Saturday, August 30

5 Tips For A Killer Fitness Transformation

1. You've Gotta Want To Drink | Not literally. I mean, yeah drinking water is important. But what I really mean is that I can lead you to the water, but you've got to drink it. I can't help anyone who isn't ready to put in the effort themselves. I can't want it for you. And the same was true for me! It wasn't until I had a really solid "why" that I saw lasting change. I had to want it more than I wanted an extra half hour of sleep. Or more than I wanted french fries. WHY-power can make incredible things happen but it has to begin inside YOU!

 2. You've Gotta Have The Tools | No I don't just mean Beachbody stuff. Although I do stand behind their products 110% But I mean that you need to have proven tools to use so that you aren't just floundering around wondering what to do. That could be a home fitness program and Shakeology like I use or it could mean a new crossfit membership and schedule or it could be a plan from a personal trainer at your local gym. Or it could be a couch to 5K plan from your favorite blogger! Whatever tools you pick, just make sure you have some good ones that work!

 3. You've Gotta Have Support | This one is so important! A fitness transformation is more than just your body. It's mental and emotional! You've got to work on the inside too. And trying to do all of that on your own can be really difficult. You need a support system who believe in you who tell you to get off the sofa and do your workout for the day. People who encourage you when you're feeling frustrated and who celebrate with you when you have a victory! That's exactly what I found in Challenge Groups online! That's why I now run 1 each month for people who want to commit to a month of healthy changes and want a community of awesome people doing it alongside them! But even if you aren't in one of my challenges (um... why are you not in one of my challenges?) find a workout buddy that has similar goals and keep each other motivated!

 4. You've Gotta Remember: Progress Over Perfection | If you are ready to have a real, lasting transformation then adopt this mantra: "Progress Over Perfection". This is a journey and journeys have ups and downs. You live in the real world where schedules get packed and healthy snacks run out and you get PMS. ;) So if you do slip up, or allow yourself a cheat or a day off, or if you only lose 3 pounds instead of 5 remember, progress over perfection! Just keep making progress and let go of trying to do everything perfectly. It's better, I promise.

 5. You've Gotta Do The Work | This one might seem silly but I have so many people contact me looking for a magic fix. The truth is, there isn't one. Wraps, pills, supplements, crash diets... they all are only bandaids. To have a real transformation you've gotta fix the problem underneath. That means you have to change your habits and mindset and you've gotta put in the work. Not a ton of work, but consistent work. In my challenges, my challengers commit to half hour workouts each day. It's nothing crazy, but it's consistent. Do the work, reap the reward.

Here's some real before and after photos submitted to me by some of my past challengers who had killer transformations because they utilized the tips above! Shoot me an email if you're curious about what programs each of these beautiful souls used! If you're interested in jumping in and having me coach you through a month long fitness challenge, get all the info here and then reach out to me and I'll get you plugged in!

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