Sunday, September 7

A Sunday Well Spent...

Hey there girl and boy bosses! All of you know that I'm a pretty driven person (cough, workaholic, cough) but even I know that you've gotta take a good rest every week to avoid burnout and a host of other not so great things.

If taking some time off is hard for you, consider it a necessary part of your to-do list. Why? Because you need rest. You need to disconnect, rest your body, rest your brain, rest your soul. You need to get outside, breathe the air, be in the sunlight, hug someone you love.

You need to recharge, make some space in your mind, calm your heart. Take a minute to evaluate the last week and how you did with your goals. What can you do better this week? Where can you improve? What did you rock at last week? How can you do that again?

Make a plan for the upcoming week. Get your workouts scheduled. Get your nutrition on point. Then set it aside and enjoy your day of rest!

Don't feel guilty, you NEED rest just like you need to drink water. This is not just an indulgence. It might feel indulgent (and it should, really) but it's also a necessity. So treat yourself while you also take care of yourself and cross off a super important to-do off your weekly list: REST!

Tell me, how do you like to rest and recharge? Are you a homebody, curled up with a book and some tea? Or are you an adventure seeker, out on the water with sunscreen on your back and a water bottle in your hand?
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