Tuesday, July 1


Eating // Paleo, going strong for about 2 months now!
Drinking // Coffee, who are we kidding?
Practicing // My paddleboarding PIYO skills. I'm creating my own little flow to share with you! Maybe one day I'll teach a PIYO paddleboarding class- what do you think?
Mastering // Multitasking and time management
Learning // How to "bless and release". It's truly the only way to live...
Trying // To be a better human, in general.
Playing // Trains, someone in our household is currently obsessed
Finishing // The details of my next tattoo. You guys, it's the prettiest.
Reading // #Girlboss and loving it. I'm working on a summer reading list to share with you!
Remembering // What my life was life before all of this. Seems like a million years ago.
Wearing // Shorts, for the first time in ever. Thanks Beachbody.
Cooking // Without grains it is a challenge... but how cool are those crystal cupcakes?!
Working // On getting caught up on True Blood. My vampire lore obsession continues...
Traveling // To St. Augustine in a little over a week for a relaxing beach house vacation! I'm so excited!
Wanting // To know what the future holds, always. I'm such an impatient person.

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