Tuesday, September 23

On The Right To Choose...

I need to talk to you about something today. Because it's important. I love all the articles and videos and blogs that advocate loving yourself the way you are. I do! I think it's a super important thing.

But ladies...

As much as you should believe that you don't have to be constantly dieting to be valuable or attractive, trying to force your body into some sort of stereotype of beauty, you should also know that you have EVERY RIGHT to pursue a strong and healthy body without feeling shame that your pursuit is shallow or vain.

Let me say that again...

Pursuing health and fitness goals and wanting to improve yourself is not something to feel shameful or embarrassed about.  You are not less of a woman for wanting to feel good about yourself. You are not less of a woman for enjoying the way your body looks and feels in your favorite clothes and working towards goals having to do with that.

Listen to me my loves, it's your body. YOU get to make the decisions about it. As much as you have every right to decide to break free from the media's stereotype of "beauty" and decide to accept your body as it is, you also have every right to decide to improve upon yourself to heal your body through nutrition and movement, to work towards a sense of strength and confidence and to change it.

Neither woman is less enlightened than the other. 

Support each other. Love yourself now and during, and at your goal. Go do your thing and feel proud either way! xo.
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