Monday, September 8

The 5 Best Food Documentaries Streaming on Netflix


For those of you looking for something good to watch, I submit my 5 favorite food documentaries that are streaming on Netflix right now! These are so good and each has really interesting insights and perspectives into the food industry, why the obesity crisis is happening, how we can help stop it for future generations, the food industry's not-to-hot motivations, and inspiring stories of people who changed their lives with nutrition! I ranked them in order of my favorites for you!

1. Hungry For Change - This documentary should be required watching for everyone wanting to make a healthy change! It is basically comprised of mini interviews with some super brilliant and inspiring people. So many nuggets of wisdom into why we eat poorly and how we can change that!

2. Food Matters - This one examines how the foods we eat can help or hurt our health. Interviews with experts pepper through and you're sure to pick up a bunch of great nuggets that will make you go, "Oh I never thought of it that way before! But that makes perfect sense!"

3. Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead - I actually got to meet this guy and hear him speak and his story is just incredible. He went an extreme route (living on just fresh pressed organic juices for a while) but watching his transformation is inspiring and it shows you how amazing the human body can really be when you give it the right fuel!

4. Chew On This Ted Talks - Watch the Jamie Oliver one called "Teach Every Child About Food". Jamie Oliver is on a crusade to educate the school systems and American parents about how poorly we are feeding our youth and the ramifications of those choices. I'm super passionate about feeding kids well and teaching them how to eat well so I especially love his insights!

5. Food Inc. - A look into the business of our food. Not so shiny. But it really helps you to see that these big companies are not necessarily looking to keep us healthy, but rather, to turn a profit for their own shareholders. Watching this one will surely make you double check your labels and look into your local farmers and co-ops.... in the best of ways!
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