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QUICK PICKS | SUP Yoga Essentials


If you follow me on Instagram you know that I love some Stand Up Paddleboard (aka "SUP") yoga! I got a killer board for Mother's Day and I've been out on the lakes and ocean at least every week ever since! I get a lot of questions about it so I figured I'd put together a few of my favorite essentials for hitting the water for some SUP yoga (or Piyo! Why not?!)

1. Boga Yoga Paddleboard | This is my board, so I'm incredibly bias but I think it's pretty much the best around. I love the colors. I love the look and feel. I love how long and soft the mat is. I love that it has the little ties to hold down your water bottle or flip flops or phone! It's perfect.

2. Glide Lotus Paddleboard | I looked at getting this board first and loved it but in the end a few of the features and general aesthetics of the Boga board won my heart. Still though, this lotus board is incredible and I know a few yogis that use and love it!

3. Pau Hana Lotus Paddleboard | I had never heard of this board till my yogi friend got one and it looks like a great option for people wanting to get into SUP yoga because it is slightly smaller (and more easily portable) than the other two an has some cool bells and whistles (including LED lights you can put underneath to go out for night rides!)

4. Waterproof Camera Housing | This one is for the iPhone which is awesome. Not sure if you can use the phone with it on though. Still, I've seen the photos taken with this bad boy and they are incredible.

5. Lifeproof iPhone Case | I consider this a 100% MUST. I would never feel comfortable going out on the lake by myself without my phone for just in case emergencies. I also love that I can take photographs of myself or the beautiful scenery and not have to worry at all about ruining my phone.

6. A Sunshine Worthy Sports Bra | This is my absolute favorite yoga sports bra by Onzie. It's great for SUP because you don't get those hideous racerback tanlines. Plus, it's super cute and lightweight.

7. A Great Paddle | I will be honest, I don't know much about paddles. But this is the one I have and it's great! Not only is it super durable and light (carbon fiber!) and pretty (turquoise blue!) but it's adjustable so my husband or friends can still use it if they borrow my board!

8. A Cute Cover Up | I like to have something cute and easy to throw on as I'm packing up and heading home. That way if I want to sit in the park or if I have to run errands I can without feeling gross.

9. The Best Shortie Shorts | These Onzie shorts are the absolute best! They are tight like a bathing suit so they hold on through all your yoga moves but they are short like a bathing suit so you won't get any crazy tan lines. Of course getting them in Bombshell and BTFP blue is a bonus perk! ;)

10. Under Where? | Okay so these are technically underwear but they offer enough thickness and coverage to be worn out in public. Or maybe that's just what I tell myself. But I have about 5 pairs and I wear them on the lake on the regular.

Happy SUP-ing! Follow me on Instagram to see more from my own adventures! 
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