Thursday, September 4

PROVISIONS | The First 4 Weeks


You finally did it! You committed to making a change for a healthier lifestyle. You are excited and ready to hit the ground running. (Maybe even literally!) The first month of any new fitness program can be exciting but tough. Believe me, I know. So I put together a list of some of my favorite provisions to help you get through it! If you just joined my September Challenge or if you are joining one of my upcoming fitness challenges, here's a few of my favorite and proven supplies to keep you feeling energized, excited, and motivated for your first month!

PROVISIONS (left to right)
➳ Shakeology | My current favorite is the vegan combo box with chocolate and tropical strawberry flavors in individual packets (so great for busy people like me to just grab and go!) It gives my body the energy I need to stick with my fitness plan and also supplements my nutrition with superfoods, vitamins, minerals, and lots more. This is my number 1 pick to help you get through the first 4 weeks! Shakeology is my secret weapon! 

➳  A Fun Workout Tank | Getting a fun, new piece of workout clothing not only perks you up but a bright and funny tank like this helps take the sting out of getting up early to get your workout in. When you look in the mirror it's sure to make you crack a smile, even at 6am. 

➳ A Kick Ass Shaker Cup | This is my all time favorite shaker cup! Because it has all these hidden compartments you can use to hold your shakeology, E&E, or even some small healthy snacks. 

➳ Brain Fuel | Making a healthy lifestyle change isn't just physical, it's mental! So giving your brain some good stuff is important too! This book is the one I recommend to every one of my coaches and now I'm recommending it to my challengers too! It's all about how daily discipline for simple things adds up to big results over time. It will CHANGE the way you view your day! And it's a quick read.

➳ Energy & Endurance | This stuff is the only reason I can get workouts done in the morning! It's a natural energy formula to with B Vitamins to help get you going. It tastes like lemon too so it's super refreshing in the morning!

➳ Great Workout Pants | For short girls like me, Atletica's Drifter Tight (available in petite sizing! Victory dance!) is a dream come true. Thick but breathable and oh-so-comfy, I could live in these pants. In fact, some days I do! And they are opaque enough that you can wear them out for errands after your workout. 

➳ A Thick and Cushy Yoga Mat | Even if you are doing a workout program that doesn't include yoga, a mat like this can help cushion your joint and give you a great spot to stretch. (Getting it in BTFP blue doesn't hurt either? Team spirit!) 

➳ A Non-Food Related Treat | So often we reward ourselves with not-so-great for us treats like cupcakes or ice cream but when you're committed to some fitness goals, that can be a quick way to get derailed so get yourself a non-food treat like these cool Essie nail decals and give yourself a pretty manicure. You'd be surprised at how good you'll feel about yourself when you're eating clean, working out, and have nice looking nails. No joke. 

➳ A Foam Roller | If you are new to fitness, odds are you're going to have some aching muscles for the first few weeks so do yourself a favor and pick up a foam roller to massage the tightness out! It hurts so good! 
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