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My 70+ Pound Beachbody Transformation

My name is Becka and I reached rock bottom. It happened in 2013, in the summer. I remember the exact moment. I was sitting in a car with a friend and I told her that I was about to give up. I had tried and tried and tired after having my son to get my body back to a place where I felt like I recognized myself and it seems that no matter how hard I tried, I was moving in the OPPOSITE direction I wanted to be moving in. Caught in a horrible cycle of self-loathing, weight gain, depression about both, and then sinking deeper into self-loathing I was headed no where good, fast. I told my friend I was ready to buy some mom jeans and call it a day. If I was going to be busting my arse and seeing ZERO results I might as well just be lazy and see zero results. I was exhausted all the time, felt frazzled and rushed and lazy all at once. I had a hard time remembering things and felt like I was constantly letting things fall apart no matter how hard I tried. That was summertime 2013.

Let me back up a bit to give you a little bit of a background about me. I'm an artist. I have been for a long time. Now I just get paid to do it professionally. I built a business around my art for years, brought my husband into it, and was loving the adventure. Two years before we got pregnant I started slowly putting on weight. Call it "happy weight" because I was falling in love with the man that is now my husband, or look at it as the start of symptoms I dealt with unknowingly for years, it was still frustrating. I'd always considered myself a fairly healthy person. I was a vegetarian, went vegan for a while, tried juicing, was connected to the local organic food scene, loved to cook healthy meals at home, ran, did yoga. But still, by the time I got pregnant I was about 20 pounds heavier than my average and unhappy about it. During my pregnancy I put on 60 pounds. Not ideal, to say the least. And after having our son, I was shocked when only about 15 pounds came back off instantly.

To make a long story short, I suffered from postpartum depression for 10 months without realizing it until the darkness lifted and I could see that how I had been feeling before was not normal! In that time I was diagnosed with an auto-immune disease that affected the way my thyroid functioned and was told to stop eating gluten. Weight slowly started to come off, but not much and by the summer of 2013 I was at a breaking point. My marriage was suffering, my own self-worth was suffering, my friendships and social life and even my career was starting to feel the effects of my poor health. Something had to change.

I noticed a few friends talking about a new workout program called Focus T25 but it wasn't until a friend I saw on a routine basis came over and looked visibly smaller that I was intrigued. I started asking people questions about it and decided to give it a try myself. I started researching Beachbody, the company that put out the workout program and the business structure of the coaching opportunity. If I was going to go in, I was going to go all in! I knew we didn't have the budget for me to be spending a bunch of money on weight loss stuff. I had already done a lot of that without any success! So coaching presented a way for me to be able to earn money to cover the costs of my own supplies! 2 weeks into doing T25 I could see a visible change, I shared my progress and it inspired others to join me! My coaching career had begun!

I did 2 rounds of T25 that fall and was thrilled to FINALLY see my body responding! The short and sweet workouts were a perfect stepping stone for me back into fitness! 25 minutes a day is so short that you cannot legitimately come up with an excuse as to why you can't do it! Heck! You've probably wasted that much time reading blogs today! ;) After T25 I decided to try P90X3 because my husband committed to it. I loved how much strength I developed during that program. I went from barely being able to do a push up to being about to do 50 or more in a workout! My body continued to change and the momentum and excitement I felt propelled me forward and kept me motivated to keep going.

In the spring I started the 21 Day Fix which changed the game for me! I LOVED the short workouts (just 30 minutes) and the structure of them which I felt went by faster than even T25's 25 minute workouts! Up until then I was doing my best to eat healthfully and moderately but the 21 Day Fix's nutrition plan with it's color coded containers for portion control and balance OPENED MY EYES to how I should be eating and how off balance even my "healthy" diet was! After that, things really started to speed up! Nutrition is 80% of the weight loss battle so learning how to eat correctly is a pivotal piece of the puzzle! If you are stuck there, I strongly urge you to try the 21 Day Fix!

As the spring progressed and I felt better and better I started researching nutrition more and more and felt compelled to give the paleo lifestyle a try! Since I was already avoiding gluten I felt like it wouldn't be too big of a change for me and I was curious to see how it would make me feel! I used the 21 Day Fix's nutrition plan to keep me balanced and in moderation with my protein and fats and to make sure I was still getting enough carbs and produce! Going paleo was the nail in the coffin of my old ways! The remaining weight I had started falling off! And I hit my goal weight of 130 pounds which put me at a total 70 pound weight loss! I made this little video the day that I hit it to celebrate and share my story if you want to see my reaction that day!

Since then I've lost a bit more weight doing Piyo (an incredible program that mixes moves from pilates and yoga into a strength and flexibility building party) but more than that I've watched my body TRANSFORM. I'm a work in progress and I still have things that make me self conscious and areas of my body that I like less than others, we all do, we're human, but for the first time in over a decade I actually feel confident and proud in my own skin. I feel strong and clear-headed and energized. I feel joyful and happy. And more than anything I feel excited to continue! This has become a lifestyle for me now, I'm not on a "diet" and I don't feel like I live in a state of deprivation. I live in a state of abundance! With fresh fruits and energizing vegetables, with shakeology which tastes like a treat but is so full of nutrients that it's almost unbelievable how good it tastes, with energy and strength and flexibility and muscle definition I never thought possible, I live in abundance! And I want to share that with you!

No matter what point you're at, from just wanting to get stronger, to having a daunting amount of weight to lose like I did, I want to help you chart a path and then give you the daily tools and motivation and positive energy to keep you going! I'd love to help you get started and have you join our community of people working together toward their goals! That's why The Better Together Fitness Project even exists, to bring people together so that we can all be better!

And this is only my physical transformation! There's so much more with my own heart, mind, and in our finances thanks to Beachbody. But that's another post for another day! Here's me now (summer 2014!) feeling awesome, enjoying the sun and the springs and feeling comfortable in my own skin. It's not even about the weight loss, to be honest, I don't really weight myself anymore! It's about feeling good! It's about enjoying your life in your body! We were made to thrive! I love yoga, Piyo (I got certified as an instructor!), stand up paddleboarding, trying new paleo recipes, finding amazing new local restaurants, traveling, playing with my toddler (he's hilarious!) and helping people to find the same success with their health goals that I have! If you've been waiting for a sign, here it is! Let's go! If I can do it, a girl who doesn't even really like working out and who felt like she was beyond repair... ANYBODY can!

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