of Beachbody and she's only been a coach for about 2 1/2 years! She went Elite her 2nd year as a coach and is currently leading a huge team that is constantly growing. Her stats are mind blowing and I pretty much just want to be Brittany when I grow up. 

Something that I love about coaching is the community of strong and intelligent women we have available to us on our team! There's a reason our team is #1 in the entire company. Because of people like Brittany who are letting nothing stop them! She is climbing the ranks at record speed. She gives me sooooo much inspiration and hope for my own journey as a leader. 

I am super lucky to get to be in a few leadership groups with her, to glean as much wisdom as I can. I asked if she would participate in my little interview series to give everyone a quick peek into her world and she sweetly agreed! 

I especially loved her advice. Those three little nuggets are awesome! They really communitcate her no excuses go-getter style. I'm so excited that she is spending 5 minutes with us today! Thanks Brittany!  

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