Saturday, August 2

25 Thoughts I Have During 25 Minutes of T25

T25 was the workout that started it all for me last August! That's right, I dove right in with Shaun T, one of the most intense trainers out there. I jumped and squatted and sweated my way into a healthier lifestyle that has changed my WHOLE LIFE over the last year. Well, T25 is on sale again this month (HOLLA!) so in honor of that I thought I'd share with you 25 thoughts that go through my mind during the 25 minute workouts with Shaun T....

1. Do I need to be wearing shoes for this?
2. What about pants? I mean, I am at home. I don't have to wear pants at home, right?
3. Oh man, they are all super fit. And wearing shoes. And pants.
4. Where did that blonde girl get that cute white sports bra? I need it!
5. Oh look at that fun little time ticker there at the bottom. This is gonna fly by...
6. Oh! We're starting. Okay, this isn't so bad.
7. My hip flexors are already burning, is that bad?
9. How long do I have left? WHAT?!?! 23 minutes?!
10. Oh squats, I can do squats. No problem! SQEEZE!
11. What? Now I have to jump between squats? You must be on crack Shaun T!
12. How on Earth does that tiny asian girl jump so high?
13. Man her abs are incredible.
14. I wonder if my abs will ever look that good. Engage the core. Engage the core!
15. I don't think I've ever been this sweaty in my life.
16. Is this move over yet? This is the longest minute in the history of the world!
17. OMG There's a whole other side!
18. Shut up Shaun T! I hate you and your beautiful biceps.
19.  I feel like I'm gonna throw up.
20. But seriously, what's for dinner?
21. When is this going to END?!
22. What do you mean BURNOUT?!
23. Woah, I made it through that one. I'm kind of badass!
24. Done already? That's all for the day? That wasn't so bad!
25. I LOVE T25!!!!

I'm not the only one who loved T25. Here's what some of my challengers had to say... T25REVIEWS

Like I said, T25 is on sale this month! Pick it up in a Challenge Pack and save even more plus you'll get a whole month of Shakeology included. Boom. Also, a Challenge Pack grants you free access into one of my online monthly fitness challenges where you get free coaching daily from yours truly as you go through the T25 and also daily accountability and motivation from everyone else in the group. Instant workout buddies! Want in? Just hop on over and order your pack here then shoot me a quick email and I'll let you know when the next group is getting started! The sale price is only good for the month of August though so make sure you take advantage of it while you can! 
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