Wednesday, July 23


This is the first summer in... well ever... that I've felt confident enough about my body to enjoy the summertime season. I've lived in Florida my whole life and I've always HATED summer. I hated it because I like to dress in dark skinny jeans and black tops and wear boots and summer in Florida is not conducive to that sort of thing. But, this year I'm realizing that particular style is not just because I dig the chic look, but also because I was trying to hide myself for so long. But not this year! Even though there are still areas I want to improve, I feel so much stronger and leaner and confident enjoying the heat and the sunshine and letting my skin get kissed by the sun!

We have been trying to make the most of this summer season (when it isn't thunder storming, that is). So we took the Boga Yoga up to St. Augustine for a weekend at the beach and we've been filling up the inflatable pool in the shade of the front yard so Bubs can splash around. The kid is OBSESSED with water. And his new favorite phrase? "It's too bright, Mama!" Good thing we just found him the cutest turquoise toddler sunglasses from H&M. Vote for summer!

My Current Obsessions:
Vegan Chocolate Shakeology
Wearing Pink shorties out in public as bathing suit bottoms (see top photo)
Lip Balm Collecting
Answering questions with the phrase, "Because I said so."

Bubs' Current Obsessions:
Ice Cream
Answering questions with the phrase, "Because I said so."

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