Monday, August 11

Oh What A Difference A Year Makes...

On the eve of my 1 year anniversary as a coach I'm filled with so many thoughts! A year ago I would have never thought my life in 12 months would be where it is right now. As a new coach I signed up hoping with the last tiny embers of a spark within me that this would FINALLY be something that worked and would help me get control of my health and weight. After trying every diet, fad, doctor, mealplan possible I was at the end of my rope. I was ready to throw in the towel and just give in to always being overweight, unhappy with myself, uncomfortable in my skin, exhausted, full of anxiety, depressed, and feeling super alone in all of it.

I tried T25 after a few different friends all had some impressive results with it. And I signed up as a coach from the very beginning because I knew if I did it that way it was free for me to become a coach and I'd be able to get a 25% on Shakeology for my 2nd month doing T25. (It's a 10 week program! It also happens to be on sale right now.)

What I didn't expect when I signed on was that I would be able to lose all the weight I gained in my pregnancy (and more!), make huge financial strides that would send us on free all-inclusive vacations two years in a row, be able to get us out of consumer debt completely with earning from coaching, to be able to feel the incredible joy from helping others to have the same positive experience I did and to find the community I'd been missing so badly and never thought I'd find again! A community of people who genuinely care about me and want to see me succeed. I've found my sisters! And it's incredible!

If you are new here, I am a Beachbody coach. I had such an incredible experience with Beachbody's fitness programs and Shakeology that I wanted to be able to pay that forward and help other people have the same results! I lost 70 pounds and ditched my depression and anxiety! I quit coffee and ice cream with the help of Shakeology and now fuel my body the good stuff it needs every day which keeps me feeling amazing from morning to night with no weird blood sugar dips and spikes and no dreaded afternoon crash! I lead monthly online fitness challenges as well where people just like you and me commit to 1 month of healthy eating and workouts and go through it together! Each day I post an accountability assignment or inspirational post to help keep you motivated and we talk about food, self-talk, shopping, meal planning, and more!

I also am not a mentor for other people who want to do this same thing as a way to make anything from a little extra income to a full time income! My team (apply to join us here) went from not even ranked out of 200,000+ at the beginning of the year to the #385 team!!! We are planning on breaking into the top 100 by the end of the year! Woop!

I am living proof that you are not stuck! You aren't stuck in unhealthy habits, you aren't stuck in your current financial situation, you aren't stuck feeling all alone! If you've been looking for a way to re-connect, to re-commit, or to start on a new adventure, THIS IS IT!

I can't believe a year has gone by so quickly! What are you waiting for? A year from now you're going to wish you had started today! ;)
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