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GIRLBOSSING | Lose Your Creative Mojo in 5 Simple Steps

Over the last few years (and 10 months as a coach) I've learned a lot, albeit accidentally, about how to effectively block myself creatively and self sabotage my own success. And, to help all of you out there who may be struggling to keep your earth-shattering, community-elevating, industry-changing successes at bay, I've decided to share a list of the most effective techniques I've found. So fear not, follow these easy steps to live a more mediocre creative life... 

1. Always Over-Extend Yourself. If you want to effectively hinder your success mojo from flowing, you need to book every spare second of your life with your busy work. Do not get this confused with actual work. You shouldn't be effectively getting things done, you should be working working working on things that don't really matter. Think: Pinterest, scrolling your FB feed, doing other people's work for them, being on call for every little thing your team needs at all times, etc. Fun deviations and dedicated REAL work time will only allow your business to flourish and that will likely result in original ideas and creative bar raising. Who wants that? 

2. Compare Yourself to as Many Peers as Possible. In those rare moments when you break from busy work, take a moment to compare your business to that of your more successful contemporaries. Remind yourself of why they are better than you and why you will never be able to accomplish creative success. This practice will knock the foundation and self confidence right out from under you,  sabotaging yourself from the very beginning.

3. Re-Create The Wheel. Whenever possible, take the tools that have been proven to work and instead of simply implementing them, come up with ways to completely re-build them from the ground up. This can also fit under step #1. 

3. Never, Ever Practice. This can be tricky as you may feel as if you are always practicing your craft by overbooking your schedule with work. But do not be deceived, if you are correctly killing your creative fire your constant work schedule should not include practicing new techniques or bettering yourself in any way. Personal development? Ain't nobody got time for that!

4. Avoid Positive Influences. To keep your brain free from inspiration, you must be diligent in avoiding positive influences. That means you must avoid whatever it is that you previously found stirring something inside of you. This can include, but is not limited to: music, art, love, happiness, food, literature, poetry, movies, nature, inspiring friends, magazines, and the work of the masters.

5. Safety in Numbers. Surround yourself with likeminded, and even more mediocre people than yourself. The less driven they are, the better. Look for those who others might describe as "set in their ways", "refusing to grow", "unbending", "average". These people will help you continue to work in circles and avoid growth. They will also cheer you on in your averageness because they do not want you to succeed or be inventive at all. By avoiding those that might push you to be better you can rest peacefully on your laurels.

*Obviously friends, I'm completely kidding. These are all big time mistakes that I have made and have seen others make time and time again. Please do THE OPPOSITE of everything in this list. The world needs you to be inspiring, creative fire-sparking, industry-changing, and mind-blowingly awesome. So be that. xo.

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