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If Lindsay Stays crazy gorgeous curls don't instantly charm you, surely her southern accent will! As soon as you hear Lindsay Stay's voice you instantly feel at ease. Because that's the kind of person she is. She makes everyone around her feel like they are the star of the show. She's energetic and has a laugh that makes you want to laugh too. If you're around Lindsay Stay, you feel good.  

If there's one thing I have learned from Lindsay Stay it is that the only thing that defines you are the choices you make right now. It doesn't matter where you came from. Or what you did before. You can chart a new direction starting now. And you can be whoever and whatever you want to be! Lindsay Stay's story of success is a beautiful one. When you listen to her tell her story it grabs you by the heart because it's so... human. She came from humble roots. And due to some struggles in her childhood, she became addicted to alcohol in her early teens. She was in trouble with the law on and off as a teenager to the point where she worried that she'd never be able to get a job and make something of herself. Shortly after she got married, she found out that she was pregnant with her son. She was a waitress at the time. But she knew deep down inside that she was meant for more. That she had a purpose. She made a decision to build a coaching business WHILE PREGNANT because she wanted to break the cycle that caused her so much stress in her own childhood. She wanted a better life for her family and to be able to be present with her son. Since then, she has become an Elite coach always ranked at the top of the company but more than that, she has been able to bring her husband home from his job, retire her mom, and build a life bigger than she ever dreamed. The beautiful thing about Lindsay's story though is the struggle. So many of us out there are stuck in destructive cycles. Somewhere deep down we know we are meant for more. And Lindsay is a shining example of what can happen when we decide "Not one more day!" of our old life and habits and choose to build something of substance! 

I am blessed to get to be in a leadership group with her, to glean as much wisdom as I can from her and her story. (Okay, and maybe some hair tips too. Come on, look at those curls!) I asked if she would participate in my little interview series to give everyone a quick peek into her world and she sweetly agreed! 

I especially love how real Lindsay is. And I love that they have a hookah! My husband would die of happiness if we had a hookah in our house! Those three little nuggets of wisdom at the end are gold! "Get over your past. Say "oh well" as often as possible. And KEEP PRESSING FORWARD!" (Click to tweet that!) They really communicate her never-give-up style. I'm so excited that she is spending 5 minutes with us today! Thank you so much Lindsay!  

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