Tuesday, July 8

5 MINUTES WITH | Top Coach 2014, Lindsay Matway


Today I am starting a brand new column here on that I hope you love. I was brainstorming for a way to interview people that inspire me, I wanted to do something less conventional, quick, entertaining, and always with the same questions to showcase how different they all are and how different their paths to success have been. 

Today my guest of honor is the alarmingly inspiring, Lindsay Matway. She is the founder of the Bombshell Dynasty, a group of exceptional people who are helping to change lives. She is a self made millionaire who's story is so inspiring that it is drawing people from near and far because it shows you that you are not bound by your circumstance or your history! If you can believe it, you can go out there and achieve it. This year, Lindsay won the award of Top Coach 2014, the highest award you can receive from Beachbody. AND... she also took home the title of First Female Top Coach, something that can never be taken away from her! Incredible. 

I am super lucky to get to have her as my coach and mentor. She has been there cheering me on since I started coaching last fall and I feel so blessed to get to tap into her amazing wealth of knowledge and experience on a day to day level! 

She is a crazy passionate whirlwind of visionary firepower with the most perfect eyebrows you'll ever see and I'm so excited that she is spending 5 minutes with us today! Thanks Lindsay!  

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