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I Can't Afford To Be Healthy | Shakeology is Too Expensive


I get countless messages from people each month asking about joining one of my challenge groups and even about joining my team as a coach! They are exciting messages for me to get because I feel like they are an open door for me to help spark some positive change in someone's life who might really need it. I see so much potential for happiness and confidence and freedom in these people who I speak to. And every now and then someone drops the bomb, the sentence that I hate to see because I know it's going to be their roadblock, the stop sign on the road to their success...

"I can't afford all that. I'm just going to keep doing what I'm doing."

Well, there's a reason you reached out. And I'm going to guess that what you've been doing hasn't been getting you the results you want. As Einstein would say, "Problems cannot be solved by the same level of thinking that created them." (click to tweet that!) So going back to what you've been trying is probably not the solution for you. Do some research. Trust your gut. Ask me how I make it work in our family budget!

"If you think wellness is expensive, try illness."

It's not just about looking good in a bikini on a paddleboard. It's about improving your quality of life. It's about caring about yourself and those you love enough to invest in your own body and it's continued maintenance. Did you know that 1/3 of premature deaths in the United States are attributed to poor nutrition and physical inactivity?* In the last 20 years, obesity rates have doubled in adults and TRIPLED in kids. IN KIDS.** We can't afford to not be investing in our health. For ourselves, and for our children! We are their examples. It's shameful that we aren't prioritizing our and their health more. And for what? So we can afford that latte every morning? So we can buy more clothes we don't even like because we don't like how our body looks under it? So we can eat ourselves into an early grave due to all kinds of diseases and illnesses related to bad nutrition and not working out?


If You Really Want It, You'll Make It Work...

I'm a coach. I'm not a cheerleader. And as such, it is my job to tell you when you are full of crap. And sometimes you are (looovveeee you!). There have been times in my life when I wanted something I couldn't afford. And I found a way to make it work. We humans are fantastically gifted at rationalizing things and figuring out how to get what we want. Sell something, skip the lattes for a month, pass on the pedicure, make it work. I've been there.

Sometimes it's not worth it, it's not worth the risk, the reward. The comfort of secure finances is more worth it to you than trying something new. And that's fine too. But you didn't reach out to me for nothing. 

...Except When You Can't

Sometimes it's really just not there. You don't have the funds. You can't spend the money. I 100% understand. Believe me. I was there! Here's some tips for you, if you're serious about making a change, to help you even now start to move closer to your goals!

1. Take an Honest Look at Things: Sit down with your bank statement and find where you can trim. Starbucks every Tuesday? Are you willing to give that up to get closer to your long term goals? Dinners out every weekend? Going overboard at Target on your weekly errand run? If you really need help, visit a financial planner. Tell them your goals and have them help you make it happen!

2. Get Active in a Community: Connect with some health and fitness blogs that inspire you. Follow some of my food boards for healthy recipe ideas. Connect on facebook with me for inspiration in healthy living. There's free info out there for you! There are FREE fit clubs in almost every big city where you can go do free workouts with Beachbody coaches! Get connected!

3. Set Concrete Goals: If you really want to make a change but finances are honestly standing in your way, come up with a game plan! Don't just sit around doing the same things you've always done expecting different results. Make some real steps that you can do to move you closer to your goals like...
1. I will cut back 1 latte a week and put that $5 into a jar to save $20 a month!
2. I will ask for a Challenge Pack for my birthday from my mom/friend/husband
3. I will sell that camping gear we never use on Craigslist
4. I will be open to unexpected blessings
5. I will return those shoes I just bought on impulse that I don't really need.

Look, it's really not as hard as you might think to make it work. I'm happy to help you sort out a plan. I'm happy to share with you how we make it work in our family budget. I'll leave you with one last bit of perspective. Here is a quick graphic showing how the price of Shakeology compares to the price of other frozen treats. Remember, Shakeology has the equivalent of FIVE bowls of fruits, veggies, and superfoods as well as probiotics and adaptagens, the others just have empty calories and chemicals....


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