Tuesday, July 15

GIRLBOSSING | For Everyone Not Yet Doing What They Love

For Everyone Not Yet Doing What They Love (Alternative title: A Tough Love Letter)

I have friends, too many friends, who are talented at something they enjoy. So talented that they could make money doing the thing they enjoy. Are they doing it? No. Have they been talking about doing it for months/years/since we've met? Yup. 

You can hide all your life coming up with excuses as to why you aren't ready. Hiding is passive. It's the easy way out. You can play the role of the victim in life and talk about all the circumstances that have gotten in your way of making this thing, this dream, happen. You can lament forever about why this isn't a good time, why you should just wait till after this thing or that thing because then you'll really be ready...

Here's the thing, next spring you are going to wish you had started now. Did you hear me? NEXT SPRING YOU ARE GOING TO WISH YOU HAD STARTED TODAY. (click here to Tweet that!)  And, let's just take a moment to all be really honest here, next spring you're probably going to come up with a reason why you need to push back your big dreams till summer. Tough love, because I love you- promise. See what I'm saying friends?

What is really stopping you from moving forward toward your dream life? 

If you're truly not good enough yet (like you keep saying as an excuse) to be doing this thing that you want to do so badly (cough, COACHING, cough), then stop talking about how you're not good enough (or fit enough, or inspiring enough) and do something about it. Take a class. Find a mentor (hello!) Join a challenge. Apprentice. Practice, every day. How badly do you really want to be doing the thing that you love? Living your life BY DESIGN. Life doesn't just plop down successful stories in the laps of lazy people. LIFE DOESN'T JUST PLOP DOWN SUCCESSFUL STORIES IN THE LAPS OF LAZY PEOPLE! Every big success story came at the high price of late nights, failures, lots of "no's", blood, sweat, a good amount of tears, and then finally a big YES that launched the momentum for more big yesses. 

Are you afraid? Good. It's scary to put yourself out there. Nothing worth doing is ever completely free of fear and of risk. But you know what's even scarier? The thought of waking up 5 years from now, still not doing the thing you love, still coming up with reasons why you aren't ready or why you can't, and wasting you life away in a passive way. Take action. What is the absolute worst thing that could happen? Play it out in your mind. How will you handle it? Is it really that bad? So what if you fail? So what if nothing happens? You will be forced some days to make the decision, "Do I want to continue pushing forward, putting myself out there, growing and becoming better, or do I want to go back to a 9-5 life that is easier but not my dream?" So round up your resolve and do something. 

You are in the driver's seat. Where do you want to go? 
(And if you don't know your destination, forward is always a good direction to start moving in.)

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