Sunday, September 21

Get Your Flex On | 5 Tips For Yoga and Piyo Beginners!


Yoga and piyo are quickly becomming a favorite way to workout. Not only are they challenging physically but they are challenging mentally and can help you feel centered and flexible and at ease. I know that I find a lot of refuge in my yoga and piyo practices. And while the two are not equal, they have a lot in common and beginners in both can deal with a lot of the same pitfalls.

So today I want to share with you 5 tips for YOGA and PIYO beginners! 

1. Think of Yoga and Piyo As A Tool. Yoga and Piyo doesn't have to be your end all be all workout. You can use them for a season or in addition to other things and still get great benefits. You don't have to get certified or become a yogi to reap the benefits! Both yoga and piyo are great strength and flexibility enhancers which can be good for both men and women of all fitness levels! It's also great for runners, body builders, and athletes whose training might be really rigorous and not allow for a lot of stretching and flexibility training! So you don't have to want to be a yoga instructor at an ashram in India to dedicate some time to yoga or piyo and enjoy their benefits!

2. Wear Clothes That Move With You. It may sound silly but if you are in clothes without any give you're going to find yourself limited in some moves and frustrated in others. Also, wear clothes that you be bending over and lifting your legs and twisting your torso in without worry of any "wardrobe malfuntions". You know what I mean ;)

3. Shoes Are Optional.  You don't need shoes for yoga or piyo. If you take a yoga class at a studio they might ask you to remove your shoes. If you're practicing at home it's up to you, but you'll likely find that you can have better balance and grip with your bare toes free!

4. Yoga is Not a Religion This may sound silly to some of you but I have heard friends tell me they can't practice yoga or piyo because they don't believe it eastern religions. Listen, yoga is for everyone, and while it does have roots in India and the far East, you can enjoy the practice no matter what your personal religious preferences. Going to a yoga class does not mean you are signing up for a Buddhist internship. ;) And piyo has even less of that. There's no OM's in Piyo so you'll be especially safe! HA!

5. Yoga and Piyo are Not MAX OUT Practices Yoga and Piyo are not meant to be workouts where you are in pain, pushing yourself to the point where you collapse onto the ground. While some movements, poses, and stretches are challenging, it is not a workout where you have to worry about what other people will think of you if you stop mid-move to take a breath in child's pose. Both these practices are extremely personal journies and you are encouraged to LISTEN to your body and go with it's flow! 

I hope that helps you feel inspired to give these a try! If you want to join me in October committing to Piyo for the month as well as intentional, clean eating and working on healthy habits! My October challenge group is forming! Fill out this form and I'll send you more info on getting registered! It's going to be a lot of fun! 
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