Tuesday, August 5

5 Simple Ways To Detox Your Body This Summer


Juice fasts, liquid fasts, detoxes... oh my! Odds are, you've either tried one yourself or you know someone who has. While detoxing has become a sexy diet, there really is merit in the ideas of giving your body what it needs to function at peak performance and clean out your system a bit. But detoxing doesn't have to be a confusing or expensive thing! You can do it simply and easily with these 5 ingredients that you can find at your neighborhood grocery store!

1. PURE WATER | Drinking enough water each day is one of the absolute easiest (and least expensive) ways to make sure that your body can flush out anything not-so-great. And think about it. All the preservatives, additives, and chemicals we ingest and put on our bodies each day can start to add up, making sure that your body has enough water every day is clutch. But how much do you need? The easiest and most simple rule of thumb is to take your body weight and divide it by 2. Then aim to drink that number of oz each day. Simple enough, right?

2. FRESH LEMON | Lemons are packed with a detoxing punch. Lemon helps balance the pH in your body (super important for helping you to keep from getting sick) and helps reduce inflammation. It helps to support your liver and immune system and is antibacteral.

3. ALOE | Gelatinous plant foods like aloe and chia seeds move through our intestinal tract absorbing toxins and passing them through the colon.

4. PARSLEY + CILANTRO | Parsley cleanses your entire blood supply and it also gives you fresh breath, it contains so much chlorophyll that it cleanses the whole system. Cilantro binds with heavy metals and eliminates it from the body so it doesn’t get lodged in your brain cells.

5. CHIA SEEDS | When these are soaked in water a gel starts to appear around each seed. That gel helps detox your intestines by absorbing toxins as it passes through!

So how do you know if a detox is right for you? Well...here's some pretty clear indicators. If you're feeling groggy, not sleeping well, bloated, and are craving sugar and carbs like woah, it might be time for you to to clean things up! Give it a try and see how you feel!

And if you want a more in depth detox, you can read all about my experience with Beachbody's 3 Day Refresh here! (Spoiler alert: I lost 4 pounds and felt incredible!) 
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