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It's not a surprise to any of my long term followers that I've struggled with anxiety and PPD. Thanks to Shakeology and getting healthy I've been able to dig myself out of the grasps of those things and it's one of my favorite things to be able to share with people- that I was able to do it without medication because of Beachbody! I think that's why when I first heard Brigitte share her story of depression I felt an instant kinship to her!

If there is every a story to pull at your heart, it is the success story of Brigitte Lindford! I think it's because she's so vulnerable in the way she shares, holding nothing back that it resonates so deeply with me! As someone who was able to reverse the symptoms of anxiety and an auto-immune disease I can totally relate to Brigitte being able to get off her depression meds after getting healthy. But that's enough spoilers. Let me tell you a little bit about her...   

Brigitte's story is so incredible because it is such a 180. She didn't just lose a few pounds. She survived depression AND a bankruptcy and helped to dig herself and her family out of that mess! She shares that from a young age she struggled with sadness and that her struggle culminated with suicidal thoughts and hospitalization. She was on medication to manage her depression when her family grew. But that's not where her story ends. Brigitte's family hit some hard times. She gets choked up as she shares that they went to the dollar store with $10 to get their kids gifts for Christmas and how she would go through their home looking for spare lightbulbs she could return to the store for money for groceries. Eventually her family had to file for bankruptcy.  You can see her share her story here. It's so incredible, I encourage you to watch it (be prepared with tissues!) She started her health transformation with Shakeology and Beachbody's programs and was able to get off her depression medications as she got healthy! Isn't that incredible!  After that she decided to become a coach to help other people too.

Now, just a few years later she is a leader in the entire organization, a respected speaker, and a superstar diamond coach leading a successful team who are all inspiring and helping to change lives. She was able to relocate her family and is now a full time Beachbody coach supporting her family's dreams with her income from coaching. 

I especially love how down to earth Brigitte is. She leads from the heart, and I love that about her! I'm so honored that she is spending 5 minutes with us today! Thank you so much Briggite!  

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