Monday, September 1

The 5 Habits of Highly Effective Beachbody Coaches

Okay so this post title is pretty much a blatant rip off of a really popular personal development book but whatever, the point is made! I know there's a lot of you out there wondering how to be successful as a coach or you are a new coach and maybe you feel lost about what you should be doing each day to move yourself forward. FEAR NOT my dear ones, I put together what I think are the top 5 things you can do each day to be effective as a coach!

1. Effective Coaches Are Their Own Best Marketing | If you want to be able to speak with any sort of authority or integrity about a fit lifestyle or about how awesome challenge groups are and how effective Shakeology is, then you better believe you need to be living that lifestyle every day yourself! As a coach you are your best marketing. You being active, and positive, and healthy, and sharing that with your networks will help you to be not only an inspiration but also an authority on all things fit among your followers. In Beachbody jargon, this is called "being a product of the product". In Becka jargon, it's called "practicing what you preach". HA!

*Editors note: This does not mean that you have to have any sort of specific body type or be any sort of specific size. I started coaching just 2 weeks into my journey. I wasn't at my "after" yet and you don't need to be either to be able to help others. Just allow them into your journey and your story will inspire more people than you know!

2. Effective Coaches Read | As a coach you are pouring yourself out constantly. You are pouring yourself out on social media, to your challengers, to your team. Think of yourself like a vessel full of water. If you keep pouring but never take the time to refill you'll run out. Personal development is refilling your jug! Take time for yourself, to read something that will help you grow as a person and you'll see the benefits not only in your business but in all areas of your life!

3. Effective Coaches Ride the Tides | The one way to ensure that you will not be successful as a coach is to give up when things get tough or slow. Effective coaches don't even entertain the idea of quitting, because they know that if they continue doing these things each day they will be able to help other people reach their goals and the pendulum will swing toward success. Show me a person who says that coaching is a scam and I'll show you a person who quit before they had a chance to shine.

4. Effective Coaches Share Their Journey With New People Each Day | You can interpret this one how you like, but this just means that effective coaches are growing their networks and client base each day. For introverts like me, I use social media to draw people into my world who connect with something about me or my story. For extroverts that could mean joining a local yoga studio or going to the local moms meetups and making new friends. You can't help anyone who doesn't know what you're doing so you've got to share your story!

5. Effective Coaches Care | You will never be a successful or effective coach if you don't care about people. I mean REALLY care. Like care to the point that you're happy to do what's best for them even if it isn't what's best for your paycheck. Supporting the goals of each person that coaching brings our way and legitimately trying to help them find the right tools and community and caring about what happens after that, staying in touch, staying available to answer questions... all these things show people that you care. And people will come alive when they know you care about their best interests!

These tips and tons more are covered in my New Coach Training. Our team of coaches is quickly climbing the ranks and is currently ranked in the top 400 teams after just 1 year (out of 190,000+)! Fill out this application to join my team and be personally mentored by me! 

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